Meat N’Bone Review (2024 Update) Should You Give It a Try?

Jayden Lawson
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My carnivore diet journey began over a decade ago. One of the most challenging things I came across was finding quality meat, so I made it my mission to try out different delivery services.

Meat N’ Bone meat delivery service is one of them.

Here’s everything you should know about Meat N’ Bone, including their meat options, shipping practices, and if you should give it a try.

Meat N’ Bone Meat N’ Bone

Rated 4.5/5


Variety & Flexibility
Customer Service

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • Ideal for those seeking premium, high-quality meat with delivery convenience.

Who is it not for?

  • Not ideal for those on a tight budget or with limited delivery access.

Final Verdict

Meat N' Bone provides premium quality meat with convenient delivery, ideal for those seeking top-notch products. However, its high cost and limited availability in some areas could be drawbacks.

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What is Meat N’ Bone?

A guy smiling in front of different meats

Meat N’ Bone is an online butcher shop.

The company was founded in 2018 in Florida by three friends. They were so successful that they soon opened a physical store, and today, they have three boutiques in South Florida.

Meat N’ Bone ships all over the US and Canada. Its mission is to provide access to premium quality meats to all US users, not only restaurateurs and chefs.

They source their meat from the US and from abroad. The company says they focus on quality, and each product is curated by its team of experts.

Meat N’ Bone doesn’t offer only meat, but they have a huge selection of hardware — everything from grills and grilling tools to apparel, rubs, and spices.

The company also offers a catering service, which includes kitchen equipment and furniture rentals.

How Does Meat N’ Bone Work?

Meat N’ Bone works by customers visiting their website or their physical store and making an order.

If you shop online, you can click on one of the meat categories and choose which cuts you want to be shipped to you, or you can opt for one of the boxes.

If you want to order one of the subscription boxes, you should:

  1. Select the box type
  2. Select the box size
  3. Determine which proteins you want
  4. Choose any add Ons
  5. Choose how often you want the box delivered to you
  6. Fill in your info and pay for the order

Meat N’ Bone Benefits

A woman purchasing at a butcher shop

Here’s everything I liked about Mean N’ Bone.

1. Meat Variety

Meat N’ Bone offers an impressive variety of meat. Their meat offering includes basic cuts such as beef, pork, and poultry, but they also have an impressive selection of seafood and game meats.

Here’s an overview of each kind of meat they sell.


A top view of different slices of fresh beef

Meat N’ Bone’s meat selection has an impressive number of steaks. They have standard steaks such as New York Strip steak and Ribeye.

But I was wowed by the choice of rare steaks, such as Picanha Wagyu. This is a triangular cut from the rump of the cow, and it’s an extremely juicy cut.

Picanha Wagyu has a thick layer of fat and soft meat. Meat N’ Bone’s Picanha Wagyu is rated 8 to 9 for marbling, so it’s a top-of-line cut.

Another steak I loved from Meat N’ Bone is the dry-aged Kansas City Strip. This steak was dry-aged for 45 days.

It has rich marbling and a thin bone along the edge, which improves the flavor. The dry-aging process gives this steak a unique taste and a concentrated flavor.


Pork selection includes baby back ribs, pork tenderloin, bone-in pork shoulder, heritage pork belly, and more.

What I liked best were the Iberico chops. These pork chops come exclusively from Iberian black pigs from Spain or Portugal. Iberian pigs are fed on a grain and grass diet.

This results in rich marbling and tender meat, making cooking meat easy.

Overall, Meat N’ Bone has an impressive selection of pork — everything from double Iberico pork chops to Iberico Jamon and Serrano ham.


Raw chicken slices on a plate

Poultry selection includes chicken, duck, and turkey.

Out of these three, the selection of chicken cuts is the largest.

You can choose between a whole chicken, chicken breast, drumsticks, chicken thighs, or wings.

Duck offering includes duck breast or whole duck, and turkey includes turkey breast and turkey legs.


Lamb cuts come from the US, specifically from midwestern farms and also from Australia.

Midwestern lamb cuts include lamb chops, lamb rack, leg, shoulder, or whole lamb. Australian lamb origin is lamb rack.

Game Meat

Meat N’ Bone offers a wide selection of game meats. You can get:

  • Venison
  • Elk
  • Kangaroo
  • Alligator
  • Bison
  • Wild boar
  • Rabbit

You can order the game filet mignon, New York Strip steak, burgers, and more.


Different fresh seafoods on a shop

Meat N’ Bone says they offer best-in-class seafood, and I agree. I found their seafood to be high quality.

Once again, the range of seafood selection is impressive. You can get basic seafood, such as salmon, tuna steak, and scallops.

However, Meat N’ Bone has seafood that most other meat delivery services don’t offer, such as Chilean Sea Bass meat, ocean trout, and Argentine Red Shrimp, all wild-caught.

