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Both the Kansas City Steak Company and ButcherBox are known for being top-quality meat delivery services.

However, there are quite a few differences between the two, such as quality, sourcing, and price.

To guide you in the right direction, we have personally tried both companies for a month, testing their features and finding out their key differences, ultimately deciding which online meat delivery service comes out on top.

Butcherbox vs Kansas City Steaks: Key Differences

Cooked meat with Kansas City logo

The main difference between these meat delivery services is their sourcing practices.

While Kansas City Steaks are known for having pretty good sourcing practices, ButcherBox goes above and beyond, sourcing their meat from family-owned farms that are humanely raised.

Another key difference between the two meal delivery services is how transparent both companies are.

When searching for information about sourcing practices and what goes into the meat, we found ButcherBox to be very upfront, providing tons of information about their meat, how they are caught and what they are fed [1].

We felt like with the Kansas City Steak, we had to do a little more digging, with the information not readily available and almost hidden.

Shipping is also quite different with each company, being free with ButcherBox but $19.95 at Kansas Steaks per one-time order.

Comparing Their Features Head to Head

Here is a quick look into the features of both ButcherBox and Kansas City Steaks.

1. Meat Selection

A wide variety of meat packages with ButcherBox brand

ButcherBox offers over 60 different cuts of pork, beef, chicken, and seafood, which is great for people searching for a variety of meats.

All of these can be purchased through various boxes. Some are handpicked based on your meat preferences, and others are totally customizable.

ButcherBox offers high-quality meats such as:

  • Boneless pork chops
  • Whole chicken
  • Ribeye steaks
  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • New York strip steak
  • Ground beef
  • Beef burgers
  • Ground turkey
  • Sea scallops
  • Uncured hot dogs

Kansas Steaks meat delivery service also offers a huge range of quality cuts, with more seafood available than ButcherBox. They allow customers to shop freely, without any commitments or minimum orders.

Some of the options Kansas City Steak Company include:

  • Berkshire Pork
  • Sirloin Steaks 
  • American Style Kobe Beef
  • Pork Chops
  • Lamb
  • Filet Mignon
  • Chicken Breasts
  • Ground Beef
  • Ribeye


2. Meat Sourcing

A herd of young white cows standing in farm

As we mentioned above, the way Kansas City Steaks and ButcherBox source their meat is quite different.

ButcherBox works closely with family farms, which is good because it allows them to keep on top of meat quality and practices.

These farms raise grass-fed beef and grass-finished beef, which comes with many benefits such as less unhealthy fats and more vitamins [2].

All pork is pasture-raised, fed only a vegan diet with no antibiotics or added hormones.

The heritage breed pork develops fine marbling, making the meat juicer when cooked, and the free-range organic chicken is also raised without any hormones or antibiotics.

“The best way to make a steak is grilled over an open flame or pan sauteed in a cast iron skillet.”
- Roy Yamaguchi, Chef

The Kansas City Steak Company works closely with the most reputable stockyards in Kansas to produce USDA Prime beef.

This is great when it comes to meat quality, as only the best of the best can earn the USDA badge. This grade is based on the marbling of the meat products combined with the animal's age [3].

Instead of raising grass-fed beef, Kansas City Steaks beef products are grain-fed. Grain-fed beef can be good as it creates more marbling on the beef cuts, but it is less healthy than grass-fed beef.

Whether you should choose grass-fed beef or grain is all down to your personal preference.

3. Flexibility

Butcherbox spilling the meats

Both of these meat delivery companies offer flexibility but in different ways.

ButcherBox is flexible in the sense that you can easily modify, cancel, or pause your subscription at any time.

The company offers different boxes per month, either a customizable one containing 25 cuts or a box that focuses on specific meat types.

The subscription is good because it helps you save money on high-quality cuts and sends you a variety of the best meat each month.

You’re not tied down to your subscription, and you can even cancel fee-free after one month if you decide the meat delivery service isn’t for you.

On the other hand, Kansas City Steaks allows you to shop freely without commitments or minimum orders.

You can receive regular shipments like ButcherBox, which can also be canceled or paused anytime.

This meat delivery service's a la carte menu is good because it allows you to shop when you want and how you want.

4. Shipping Costs

Kansas City box vertical with logo

ButcherBox offers free shipping, whereas Kansas City Steaks will charge $19.95 per one-time order. However, the shipping on auto-delivery is free.

We found the delivery process for ButcherBox to be pretty straightforward.

Unfortunately, you can’t select a specific time or date for your delivery, but we did receive a message a day before the delivery to say it was arriving.

ButcherBox also uses 100% recyclable materials within their packaging, which we found easy to break down and recycle.

Kansas Steaks do allow for shipping on a selected day; however, there will be an extra $10 charge.

You can also do overnight delivery, which is a good option if you’re in a rush for your meat. There isn’t much information available about this meat delivery service and its recycling practices.

Stand Out Features

One thing we’d like to highlight about Kansas City Steaks is their wet-aged beef.

For 28 days, they naturally age the beef in a Cryovac package, letting it marinate in its own juices. This is great for producing the highest quality, tender beef.

They also offer dry-aged USDA steak, which is better quality than most beef the butcher shop has to offer. Cured meats can also be purchased within their mixed box for meat lovers.

Through online meat delivery services like Butcher Box, you can find a variety of premium-quality meats, such as Omaha steaks, Wagyu beef, and heritage pork. Kansas City Steaks online shop offers an array of popular and high-quality cuts.

Indulge in hickory-smoked hams and bacon, along with the rich flavors of American Wagyu beef.

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Butcherbox vs Kansas City Steaks: Our Winner

Both of these meat deliveries are great options if you’re looking for the best meat in various cuts. That being said, we believe that ButcherBox has the edge due to the way their meat is sourced.

ButcherBox sources humanely raised pork, free-range chicken cuts, and grass-fed beef, which are all said to be the healthier and more sustainable options [4].

Shopping with ButcherBox helps you get the best meat on offer while also saving you a trip to your local butcher. They offer gift boxes and carefully selected or customizable boxes for you and your family.

If you’d like to learn more about this meat delivery service or find out about its subscription and prices, make sure to check out our comprehensive ButcherBox review.

#1 Meat Delivery Service


Opening a box of Butcherbox meat products inside
Meat Quality
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  • Grass-fed and grass-finished beef delivered directly to your door
  • Without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Customizable boxes available
  • Select from up to 21 different cuts
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
  • No organ meat
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