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There are many smokers on the market today, and the Smokin Tex brand is one of the most popular. I have used them many times, and the experience has always been positive.

But there is a question quite a few readers have asked me - where do they make Smokin Tex smokers? After researching this question, I will provide an answer in this article.

Quick Summary

  • Smokin Tex is a company based out of Plano, TX.
  • The company manufacturers its smokers in China.
  • Smokin Tex sells a range of stainless steel electric smokers.

History of Smokin Tex

A man barbecue-ing meat

The idea for Smokin Tex began in 1999 when Jim Smith, a barbecue restaurateur in Dallas, TX, was looking for a way to make home smoking as easy as possible while producing excellent results.

After trying various methods, he eventually came up with a model for a stainless steel electric smoker.

This home model filled a need amongst smoking enthusiasts who wanted a well-insulated, high-quality, affordable device that would last a long time and give a great smoky flavor.

The electric smoker was so popular that Jim decided to return to his restaurant roots and create a version for commercial use.

In 2005, Smokin Tex launched this line of smokers to meet the needs of chefs and cooks working in catering and restaurants.

"I decided to create a commercial smoker for restaurants like I wish I had been able to buy when I operated my own restaurant"

- Jim Smith, Smokin Tex Founder

Where Are Smokin Tex Products Made?

Smokin Tex products are made in China. The Smokin Tex company is based in Plano, TX, but the manufacturing process is overseas.

That is where Jim Smith found a manufacturer who could meet his demanding expectations to his satisfaction.

Additionally, Jim wanted to create BBQ smokers with quality materials at a price that his customers could afford - and manufacturing overseas was a way to make that happen.

Smokin Tex does have a USA-based customer service team. So, even though the smokers are made overseas, you will not have any trouble getting help or support if you need it.

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Models of These Smokers

Three models of metal food smokers

Smokin Tex has two main lines of electric smokers: residential and commercial for their customers.

There are four BBQ smokers in the residential line. They all come with a rack, stainless steel interior, front access ash drawer, recipe book, and some break-in wood for the initial smoke.

However, there are some differences:

  • Model 1100 smokers: Small, portable, and smokes 23 lbs of meat. It has two standard racks with three positions available. It comes with levelers, not wheels.
  • Model 1400 smokers: Has three standard racks with five positions available. It has four wheels and a stainless steel drip pan. It will cook 38 lbs of meat.
  • Model 1460 smokers: Has everything the 1400 model does but comes with four standard racks and a seafood grill adjustable to seven positions. Up to 60 lbs of meat can be cooked.
  • Model 1500 smokers: Comes with three standard racks and a seafood grill that you can place in 8 positions. It has everything that the 1460 model does but can smoke up to 80 lbs.

There are only two BBQ smokers in the commercial line. Both smokers have two boxes, four wheels, break-in wood, a drip pan, an operating manual, and all the safety and health features required to use them commercially.

The Model 1500C accessories include four heavy-duty racks with eight available positions, and the Model 1500 CXLD’s unique features include its six racks with nine positions.

Overall, Smokin Tex’s large capacity BBQ smokers have nearly 30% more cooking space than other smokers from its competitors.

All Smokin Tex’s BBQ smokers are made of stainless steel, inside and out. This is to make them easy to clean and improve their durability.

They also have good insulation, so they work in cold weather and prevent burns from the smoker's exterior.

The product's electric nature provides constant heat and gives more consistent results with food than a fire-based BBQ unit.

How to Clean Them?

A bucket of cleaning supplies

Smokin Tex’s smokers are fairly easy to clean. You can wash the cooking racks, door, and the smoker's body with mild soap and hot water solution.

You should never clean the outside of the smoker with anything abrasive as this will damage the finish.

To clean the inside of a BBQ smoker or BBQ pellet grill, it is best to simply use a damp cloth to wipe it down.

You do not want to make it shine like new because the creosote buildup works great to lock in smoke flavor and act as a moisture barrier.

Finally, you should replace the foil at the bottom of the smoker after each time grilling food in the device.


Are Cookshack Smokers the Main Competitor for Smokin Tex?

Cookshack smokers are the main competitor for Smokin Tex. This is an Oklahoma-based company founded by Gene and Judy Ellis that has been making Cookshack smokers and pellet grills since the 1960s [1]. They have only American-made products.

What Is the Warranty on Smokin Tex Bbq Smokers?

The warranty on Smokin Tex BBQ smokers is for two full years.

What Is the Smokin Tex Temperature Range?

Smokin Tex’s smokers have a temperature range of 100 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit so you can BBQ foods “low and slow” in the backyard.

What Voltage Do Smokin Tex’s Smokers Use?

Smokin Tex’s smokers use a 120-volt power source. This is the standard power for U.S. outlets, so customers can plug them into any outlet with typical wiring [2].

SmokinTex Smokers: Final Thoughts

As discussed, they make Smokin Tex smokers in China. The company has worked with their supplier for many years and has a great relationship with them.

The quality control Smokin Tex has in place sets its smokers apart from other brands made overseas.

Knowing where your smoker comes from is vital in choosing the best one for your needs and taste.

If quality of a smoker is your top priority, take a look at our list of best types of smokers and make an informed decision.


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