2. Subscription Box Options

A table filled with different choices of food

Meat N’ Bone has four subscription boxes you can choose from:

  • Value box — This box is designed to get the best possible value for your money.
  • Luxury box — This box is primarily for rare products, such as Japanese W5, Caviar, and sashimi fish.
  • Fit and lean box — This box was designed by personal trainers and is best for people who are on a health journey. This is the best option for people who want to lose weight or build muscle.
  • Weekend grill master box — The best option if you want to do some grilling with family and friends on weekends.

Note: You can choose between regular and large boxes and up to three proteins for all of the boxes.

I liked that I could customize the foods I got with each box to a certain extent. However, it would’ve been even better if Meat N’ Bone allowed its users to handpick each cut that goes in the box instead of only allowing customers to choose the type of protein.

3. Sourcing

A chef wearing black gloves cutting raw meats

Meat N’ Bone doesn’t have a dedicated page for their sourcing practices, so I had to dig deep, but I was able to find some info on where their meat comes from, and I liked what I found.

They sell only Best-in-Class programs, which means they look for the best cuts for each program they have.

Most of the beef they sell online and, in their butcher, shops come from the US. The company says they support American farmers but also sources meat internationally because they are focused only on selling the best meat.

Meat N’ Bone USDA Choice, USDA Prime beef, and Wagyu beef come from the US Midwestern family farms. The company works with a network of family farms in the corn belt states (Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska).

They source beef from this area because the farmers there raise the Angus breed of cattle, which gives the best steaks. The cattle are fed a grain and grass diet.

Their Japanese beef comes from Japan, mainly from the Miyazaki-Gyu area. Wagyu-Angus beef comes from Australia. All beef is processed in Chicago and then shipped to Miami for distribution.

“We focus on quality and consistency. Every product we offer has been curated by our expert team and meets the highest standards for quality.”
- Meat N’ Bone Official Website

All poultry cuts are also sourced from the US Midwest, and game meats are from the Midwest, Colorado, and Canada. Seafood comes from two sources: wild-caught or farmed.

Meat N’ Bone doesn’t provide any info on the poultry diet or seafood harvesting practices. They also don’t mention the specific names of the farms from where the beef and pork come from.

Overall, their sourcing information is mostly focused on location, which is important, but they should offer more info on the diet and harvesting practices.

  • Wide variety of meats
  • Several subscription box options
  • Most meat sourced from the US
  • Large selection of BBQ equipment
  • Cattle are grass-fed, not grass-finished
  • There’s a minimum order value to get free shipping

Custom Rating Criteria

  • Price: 4.5
  • Quality: 4
  • Options: 5
  • Shipping: 4

Meat N’ Bone Shortfalls

There were several things I didn’t like about Meat N’ Bone’s online butcher shop.

1. Grass-Fed, Not Grass-Finished

Two slices of raw beef with a knife and leafy vegetable on the side

There’s a big difference between grass-fed and grass-finished meat. Meat N’ Bone says all their cattle are grass-fed and spend most of their lives on pastures.

However, as cattle grow, farmers include grains such as corn and wheat in their diet. This means the Meat N’ Bone cattle are grain-finished, not grass-finished.

Grass-finished meat is healthier than grain-finished and has a higher nutritional value [1]. Grass-finished beef can have up to five times the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids and double the amount of Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is especially important as it can help reduce body fat [2].

Moreover, grass-finished meat has more vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc, potassium, and sodium.

Overall, grass-finished beef is healthier than grain-finished.

Meat N’ Bone does have a small collection of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef. This comes from only one farm program in Nebraska.

But, if you go for a box subscription, you probably won’t get this meat, as you can’t handpick each kind of meat sent to you.

2. Shipping

A delivery guy on a motorcycle wearing orange outfit

Another thing I wasn’t a fan of when it comes to Meat N’ Bone is their shipping practices.

Meat N’ Bone has three physical locations in Florida, so if you live close to one of these, you won’t have to pay for shipping.

Also, if you live in Florida, the company will hand deliver your order for free.

However, this is primarily an online butcher shop, so most customers are from all over the US and shop online. Having this in mind, I believe the company should work more on its shipping practices.

Mean N’ Bone only offers free shipping if your order is above $125. In case your order is below this threshold, you’ll have to pay for shipping.

Their shipping prices vary depending on where in the US and Canada you’re located:

  • Flat rate — Goes from $10 to $35. The minimum order value is $125.
  • Priority — Goes from $20 to $40. The minimum order value is $225.
  • The next day — Goes from $30 to $80. The minimum order value is $225.

These are among the highest shipping rates compared to other online butcher shops.

My order of chicken breasts, double pork chops, top Sirloin cap, ground beef, and more arrived with cooking instructions.

However, I found these vague at best and wasn’t able to follow them. Meat N’ Bone should invest in some quality recipe cards.

Who Should Order from Meat N’ Bone?

You should order from Meat N’ Bone if meat variety is your main concern. This is a good choice if you want a reliable supplier of game meats, exotic seafood, as well as basic meat cuts.

Meat N’ Bone is also a good option if grass-finished meat isn’t your concern, but you’re fine with grain-finished.

Who Shouldn’t Order from Meat N’ Bone?

A guy thinking while holding a credit card and looking at his phone

You shouldn’t order from Meat N’ Bone if you want to know exactly where your meat comes from.

