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GrillPro Smokers delivers perfectly succulent smoked meat every time! Onward Manufacturing Company Limited owns the brand.

They design and build high-performing, long-lasting products and deliver the most rewarding customer service.

Quick Summary

  • Onward Manufacturing Company Limited owns GrillPro Smokers.
  • The company was founded in 1906 and is part of the Household Appliance Manufacturing Industry.
  • Onward is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance, premium-quality gas barbecue grills.

Onward Manufacturing upholds its values of never compromising quality or safety, their commitment to excellence, acting with integrity and honesty, and always being transparent.

If you want to know more about the company behind the incredible GrillPro Smokers’ Brand, please continue reading this article.

Onward Manufacturing Company Limited – Their Story

An old Onward Manufacturing Company image

“In 1904, Theodore Adam Witzel founded the Rite-Away fountain pen company. It is here that they manufactured fountain pens and ink.

The manufacturing plant was located at the corner of King and Water streets in Berlin, Ontario.

In 1906, the company ceased making fountain pens and ink. It became the first in Canada to manufacture and sell hand vacuum sweepers and electric vacuum cleaners under the trade names of Onward and Triumph.” [1]

Onward Manufacturing is situated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and has +/- 400 employees spread across its different locations.

They generate over $113.17 million in total sales, and together there are 18 companies in the Onward Manufacturing Company Ltd. corporate family.

Interesting Facts About Onward Manufacturing Company Ltd.

A three different kind of smokers

Onward manufactures gas barbecue grills, and their products are sold under the GrillPro, BroilMate, Broil King, Broil King KEG, Huntington, and Sterling brands in North America.

The company supplies its products to over 40 countries worldwide.

  • Their line of business also includes the manufacturing of non-electric and electric cooking equipment. Their grills are engineered, designed, manufactured, and assembled from raw materials and components, to beautifully finished barbecue grills in Canada.
  • Onward was the very first grill company to embrace ISO quality standards and is committed to ensuring and continuously improving the quality of every component, product, process, and service.
  • Onward produces most of its products in its own factories where attention to detail of the transformation of the processes and materials can be controlled and verified.
  • The company manufactures its products in three main factories, and each specializes in certain products, components, and processes.

The three factories are situated in:

  1. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  2. Huntington, Indiana, USA
  3. Dickson, Tennessee, USA

The company insources major components to its own factories and is the most vertically integrated grill manufacturer globally, producing and finishing its own steel, resin, and aluminum components.

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Onward Manufacturing Company Limited – Timeline

Onward Manufacturing Company logo with a smoker grill

The Onward company has come a long way from creating the Electric Vacuum Cleaner in 1904 to the impressive GrillPro Smokers many Americans use today.

Let’s take a look at their journey throughout the years [2];

1904 – 1906

  • Electric Vacuum Cleaner – The Lightest & Most Powerful Electric Vacuum Cleaner Made.
  • Manufactured by Onward Manufacturing Company, Berlin, - Canada.


  • The Sliding Furniture Shoe (replaced the old-fashioned castor).
  • Made in all sizes & styles for all kinds of furniture.


  • Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Co.

1914 – 1939

By this time, the Onward Manufacturing Co. owned:

  • Eureka Vacuum Cleaners
  • Domestic Vacuum Cleaners
  • Eden Electric Washing & Wringing Machines
  • Onward Slides
  • Onward Sliding Furniture Shoes


  • Onward Quality Cabinet Hardware by Onward Manufacturing Co. Limited, Kitchener, Ontario.

1949 – 1960

  • Eureka Home Cleaning System
  • Deepfreeze Refrigerators


  • Onward Hardware Limited, Kitchener Ontario – Produced furniture glides, backplates, furniture shoes, hinges, pulls, catches, and knobs.

1966 - 1974

  • The New Eureka Super Roto-Matic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Tawco Limited


  • Aqua-Char Charcoal Water Smokers


  • TA Barbecues Appliances – Fireplaces


  • The ARKLA - Matic Grill


  • OMC – Onward Multi Corp Inc.
  • Weber
  • Broil King Great Barbecues


  • BroilMate
  • Barbecue Genius


  • Shepherd
  • Sterling

1997 – 2000

  • Onward Cluthe


  • GrillPro – Advancing The Art Of Grilling


  • The Grill Company
  • Grill Life


  • Broil King KEG

2010 – Present

The Onward Manufacturing Company Ltd. currently owns:

  • GrillPro
  • BroilMate
  • Broil King
  • Broil King KEG
  • Huntington
  • Sterling

GrillPro – Advancing The Art Of Grilling – Products

Two products of a smoker

GrillPro has three smokers and a variety of high-quality grilling accessories. Let’s explore their products below [3]:

GrillPro Smokers

Name Of Smoker Part Number Description
16 IN Traditional Water Smoker 31816 Features high heat resistant finish, charcoal access door, and lid-mounted heat indicator. Includes two 16 in. diameter cooking grids with a total cooking surface area of 400 sq. in.
Vertical Charcoal Smoker 31841 Features 4.0 cu. ft. cook box with heavy welded cabinet, door-mounted thermometer, adjustable water bowl, stainless-steel smoker box, and adjustable side vents. Also includes four fully adjustable chrome cooking grids with a total cooking surface area of 700 sq. in. vents.
Vertical Propane Smoker 31846 Features 4.0 cu. ft. cook box with heavy welded cabinet, door-mounted thermometer, adjustable water bowl, stainless steel smoker box, and adjustable side vents. Also includes four fully adjustable chrome cooking grids with a total cooking surface area of 700 sq. in

High-Quality Grilling Accessories

Product Description Price
GrillPro Reversible Cast Iron Griddle View Latest Price
GrillPro 7pc Deluxe Soft Grip Tool Set View Latest Price
GrillPro 3pc Tool Set View Latest Price
GrillPro Non-stick Cooking Mat View Latest Price
GrillPro Reversible Rib & Roast Rack View Latest Price
GrillPro Stuffed Burger Press View Latest Price
GrillPro Basting Mop – View Latest Price
GrillPro Cast Aluminum Charcoal Scoop View Latest Price
GrillPro Wood Grill Scraper View Latest Price
GrillPro Venturi Brush Maintenance Set View Latest Price
GrillPro Chrome Wire Beer Can Chicken Roaster View Latest Price
GrillPro Smoking Planks View Latest Price
GrillPro 24” Dual Hose & Regulator View Latest Price
GrillPro 24” Hose & Regulator View Latest Price
GrillPro 2pc Silicone Brush Set View Latest Price
GrillPro Smoking Planks – Cedar View Latest Price
GrillPro Marinade Injector View Latest Price
GrillPro Universal LED BBQ Q-Lite View Latest Price
GrillPro Stainless Steel Flat Smoker Box View Latest Price
GrillPro Heavy Duty 4 Prong Meat Forks View Latest Price

Other Smoker Products:


Onward Manufacturing is a fantastic company with fantastic products.

They have only improved over the years, and we look forward to seeing what exciting products they will come up with in the future.


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