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Meat Slicers

It’s difficult to find a reliable meat slicer that can fulfill your gourmet needs. That’s why we rigorously test countless meat slicers and do in-depth analyses that come close to scientific studies. Find them all here, along with tips on sharpening your blades, proper cleaning methods, and more.

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An image of pork meat on top of a wooden board
By Arianna Foster 15 hours ago
Is Pork Red Meat? (5 Nutrition Facts & Classifications)
I’ve been on a carnivore diet for over a decade, and pork is a regular part of my diet. I make a dish with pork at least twice a week, and at this point, there’s no part of the pig that I haven’t tried, so I wanted to learn how to classify pork. I know about the phrase “the other white meat,” but what does it mean, and do I classify pork as red or white meat? I checked what the USDA... Read more >

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