Most online meat box companies focus on full cuts for traditional meals. Few offer products to eat as snacks. We found one that claims to fill in the gap by providing traditional snacks such as beef jerky and cured meats.

In this Carnivore Club review, we checked out their club snack box to find out if the company is worth your order.

What Is Carnivore Club?

Carnivore Club meat sliced

Carnivore Club is a food delivery company tagged as the first subscription service for premium cured meat delivered to your doorstep. They are focused on snack packs and cold cuts that can be sent as gifts. Carnivore Club features different artisans every month, with each creation highlighting some of the finest cured meats worldwide.

They also offer a variety of high-end knives that can be used for cutting and serving their various items. The company offers two options when ordering, single, one-time orders, or subscription box classic options. Their subscriptions can be set to deliver every month, every two months, or every three months.

The company does not sell steaks and other meat cuts, such as pork chops or whole chicken.

  • Unique meat packages
  • Gift box for meat lovers
  • Keto and specialty diet options
  • Subscription service options
  • Some issues with customer service
  • Limited options to choose from

Types of Food They Offer

They offer a wide variety of snacks, such as cured meat and meat sticks. Most of their products are sent as part of past boxes orders, but some can be ordered individually. Some of their more popular items include:

  • Saucisson Sec
  • Salami
  • Cured Meats
  • Beef Jerky
  • Meat Sticks
  • Chorizo

Pricing for Subscription Box

sausage slices

The price varies greatly depending on whether you order a few single items or choose to get one of their gift boxes or regular meat subscription boxes. To give you an idea of their prices, here are a few of their most popular box selections:

  • Wild Game Sampler Box - $50-$75
  • Keto Meat Snacks Sampler Box - $35-$55
  • Exotic Jerky Bouquet - $40-$55
  • Carnivore Box Snack Sampler Box - $25-$40


If you want to add gift baskets with wine and cheese in it, check this out. Goldbelly has bacon as its most popular gift choice, too.

Shipping Cost

They provide standard shipping options on all of its items. We ordered the  Snack Box Sampler to review. The cost of shipping for this specific box totaled out to $9.99 for standard ground rate shipping.

One thing to take note of is that the fees may differ depending on where you are located. The company ships to PO Boxes and apartment building units, unlike some online companies.

Managing Subscriptions & Delivery

If you decide to go with a subscription box and join the club, they make it easy to manage things. Someone from the customer support staff can handle everything about your membership and orders.

The company offers standard delivery throughout the United States right to your door. This usually takes one to three days to process and send out your order and then a few days to arrive.

One of the essential things to consider is that box subscriptions are sent out during the first week of each month. So, if you subscribe in mid-July, your first order will not be shipped out until the first week of August.


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Packaging & Freshness

smoked sausage on a table with beer

All orders are sent out in the companies signature red box packaging or faux-wood box, which makes it a great gift option. The order we received came in their red box version and was ready to eat upon arrival.

Since these are smoked and handcrafted cured meats delivered to your door, they can ship at room temperature. They do not require refrigeration and are not shipped with ice packs or dry ice.

They are good from the company to your kitchen counter without worrying about spoiling or issues with product flavor and freshness.

How Does The Meat Taste?

Based on our experience and review, Carnivore Club gets a pass in product taste and flavor. Many meat delivery services are also claiming their meats were good quality and a good representation of delicious cured meats from around the world. Everything we ordered in the box tasted fresh, and the experience was kind of pleasant and enjoyable.

“If you are a meat lover like me, I suggest subscribing to a Classic box. 5 months, and still I love the different varieties!”

-Carlos, Verified Carnivore Club Customer

Carnivore Club Reviews

Carnivore Club meats reviews online

After trying a few of their items and researching the company, we were quite impressed. Something we noticed is that even though they are limited in what they offer, the items they do sell are unique and flavorful.

These are good and delicious options for people on special diets such as keto, paleo, and the carnivore diet, who need snacks between their primary meals. Their delivery is prompt, and the company did an excellent job of communicating the status of our order.

Trust Pilot Rating

The company has only two reviews on the Trust Pilot website. The average of these two reviews gives the company a three-star rating. One of these reviews rated the company as poor and the other as bad.

Facebook Page

Their Facebook page has over 113,000 likes. There are no reviews on the page, but they have high engagement in comments and several positive comments (3).


Can I personalize the Carnivore Club box or gift?

Yes. You can personalize any Carnivore Club box or gift that you send. This information should be included in the delivery information when placing an order for a box. Based on customer feedback, their products make a great gift for father’s day or similar holidays.

Does Carnivore Club offer international shipping?

Yes. Carnivore Club offers international shipping to Canada. However, they do not ship to countries outside of Canada and the US.

Can I curate my Carnivore Club box?

At this time, no. There is no alternative for item or box customization available at the moment. You may check the website from time to time to keep tabs on their new promo and offering.

Do I need to refrigerate my Carnivore Club steak as soon as it arrives?

Yes. Carnivore Club recommends that you refrigerate the steaks upon arrival and once you've opened the box. They take pride in claiming that since all meats are cured and properly sealed, they’re shelf table and will not require ice-packs or refrigeration while in transit.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time if you've previously opted to subscribe. Go to the subscriptions and membership details in your account and look for the cancel option. Take note that until you’ve successfully cancelled it, you will continue to be billed and will still receive the boxes.

Does Carnivore Club offer a refund?

No. Carnivore Club does not issue refunds for damaged goods, late box shipments, or other reasons due to customer error. However, they provide replacements at no cost for damaged products. All you need to do is take a photo and send it to customer service.

Is Carnivore Club meat gluten-free?

Generally, yes. As per the Carnivore Club website, they strive to provide top premium artisan products that you won't normally find in standard retail shops, so most of their products are lactose and gluten-free by nature. However, they do not claim that for all their charcuterie options since these are sourced from all over the continent.

Will I get the same high-quality ingredients each month?

It varies. Carnivore Club works with different artisan suppliers each month, so the ingredients will be varied from feature to feature. However, the company claims that they're doing their best to make sure that everyone can eat the meats they’ve selected.

Is Carnivore Club Worth A Try?

While Carnivore Club provides a good source for premium cured meats, we still prefer ButcherBox as the best marketplace when it comes to traditional meats such as steaks. The experience of ordering from them and the flavors of their food is always positive overall.

With ButcherBox, you can curate your subscription boxes. You also get to enjoy grass-fed beef and overall high-quality meat delivered to your doorstep per month, free of charge. We like how we always get the best value for our money.

Butcher box package

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