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The Rangemaster electric smoker has a seemingly complicated history and was discontinued for a brief period before being brought back into stores.

Because the GHP group also supplies Aldi, there is some overlap between the products, and it's possible that a Rangemaster electric smoker may resemble a similar Dynaglo product.

Quick Summary

  • The Rangemaster brand of electric smokers is supplied to be sold in Aldi stores nationwide.
  • The manufacturer of the Rangemaster electric smokers is the same manufacturer that supplies the Dyna Glo range of smokers, the GHP Group.

Who Manufactures Rangemaster Electric Smokers?

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The Range Master brand is originally a British Brand that produced the first range cooker in the 1830s and formed part of the AGA Rangemaster Group.

Since then, the trademark has been adopted by Aldi to be sold in their stores, and the products are supplied by the GHP Group.

The Range Master electric smoker is sold by Aldi and supplied by the GHP group.

The two-year warranty offered on this product is serviced by the GHP group. This is the same group that manufactures the Dynaglo range of smokers.

The GHP Group is an American manufacturer that specializes in heating and cooking products such as electric fireplaces, portable heating products, fireplace glass doors, and barbecue grill products.

The GHP Group manufactures a series of products under several different brand names, including Dyna-Glo, Pur, and Pleasant Hearth.

While no Range Master products can be found listed on the GHP Group’s website, it would seem likely that any Range Master products sold in Aldi stores today are simply rebranded Dynaglo products.

This is most likely the reason the 2021 Range Master Electric smoker so closely resembles a similar offering from Dyna-Glo, and why some suspect the Dyna-Glo is simply a rebranded version of the Range Master.

The Range Master electric smoker is an Aldi find, which means it can generally only be found in stores for a short period of time before it disappears again.

The main differences between the two products are the doors – the Range Master features a glass door, while the Dynaglo features a steel door.

The Range Master electric smoker is also slightly wider and taller than the similar product offering from Dyna-Glo.

Range Master Electric Smoker Vs. Dyna-Glo

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While the original Range Master smokers seemingly disappeared from the market in 2018, it would seem that they have recently relaunched the product.

This time, however, it is seemingly a lower-priced rebadging of a similar product, the Dyna-Glo DGU505BAE-D.

There are subtle differences between the two products.

The Range Master version features a glass door which is generally a highly desirable feature.

The Dyna-Glo, on the other hand, has a steel door. The Range Master is slightly taller and wider than the Dyna-Glo, making the two products slightly different based on external appearances alone.

There are several similarities between the two products that make the products almost identical internally.

The water pan drip bucket, wood chip door, and wood chip pan are the same between the two products. Similarly, the internal cooking space is identical at 505 square inches.

An Alternative – The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Electric smoker cooking

Masterbuilt is a family business that was formed in 1973 and currently has its headquarters in Georgia. They sell a range of products, including grills, fryers, and smokers, such as the Masterbuilt 30” Digital Electric Smoker.

This well-built electric smoker employs the use of an electric heating element as opposed to typical charcoal or gas. In order to provide the fuel needed for the fire, feed wooden chips into the bottom of the smoker.

These wooden chips combust slowly and release smoke and heat simultaneously into the chamber above, known as the smoking chamber.

Within this chamber, the meat is cooked slowly at a low temperature. This is what gives the meat its characteristic smoky flavor.

The Masterbuilt electric smoker boasts a completely insulated smoking cabinet that contains several helpful components used for the smoking process.

Some of the features include a wooden chip tray, a drip pan, a water pan, a digital controller, and castors for moving the smoker whenever needed.

The fully insulated body of the smoker ensures that there is very little heat loss. This, in turn, ensures that the temperatures remain consistent and the cooking times remain predictable to a certain degree.

Because the Masterbuilt Electric smoker features an integrated thermostat, the cooking experience is made so much easier as maintaining a consistent temperature becomes far simpler.

Masterbuilt smokers are an excellent choice, especially because of their affordable price point.

There is a range of smokers available, from inexpensive to moderately expensive, and each of these offers excellent performance for its price.

Because the Masterbuilt electric smoker is fully electric, the electric heating element is a singular heat source, meaning there will be no fire or flames to worry about.

This increases the device's versatility as it means that you can use it in almost any location.

There is usually no difficulty in starting up the smoker or controlling its temperature, and the ability to make use of real timber smoking chips means that you are assured of perfectly smoked food every time with that brilliant smokey flavor that only comes through this cooking method. [8]

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While the Rangemaster electric smokers are sometimes difficult to find depending on Aldi’s stock availability, these relatively inexpensive smokers are generally an excellent choice that presents good value for money.

Whether you manage to find one of the original Rangemaster electric smokers sold by Aldi, or you decide to purchase a similar product such as the Dynaglo option produced by the same company (GHP Group), you can be assured of a quality smoker that will take your outdoor cooking to new levels.

Although Rangemaster did not make it to our round-up of best budget smokers, this list is worthy of your time.

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