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Meet The Team

Timothy Woods (Director)

For the past ten years I’ve tried a lot of different diets in an effort to find out which one is the best for me.

Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, Keto, Mediterranean — name it, I’ve done it. I’ve even tried to be vegan for a while, it’s true! (Cue collective gasps of all the carnivore dieters out there.)

You see, my quest to find the perfect diet was due to the fact that I wasn’t really happy with myself, both physically and mentally.

I was terribly unhealthy, wasn’t very fit, and was prone to severe bouts of depression.

Then I discovered the carnivore diet and I kid you not — it felt like the heavens opened up and gave me a gift from the gods.

Timothy Woods

You see, I was a huge meat lover, something that actually made it difficult for me to stick to all those diets I mentioned (fine, I tried all those diets not only because I wanted to find out which one is the best for me, but also because I found it hard to stick to one diet for a long time).

So when I found out that I can actually eat meat and other animal products for the rest of my life AND STILL be physically fit and mentally sharp, I knew this was a match made in heaven.

The carnivore diet has helped me shed the excess pounds that have always been a source of embarrassment for me, improved my performance at the gym, and yes, it even helped me with my mental health by improving my focus.

Ten years later, the carnivore diet is the one that I’ve stuck with the longest because it allowed me to eat the thing I love the most while making me feel good about myself at the same time. That’s not something a lot of other diets can claim to do.

The benefits I’ve received from this diet are enormous, which is why I’ve decided to share everything I’ve learned to pay it forward and help fellow meat lovers like me (or ex-vegans is also another way to put it) live a healthy life without all the guilt.

Remember, we are meant to eat meat!

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us or click here to see our about us page.

Kami Tucker
(Head of Marketing)

Kami Tucker

I’ve been in the marketing and public relations industry for 15 years and while I only got into the carnivore lifestyle recently, it’s something that I genuinely believe in because I’ve seen the benefits myself. I think that humans are hardwired to eat meat, and it’s a message that I want to amplify and bring to the world using my marketing skills.

Tina Church
(Content Editor)

Tina Church

I’m a writer at heart, and I love helping Timothy bring his thoughts together and reproduce them on the page. Like him, I also tried to go vegan, but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that there must be something better out there in the world for me. I grew up in a family of meat lovers who look forward to our fourth of July BBQ every year, so you can only imagine how my going vegan broke their hearts several years ago. Happily for them and for me, I discovered the carnivore diet, and oh boy, how they welcomed me back into the fold like the prodigal daughter that I was.

Paul Edwards
(Social Media Manager)

Paul Edwards

When I’m not eating my share of animal products, you can 100% find me making IG stories, liking a ton of Facebook posts, or simply checking out a thread on Twitter. I live and breathe social media, not only with my work but also in my personal life. My friends tell me it’s not very healthy to breathe social media because that can be pretty toxic but I’ve been well enough so far. There must be something about my diet that makes me so damn healthy, who knows.