Big Green Egg Review (2024) Should You Give It a Try?

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I’ve been a grilling enthusiast for over ten years, and I’ve tried all sorts of grills and smokers.

Having read some positive reviews of the Big Green Egg Kamado grill, I decided it was time to give it a try.

I’ve been using it for more than six months, and today, I’ll share my insights on this charcoal grill and compare it to some of my all-time favorites.

Let’s get into it.

What is the Big Green Egg Smoker?

An image of Big Green Egg smoker in an outdoor setting

The Big Green Egg Smoker is an outdoor charcoal smoker with a Kamado-style shape. Thanks to the grill design and build material, it is better in heat retention compared to many other charcoal and gas grills.

The thicker walls of the Big Green Egg give it an edge over many other ceramic cookers as they retain heat well, which helps save on time and charcoal when grilling.

How Does the Big Green Egg Smoker Work?

The Big Green Egg Smoker works by combining unique and innovative technology to achieve outstanding results.

These smokers are made of special material, with a unique chimney, air ventilation, temperature control, FireBox, and Eggcessories.

Features of the Big Green Egg Smoker

Different sizes of Big Green Egg smoker

Now let's get to the meaty part of the grill and see how well this grill functions to ensure you get that delicious smoked meat.

1. Build Material 

The Big Green Egg is built using ceramic on the outside and Terracota on the inside layer. The Terracotta helps reflect heat onto the grilling area, and the ceramic helps prevent heat from escaping.

As a result, you will save on fuel, and your cooking time will also be reduced - you may have the grill ready for smoking meat in less than 15 minutes.

2. Chimney

A near perspective of Big Green Egg smoker

The Big Green Egg smoker has a chimney at the top to let out excess smoke. You can close or open the chimney fully, and thanks to the regulatable chimney, this Kamado grill is more effective compared to standard charcoal grills.

When you open the chimney fully, the grill will let out more air leading to high temperatures in the cooking area.

Alternatively, close the chimney halfway or to an almost closing point to retain much of the smoke and have that juicy, smoky flavor of the meat.

The chimney decreases the risk of your food flaring up in flames or you getting burnt when you open the lid.

3. Air Ventilation

The Big Green Egg has an air vent at the bottom. The ventilation opening lets air into the ceramic grill. When you load up lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes, ensure you leave space around the charcoal plate for proper air circulation.

The ventilation has a sliding door for regulating air entry, so I was able to attain the desired temp for cooking, and it came in very handy when experiencing windy conditions.

4. Temperature Control

A person opening the lid of a smoker

The Big Green Egg has a thermometer for monitoring the cooking temperatures, and it can indicate up to 750℉.

If you want to prepare a soft, moist pork shoulder and keep its natural juices, you’ll want to set your smoker to temperatures between 200℉ and 250℉.

On the other hand, if you prefer regular grilling, you’ll need high temperatures between 300℉ and 350℉.

Regulating the temperature on this Kamado-style grill is very easy, thanks to the temperature gauge and the bottom air vent and chimney - it is as simple as turning knobs.

5. FireBox

The Big Green Egg has a sealed firebox that makes it easier to light lump charcoal for cooking. There’s a charcoal plate in the firebox, with some space around it, which helps create the proper airflow.

It is perfect if you love slow-cooking your food by indirect cooking, and it acts as a heat deflector. It will turn your Egg into an outdoor oven and make it easy to bake pizza and smoke meat in it.

6. Eggcessories

Different accessories of the Big Green Egg smoker

There are plenty of Big Green Egg accessories. You can purchase an Egg stand, covers, customized thermometers, cookbooks, dual-function metal, pizza peel, etc.

If you have a large Egg or X large Egg, you can buy cast iron cooking grates with two decks instead of using a regular cooking grate.

“Fire isn't the flavor, but the Big Green Egg. That Ingenious ceramic capsule of goodness. That Reese's peanut butter cup of cookout equipment. Both grill and smoker—God bless!”
- T. Geronimo Johnsons, Novelist

I decided to buy the convEGGtor and was delighted by what I received. This accessory has helped me achieve delicious cooking results.

The convEGGtor added to the versatility of my Egg, and its purpose is to provide an advanced indirect grilling and smoking experience.

This accessory is a three-legged ceramic plate in the bottom section of your Egg ceramic cooker. Keep in mind that it should be inserted upside down.

7. Warranty

The Big Green Egg smoker comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the materials and workmanship of all ceramic parts, including the dome, base, fire ring, firebox, and damper top.

However, it applies to the original purchaser or owner who has purchased this smoker from an authorized dealer and has registered their warranty. Keep in mind that it is valid as long as the original purchaser owns this grill [1].

  • Accurate temperature control and multiple heat zones
  • Multiple functions—bake, smoke, oven, or grill
  • Different sizes are available together with additional accessories
  • Two-zone cooking (with large models)
  • Heavy to carry or move around
  • A bit pricier than a standard charcoal grill

Custom Rating Criteria:

  • Convenience: 4.8/5
  • Durability: 4.9/5
  • Maintenance: 4.7/5
  • Price: 4/5

How Do Big Green Egg Smokers Compare to Other Kamado Grills?

A man opening the Big Green Egg smoker

The Big Green Egg remains in pole position in the many lists of Kamado-style grills.

The Big Green Grill's build design and material are similar to other popular Kamado grills, for example, the Kamado Joe grill. But still, there are distinct features that set these two competitors apart.


The Big Green Egg has a heavy lid, but it has a spring to reduce the lid’s weight. The spring helps take off the weight when lifting and closing the grill lid. On the other hand, the feature is only present on the larger version of the grill the Kamado Joe grill.

