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Green Mountain grills are a range of high-quality pellet grill products that can perform various tasks, including smoking, grilling, and slow cooking.

These innovative grills were born out of one man’s desire to improve an existing product, and the result had been a significant success, making it one of the most popular grills. It's especially considering their Daniel Boone models.

Quick Summary

  • The company was first launched in 2006 by Jason Baker, with all Green Mountain Grills made in the US.
  • As time passed and the company grew, Green Mountain Grills shifted the production of its grills and the majority of its accessories to China, like some other brands.

Where Are Green Mountain Grills Made?

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It’s not certain why the company is secretive about its manufacturing location. Still, I imagine this is partly due to the company’s desire to retain its image of being authentically American in every aspect.

Green Mountain Grills uses American icons in its marketing to further promote this image, such as naming one of its grills the “Daniel Boone pellet grill,” for example.

The company was started in 2006 by Jason Baker, shortly after the patent for the original Traeger wood pellet grills ran its course.

Once Traeger Grills moved its manufacturing to China, Green Mountain Grills soon followed suit.

The result is that both of these ostensibly American companies have their products manufactured in China while retaining an authentic American brand image.

While the place of manufacture is not listed under the product descriptions for any products from Green Mountain Grills, inspecting the products individually and contacting the company’s customer service line revealed that most of Green Mountain’s products and accessories are indeed manufactured in China.

How Did Green Mountain Grills Come About?

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Traeger Grills produced the original pellet grill, and they held the patent for several years.

As soon as this patent had run its course, several similar pellet grill products came onto the market. It was around this time – in 2006 – that the founder started his company, Green Mountain Grills.

The founder understood the limitations of the pellet grill on the market at the time, and he had a specific vision for how he wanted to improve upon them.

He wanted to break into the market by addressing his issues with what was available at the time.

After a few years of hard work perfecting his ideal version of a pellet grill, his company began to grow significantly.

Today, Green Mountain Grills produce a range of high quality pellet grills and accessories and relevant cooking accompaniments such as sauces, dry BBQ rubs, and grills.

Despite the exceptional quality of their products, Green Mountain Grills offers all come at a highly affordable price point. It includes their famous Daniel Boone models.

How Do Green Mountain Grills Work?

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Green Mountain grills use highly innovative technology that makes for an enjoyable cooking experience no matter the food you are attempting to make.

The wood pellets, manufactured by Green Mountain Grills and other manufacturers across the US, are loaded into a pellet hopper on one side of the grilling device.

The pellet hopper capacity depends on your chosen model, and a hopper alarm is there to ensure you don't go overboard or run out of pellets.

Within the Daniel Boone grill, a motor rotates an auger system that feeds the hardwood pellets into the Venturi style firebox.

The wood pellets are automatically ignited within this firebox via a hot rod and are kept burning by a combustion fan below.

Vents lining the firebox ensure that the pure smokey hardwood flavor is circulated. It's especially noticeable when grilling with the Daniel Boone grills.

You must use food-grade pellets in a pellet grill to ensure utmost food safety throughout the cooking process within the Daniel Boone grills.

The branded pellets sold by Green Mountain Grills are manufactured with 100% kiln-dried sawdust that is kept constantly clean and is never allowed to make contact with the floor.

No glue or other harmful additives are used to manufacture these Green Mountain Grill pellets as they are held together by the natural lignins within the timber itself.

Because of Green Mountain's larger diameter, they tend to last far longer than food grade pellets of a standard size.

Green Mountain Grills guarantee their branded wood pellets are safe for food. The company prides itself in producing pellets that can go significantly further than those supplied by the competition.

These branded pellets ensure great flavor in the food made in their grills. It's especially true when you buy the right accessories for the BBQ rubs, rib racks, or a positive pressure fan.

Ensure you only get from an authorized dealer to avoid defective stainless steel products, even when advertised as the Daniel Boone models.

Green Mountain Grills Product Range

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Green Mountain Grills are currently available in three main ranges: the Trek, Ledge, and Peak.

The Trek is Green Mountain’s most affordable option in the range and is suitable for making a small grill that will serve a small family, complete with a grease tray.

With an affordable price point of $399, the Green Mountain Grills Trek is an excellent portable option with great versatility.

Standard features include a digital controller, a meat probe, a grease tray, and a thermal sensor. All models have these accessories, including the Daniel Boone model.

Next in the range is the Green Mountain Grills Ledge, with a starting price of $899.

This larger Green Mountain grill features 458 sq. of cooking space, making it less portable than the Trek but far more capable of grilling more significant amounts of food.

At the top of the Green Mountain Grills range is the Peak Prime Grill at $1099 with 658 sq. in. of grilling space.

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While Green Mountain Grills are touted as an authentically American product, most of the company’s manufacturing occurs in China. It includes their famous Daniel Boone model.

It is simply part of the company’s business model. It may not be common knowledge, and it is hard to determine the facts of this case without a thorough investigation into the company’s business practices.

However, a closer look at the Green Mountain Grill products themselves revealed that the company moved its manufacturing across to China around the same time as another significant industry competitor – Traeger.

Check out our review of the Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill equipped with the company’s latest technology that features a digitized arc control that displays the temperature range on an outer LCD screen. It allows better temperature control compared to other grills.

Despite the majority of its manufacturing occurring in China, the Green Mountain Grill company uses American Icons in its marketing to showcase an authentically American product. It especially applies to their Daniel Boone grill model.

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