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As a professional in the culinary world, I use tools that most home chefs may not, and pink butcher paper is one of them.

However, pink butcher paper is something that could be beneficial not only to professionals but also to every home cook and BBQ enthusiast.

In this article, I will tell you about this special type of paper and how it can help you take your cooking to the next level

Quick Summary

  • Pink butcher paper is a food-safe paper that wraps meat during cooking, smoking, and serving.
  • It's FDA-approved and safe for food contact, making it an excellent alternative to aluminum foil and parchment paper.
  • Pink butcher paper is ideal for cooking delicate meat that requires slow smoking over indirect heat.

What is Pink Butcher Paper?

pink butcher paper on a wooden board

Pink butcher paper is a type of food-safe paper that is made from virgin Southern pine pulp.

It is a durable paper that comes in large rolls with an internal treatment that makes it tear-resistant.

Pink butcher paper is also known as peach paper because of its peach-like color.

It is also called steak paper because of its usage in steakhouse restaurants.

Unlike other paper types like freezer paper or white butcher paper, it does not contain chemicals or wax, making it safe when smoking or cooking meat.

Benefits of Pink Butcher Paper

Traditionally, butchers used this paper to wrap meat before a sale.

Still, its moisture resistance has also made it a popular choice for use beyond the butcher’s counter.

As the paper is porous, a certain amount of moisture escapes. However, it will retain moisture well enough to keep the meat moist and tender.

This helps in creating moist meat with a crispy bark. It also allows smoke to penetrate, adding flavor and complexity.

Another benefit of peach butcher paper is that it is a food-grade paper, so it is safe for use in the food industry.

It is FDA-approved, and it won't emit toxic fumes or chemicals that could harm the food. And unlike wax paper, peach paper can withstand high heat.

Pink butcher paper on top with a meat

Pink butcher paper became the must-have BBQ accessory when legend Aaron Franklin, who operates the famous Franklin Barbecue in Texas, endorsed its use.

Franklin began using this paper in the final stages of his brisket cooking process, a popular technique known as the Texas Crutch [1].

Moreover, steak paper has become a popular alternative to aluminum foil in barbecue competitions, where pit masters want to stand out with unique slow-smoking techniques.

Word spread quickly, and now you can buy pink butcher paper online, at big box stores, supermarkets, and even home improvement locations.

When To Use It?

Steak paper can be used to grill meat, wrap leftovers, brine, and even serve French fries.

It is excellent for pork butt, beef ribs, and especially brisket.

However, peach butcher paper is an ideal choice to slow-smoke meat or cook it for a long time.

It can be used to wrap raw meat before cooking, which helps hold the moisture inside when smoking meat.

It is also a great option to steam delicate meats like fish and other seafood, which can be easily wrapped in paper.

"Pink butcher paper is the ideal environment for brisket."
- Aaron Franklin, American Pitmaster

How To Use It

a person using pink butcher paper

Wrapping meat with pink butcher paper for smoking is straightforward.

  • First, choose a piece of paper bigger than the meat you want to wrap. Wrap the food in the butcher paper tightly, ensuring no holes or gaps in the wrapping.
  • Make sure the meat is completely covered with the paper and that the paper overlaps slightly. This will help prevent the food from losing moisture. Place the wrapped meat on the grill or smoker, ensuring it's covered correctly.
  • It's important to monitor the internal temperature of the wrapped meat, especially during the last stages of the smoking process. When the temperature of the meat stops rising for a few hours, you will be at the stall stage. This is when wrapping will do the most good, as it will help the meat retain heat and reduce cooking time.
  • Once the meat nears the desired internal temperature, remove the butcher paper. Doing this allows the meat to continue smoking and creates a delicious bark on the outside.

Pink Butcher Paper Vs Foil

While both have their uses, there are some significant differences between aluminum foil and pink butcher paper.

Foil creates a barrier that prevents water vapor from escaping, which can lead to more moisture in the meat [2].

However, this can also cause the meat to become steamed, and no more smoke can contact the meat.

Unlike foil, this butcher paper allows some water vapor to escape, creating a bark while still retaining the necessary moisture in the meat.

Pink Butcher Paper Vs Parchment Paper

a three-parchment paper on a white background

Parchment paper typically has a wax coating that prevents food from sticking to the surface, much like freezer paper and wax paper.

Unlike parchment paper, peach butcher paper has no wax coating, making it ideal for cooking.

It also doesn’t have the plastic film that freezer paper does.

Moreover, parchment paper is not heat-resistant and cannot be used for cooking at high temperatures.

Pink butcher paper can withstand a high temp, making it perfect for cooking on smokers and grills.

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Other Ways To Use It

Pink butcher paper has other uses in the food industry besides smoking meat.

It can be used to wrap meats and leftovers or to serve fries, keeping them warm and crispy.

This paper can also wrap baked goods, oily or greasy foods like pizza, or line baking sheets.

Unlike the white variety, pink paper is also a great option for dry-brining meat.


Does Smoke Penetrate Pink Butcher Paper?

Yes, smoke can penetrate pink butcher paper, creating a smoky flavor in the meat. This is because this paper is a porous material that allows air to pass through.

Is Using Pink Butcher Paper in the Oven Safe?

Yes, using pink butcher paper in the oven is safe. Butcher paper is heat resistant and can withstand hot temperatures, making it perfect for use in an oven or smoker since it will not catch fire.

What Temp Does Pink Butcher Paper Burn?

Pink butcher paper does not have an exact temperature at which it burns. However, it can cook up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit without fear of scorching or burning.

Is Using Pink Butcher Paper a Good Idea?

Pink butcher paper is a versatile and “must-have” accessory for every barbecue enthusiast.

It retains moisture and creates a smoky flavor, making it a superior alternative to aluminum foil and parchment paper.

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