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Pellet grills have been around for over three decades, but their popularity has soared over the last few years.

These days, if people are not gushing about their air fryer, they’re yapping about their pellet grill.

Thus, we looked to the experts to determine what contributes to their costs and if they are worth it.

Quick Summary

  • Pellet grills utilize unique technology that makes them easy to use.
  • These grills produce excellent flavor.
  • These pellet smoker grills are versatile, allowing you to smoke or grill.
  • These pellet BBQ grills give you a certain amount of freedom to walk away while it does its job.
  • Most pellet grills even come with wi-fi.

Why Are Pellet Grills So Expensive?

Close up image of a pellets

These grills are expensive because of the technology involved in making them incredibly easy to use, versatile, and allowing you the freedom to go about your day (or sleep) while it does your job.

So easy, it is nearly impossible to burn your food in one.

As Meathead from amazingribs.com put it, It’s all about control. And convince. Oh yeah, taste, too.

Set it and forget it. Great flavor. No brainer. Pellet burners are a real revolution [1].

Pellet grill models are not just easy; they provide busy cooks with the gift of time.

Unlike many other grills and smokers, these do not require you to stand there or constantly check on them.

The addition of wi-fi has become even more manageable, allowing cooks to monitor and control the internal temperature from their phones.

What Technology Is Used In Expensive Pellet Grill Models?

Holding pellets with bare hands

At first glance, wood pellet grills might not sound as unique as charcoal grills, even with their cooking chamber and other features.

As David Marks, Operation BBQ Relief’s head of business development, points out, regardless of using gas, charcoal, or pellet grills, they work with the same basic principles of thermodynamics or heat and energy transfer [2].

But having the same principles is not the same as doing a job brilliantly.

For example, a flair-up that chars your meat is still an energy transfer, but it might not be achieving the flavor you desire (unless carbon crunch is your goal).

Not all pellet grills work precisely the same. There are various modifications; some come with additional features, such as wi-fi. But there are standard components.

Standard components of pellet grills:

  • Hopper
  • Induction fan
  • Motorized feed auger

These grills achieve consistent temperatures inside and smokey flavor by using standardized wood pellets of the same size and quality.

The pellet grill monitors its temperature and feeds the wood pellet into the “burner” as conditions require.

Thus, you don’t have to stand there and adjust gas flames or move the charcoal around while lifting the lid.

How pellet grills work to monitor their temperature depends on the model and brand. But, generally, it is similar to how an oven controls its heat.

Thermostats and sensors include temperature probes placed on or inside the meat. The temperature probe with wi-fi will send all this data to your phone.

Like fancy coffee makers, many pellet grill models are programable so that you can set the various temperatures for specific periods. It improves the convenience factor.

You don’t even have to swing by the pellet grills to adjust the temperature inside manually, as you would with an oven.

Again, if your model has wi-fi, you can even change your mind during the cooking process and adjust the settings from your phone.

Are Pellet Grill Models Worth The Money?

Holding an amount of money

Buying pellet grills is worth the money for anyone with a busy life that loves tender, low and slow-cooked meat with a juicy and smokey flavor.

They are also worth it for cooks who love consistent quality meat, rather than rare today, well done tomorrow.

Thus, the questions to ask yourself when considering a pellet grill are:

  • How much is your time worth?
  • Do you enjoy consistently succulent smoked meat and vegetables?

Is A Pellet Grill Right For You?

Many people adore their pellet grill or are carefully saving up for one. But others shrug and are happy with what they already own.

So, it really depends on your personality and food preparation preferences.

Pellet Grill Models: Searing Vs. Versatility

Cooking meats on a grill with high flames

Some outdoor cooks prefer the searing capabilities of a gas grill or charcoal grill to a pellet grill for their outdoor oven.

They feel the heat a pellet grill produces doesn’t produce that hot-seal as quickly or well.

Thus, if a high-temperature grilling session is what you enjoy, a pellet grill might not be worth the price difference when you cook outdoors.

It would be like buying a fancy hot tub when all you wanted was a bath.

However, a pellet grill excels at:

  • Baking
  • Broiling
  • Roasting
  • Smoking

Pellet Grills: Electricity, Gas, Or Charcoal

While some people are not fans because pellet grill options require electricity, others prefer it as they are often cheaper to operate than buying gas grill or charcoal grill.

If you buy your pellets online and in bulk, the savings are more remarkable. Thus, while these grills may have an additional cost initially, you might save in the long run.

Pellet Grills May Be Healthier

Cooking a steak on a pellet grill with pellets close up image

Some want to avoid charcoal and gas grill options out of health concerns. These folks feel that cooking on a pellet grill is healthier, even when it comes to smoking.

Pellet grilling appeals to health-conscious individuals because they:

  •   Use food-grade hardwood pellets with cooking grates
  •   Use moderate temperatures, reducing or avoiding heterocyclic amines (HACs) [3]
  •   Use less smoke to produce its rich smoky flavor, which reduces polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) [4]

Wood Pellet Grilling May Be Kinder To The Environment

Some people also feel they are kinder to the environment as the wood pellets are made from hardwood scraps, not potential lumber. Also, the pellets burn cleaner than charcoal.

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