The materials used for Kamado Joe win this battle. They use a wire mesh fiberglass gasket, which is preferred over the standard gasket used in Big Green Eggs.


The Big Green Egg has side shelves that are made of wood and appealing to the eye. The wooden shelves also have an anti-skid material applied. Any item you place on the shelves will hardly slide and fall off.

On the other hand, the Kamado Joe grill has side shelves made of plastic. Because of this, the items you put on these shelves are susceptible to sliding when slightly knocked or if the grill is set up unevenly.

Still, Kamado Joe’s lineup is impressive. Unlike BGE, Kamado Joe has a stand, patented slide-out ash drawer, and other extraordinary features that depend on the type of grill (ProJoe, Big Joe II and III, etc.)

With BGE, you’ll have to buy the stand separately, which entails extra costs.

Where Can I Buy The Big Green Egg Grill?

You can buy the Big Green Egg grill online. This grill is available on the official website, or you can buy it from authorized retailers and distributors. The price will vary depending on its size.

How Much Are Green Egg Smokers?

A person holding a mobile phone and a credit card

The Green Egg Smokers are anywhere between $399.00 to $1.999.00 because they come in different sizes: mini, minimax, small, medium egg, large, X large, and the 2XL Egg [2].

Although the grill has a hefty price tag, you can only purchase it from authorized dealers.

Take a look at their respective prices for each dimension:

  1. Big Green Mini Egg: Price starts from $399.00
  2. Big Green Egg MiniMax: Price starts from $628.00
  3. Big Green Egg Small: Price starts from $569.00
  4. Big Green Egg Medium: Price starts from $699.00
  5. Big Green Egg Large: Price starts from $979.00
  6. Big Green Egg XL: Price starts from $1,299.00
  7. Big Green Egg 2XL: Price starts from $1,999.00

Customer Feedback

A guy showing two thumbs up beside a close up image of Big Green Egg smoker

From what I have read online, the Big Green Egg Smoker has a huge fan base, but I also encuntered a few negative reviews.

“This grill deserves 5 stars for quality and performance and is an amazing product with a premium price tag. The price is above average, but it certainly opened entirely new vistas of taste.”
- Dean from Tennessee

“Buying the 2XL Egg was the best purchase I made in a while. The Big Green Egg is more versatile than a gas grill and I use it to prepare pizzas, steaks, smoked brisket, and ribs. Controlling this grill is pretty simple too.”
- Mark from Maryland  

“The product I received had cracks on the dome and I was denied a warranty claim despite evident fractures.”
- Bob from Los Angeles

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How Long Does the Big Green Egg Last?

The Big Green Egg lasts for a long time. This ceramic cooker is made with higher standards in place. The limited lifetime warranty is proof of the quality and longevity of the product, so you can rest assured this ceramic Kamado-style smoker will last for years to come.

Is a Big Green Egg Worth the Money?

Yes, the Big Green Egg is worth the money. If you decide to make this purchase, the grill will last for years while constantly delivering the perfect results.

Can I Use Lighter Fluid to Light My Big Green Egg?

No, you can’t use lighter fluid to light your Big Green Egg. Firestarters contain chemicals that have a smell. In addition, the chemical present in the fluid may react with the thick ceramic walls, disintegrating over time.

How Often Should I Clean My Egg?

You should clean your Egg after each use. The ash should frequently be removed to enhance proper airflow before the next cooking. You can order the ash tool to help remove ash.

Is the Big Green Egg Good for Outdoor Cooking?

Yes, the Big Green Egg is good for outdoor cooking. It is made from durable materials to sustain high and low temperatures, while its coating can withstand rain, snow, or other elements.

What Is the Best Meat to Cook on a Green Egg?

The best meat to cook on a Green Egg includes steaks (preferably ribeye) or roast chicken.

What Fuel Does Big Green Egg Use?

Big Green Egg uses charcoal to achieve the ideal cooking temperature.

How Long Do You Cook Steak on the Big Green Egg?

You cook steak on the Big Green Egg for around 2 minutes for each side. Place the steak on the grill and flip to the other side after several minutes.

Is the Big Green Egg Good for Cooking Burgers?

Yes, the Big Green Egg is good for cooking burgers. They are best cooked on direct heat, with no more than 3 to 5 minutes for each side. Make sure not to keep the lid open.

Can You Slow-Cook on a Big Green Egg?

Yes, you can slow-cook a Big Green Egg. Once you achieve the desired temperature, you can prepare pulled pork, stew, or fish.

What Size Pizza Stone Fits in a Large Big Green Egg?

14" round pizza stone fits in a large Big Green Egg.

Is Big Green Egg a Gas Grill?

No, Big Green Egg is not a gas-fueled grill. It is a kamado grill that uses charcoal for fuel.

Big Green Egg Review - Final Thoughts

The Big Green Egg was built to last, and you can rest assured this charcoal grill will serve its purpose for a long time since it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty and an ultimate cooking experience.

Still, if you are looking to buy a smoker that boosts an impressive array of accessories, innovative technology focused on the “Divide & Conquer” cooking system, and all the other trimmings, Kamado Joe is your go-to Kamado grill.

Click here to order your Kamado Joe grill and see why it’s unbeatable compared to other charcoal grills.

We Recommend This Instead

Kamado Joe Grill

Kamado Joe Grill
  • Accurate temperature control and multiple heat zones
  • Multiple functions—bake, smoke, oven, or grill
  • Different sizes are available together with additional accessories
  • Two-zone cooking (with large models)
  • Heavy to carry or move around
  • A bit pricier than a standard charcoal grill
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