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When you think of the household name "Thermos," what do you picture?

Although Thermos may be best known for its line of durable bottles and lunch boxes, this Illinois-based manufacturer is actually a leading maker of barbecue grills!

We scoured every corner of the internet to figure out just where these popular grills originate from.

Quick Summary

  • Thermos, an Illinois-based manufacturer, is a leading maker of barbecue grills. They began producing grills in the '60s after acquiring Structo Manufacturing Company and later partnered with Char-Broil.
  • Thermos Grills are known for their ease of use, great grilling experience, easy cleaning, and fast ignition system.
  • Thermos's grill sales grew to more than 60% of their annual sales in the 1980s.

The Story Behind Thermos Grills

A desaturated Thermos grill

The largest portion of Thermos's sales is thought to come from its electric and gas barbecue grills. They generally sell from midrange to premium price.

Now, the company Thermos has a long and extensive history. However, to pinpoint Thermos Grills, we have to go all the way back to the '60s.

Seeley Thermos acquired Structo Manufacturing Company in 1960. Along with its popular production of children's toys, they decided to begin the production of barbecue grills.

Fifteen years later, Structo dropped all of their other products to focus on making barbecue grills and becoming a leader in that market.

A year later, in 1976, King-Seeley Thermos took over producing barbecues under the Structo name. [1]

Through the 1980s, Thermos's sales dropped considerably. However, by then, the company's growth was driven by their barbecue grills, racking up more than 60% of their annual sales.

Thermos went on to develop new product designs to improve its position in the market. Under Peterson, Thermos created and began to market its new Thermal Electric Grill in less than 2 years.

This grill went on to win multiple new product rewards and produced strong, immediate sales.

These days, Thermos produces several grill models, partnered with the popular Char-Broil company.

“I love the culture of grilling. It creates an atmosphere that is festive but casual.”

- Bobby Flay, Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur, and TV Personality

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Closer Look At The Features of Thermos Grills

Features of a Thermos grill

Thermos became a household name with the help of the following features:

Easy to Use

Most customers purchase a grill depending on this feature. Thermos grills are great for first-time users due to the easy setup and usability.

Most of Thermos's grill models come with side trays which can easily be slid on and off.

Great Grilling Experience

Thermos Grills are designed with the customers' usability in mind. Therefore, their gas grills feature a foot pedestal to open and close them.

They also feature a sparker button for those who wish to light their grill with a match.

The main feature, and arguably the best, are the grills side trays. They can be used to hold a whole range of things, such as tongs and spatulas.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning a grill after use is definitely the worst part about grilling. So, most of us keep in mind the cleaning process when we purchase a new grill. Thankfully, Thermos grills are easy to clean.

Most grills come with aluminum grills, wherein food gets stuck all over and turns out to be impossible to clean.

On the other hand, Thermos grills feature a non-stick cooking area, meaning cleaning becomes a walk in the park.

They also have a collection jar at the bottom of the grill that catches all the grease.

When you purchase a Thermos grill, you'll also get a cleaning kit along with it.

Fast Ignition System

If you want an easy-to-start cooking process, you're going to want to make sure the grill you're purchasing has a decent ignition system.

In many of the Thermos grill models, you'll find an electronic ignition system called Piezo. This system is fast and reliable, meaning you'll have an easy time when you start the grill.


Thermos Grill Open and Closed

Are Thermos Grills any good?

Yes. Generally, the census for these grills is pretty positive. They're loved by the grillers who purchase them. Overall, they are easy to put together, easy to light, and provide a big enough cooking surface for a small family. Most people love that the Thermos grill comes with multiple burner options, so it's easy to choose the best one for your outdoor space.

Do Thermos Grills come with a side burner?

Yes, some Thermos Grills feature a side burner. This is super handy when you need some extra grilling space. However, something to keep in mind is that these side grills only come with one setting, meaning it's a little more difficult to grill your food on.

Are Thermos Grills expensive?

No. Generally, Thermos Grills are considered to sit on the cheaper side of the grilling world. Many customers have praised Thermos for its low prices yet high-quality grills.

Final Thoughts - Thermos Grills

Overall, Thermos Grills are well-liked by most customers, mainly due to the fact they're super easy to use with awesome portability.

They're a great option for any grilling enthusiast who wants to cook for their family or backyard parties.

They don't have over complicated features, but they provide plenty of burner options, storage space, and a reliable ignition system.

It’s an affordable grill that'll provide a great grilling experience for first-time grillers.


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