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Podcast: #081 Carnivore Diet Experience

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Last Updated on February 2, 2021

This podcast features an interview with Kelly Hogan by Leanne Vogel. Leanne expresses her fear and curiosity about the carnivore diet. Kelly Hogan is a wife, mom, teacher, zero carber and ultimately a meat-eater.

Here, Kelly Hogan explains what the carnivore diet really is and her experience with it. She projects the carnivore diet as similar to how a lion eats. Just like a lion, when a person is hungry, just eat. However, the food should be exclusive to meat and meat products and nothing besides that.

The topics discussed in this podcast includes:

  • Benefits that are experienced on a zero-carb diet
  • What happens to the bowel movements when you don’t eat vegetables
  • How carnivore diet affects pregnancy

Benefits that are experienced on a zero-carb diet

Before Kelly got into the carnivore diet, she was severely overweight. She also suffered with inflammation. Her doctor suggested the carnivore diet and a year after she followed the carnivore diet, she lost a lot of weight. She explains that even her blood work became better when she started following the diet; when she ate less and less vegetables – where some vegetables also contain carbs.

She also discovered that she has an allergic reaction to carbohydrates which is causing her to suffer with inflammations. She also noticed that she had better mental clarity, and more energy than she used to after eating only all meat.

Now that she eats more meat, she’s experienced less inflammations she has which makes it rare for her to get sick even with her work as a school teacher. 

What happens to the bowel movements when you don’t eat vegetables

Kelly explains that when there is less foliage and plants in your body, the lesser waste there is since the body uses up the meat. She says that since there are less waste, constipation is also less likely to happen. In other words, constipation is not always a huge problem with the carnivore diet. She also doesn’t take supplements while she was on the carnivore diet. 

How carnivore diet affects pregnancy

Kelly also mentions how easy it was for her to get pregnant when she finally tried the all-meat diet. She also had less experience with the typical pregnancy symptoms like vomiting, fatigue, and headaches. She also had less cravings for sweets while pregnant. Her pregnancy with all three of her kids went without a hitch since following the carnivore diet. However, she did experience aversions to meat while pregnant. She found it hard to stomach meat so she consumed meat alternatives like eggs, bacon, and pure sausages. 


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