Meat N’ Bone talks a lot about the meat quality, but they don’t specify from which farms they source their meat.

They also don’t provide any details about the seafood and game meat sourcing practices.

You also shouldn’t order from Meat N’ Bone if you want to eat only grass-finished meat, as most of their cattle are grain-finished.

Where to Buy Meat N’ Bone?

A person looking at the map inside a car

You can buy Meat N’ Bone from one of their three physical stores in South Florida or make an online order on their official website.

Here’s how their subscription boxes are priced:

1. Value Box:

  • $149 for regular (20 portions) 
  • $299 for large (55 portions)

2. Luxury:

  • $199 for regular (20 portions)
  • $399 for large (55 portions)

3. Fit and Lean Box:

  • $149 for regular (20 portions)
  • $299 for large (55 portions)

4. Weekend Grill Master Box:

  • $129 for regular (20 portions)
  • $259 for large and a household of 4 to 6 people

Why Choose Meat N’ Bone?

  • Exceptional meat quality: Meat N' Bone offers beef of extremely high quality, ensuring a premium dining experience with every bite.
  • Superior to supermarket options: offers a superior meat grade that guarantees satisfaction.
  • G1 certified beef: Meat N' Bone exclusively works with G1 certified beef, ensuring the highest standards of quality and taste.
  • Awesome reviews: With over 600 positive reviews, Meat N' Bone has established a stellar reputation for their products.
  • Convenient delivery: Meat N' Bone offers same-day delivery within South Florida and nationwide delivery within 48 hours.

Shipping and Delivery

I talked above about Meat N’ Bone shipping, but here are some more details to know.

If you’re in a hurry and you live in Florida, you can make an order for $18.99 and receive same-day delivery.

Meat N’ Bone ships their meat Monday to Friday. Most orders are processed in 24 hours, but it can take up to four days to fulfill an order.

They also offer weekend delivery, depending on where in the US you’re located.

They ship vacuum-sealed beef, seafood, and other kinds of meat with dry ice in an insulated box. The meat can remain in the box for up to 56 hours.

The company doesn’t accept any returns, no matter the reason. You can cancel your order as long as the meat hasn’t been sent.

You can also change the shipping frequency of subscription boxes (choose between 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks).

Other Users' Meat N’ Bone Reviews

A person holding a knife and fork while eating steak

“This place has an amazing unique lineup of meats. Tried their Wagyu and Dry Aged Ribeyes, and they were absolutely stunning! I've tried other providers, and Meat N' Bone was just far superior in quality and service. Amazing experience!”
- Gabriel Llaurado, Trust Pilot

“This company thinks it's ok to have food delayed by the shipper. The chicken sat on a UPS truck for two days and arrived thawed and slimy, and they said it was fine at 47 degrees. I only wanted them to make a UPS claim, and they wouldn't. Seriously bad business over ten packages of chicken.”
- Deb Stephenson, Facebook

Comparison to Other Meat Delivery Services

A person beside a glass showcase with different meats

Here’s how Meat N’ Bone compares to other meat deliveries I most frequently use, including ButcherBox, Crowd Cow, and Snake River Farms.

Meat Selection

Meat N’ Bone has one of the largest meat offerings. They have beef, pork, lamb, poultry, seafood, and game meats.

ButcherBox offers beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. Crowd Cow sells beef (Japanese and Wagyu), chicken, pork, and seafood. Snake River Farms sells American Wagyu cuts and Kurobuta pork.


Meat N’ Bone offers free shipping, but your order must be at least $125. Their shipping prices depend on where you’re located, and the shipping rate is divided into three zones.

ButcherBox offers free shipping on all of its orders. Crowd Cow has free shipping, but the order minimum is $145.

Snake River Farms has three shipping options, depending on how fast your want your meat delivered:

  • $9.99 3-day shipping
  • $24.99 2-day shipping
  • $49.99 overnight shipping

Subscription Boxes

Meat N’ Bone has four subscription boxes, and you can choose between regular and large sizes for each one.

ButcherBox has five subscription boxes, all of which come in two sizes. Snake River Farms offers more than ten boxes, and Crowd Cow has only three boxes.

Should You Order from Meat N’ Bone?

Meat N’ Bone has an impressive variety of meat. However, the meat variety doesn’t mean much if the quality and sourcing practices are questionable.

My vote for the best meat delivery goes to ButcherBox. All the meat ButcherBox sells is humanely raised and sustainably sourced and harvested, so you can be sure you’re only getting high-quality meat.

ButcherBox offers free shipping on all orders. Plus, you get free ground beef with each order. Their packages are eco-friendly and completely recyclable.

They pack meat with plenty of dry ice, so your high-quality beef always arrives frozen. Check them out, and order your meat today.

#1 Meat Delivery Service


A delivery meat package from ButcherBox
Meat Quality
Menu Options
  • Organic grass-fed beef
  • Humanely-raised heritage breed pork
  • Free-range organic chicken
  • Flexible proportion and delivery frequency
  • Good pricing when buying in bulk
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of July
  • No organ meat
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