The first time I tried Thrive Market was when I was required to self-isolate due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That's when I realized that having a grocery store that delivers packaged whole foods to my doorstep makes my life a whole lot easier, all things considering.

After reviewing over 15 meal delivery services, I found this California-based company to be one of the top contenders. My team and I set out to give you a thorough Thrive Market review and help you estimate if it will also suit your grocery delivery needs.

What Is Thrive Market?

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Thrive Market is an online grocery store that provides all organic non-GMO foods, cleaning, and beauty supplies with a monthly or annual membership.

They offer wholesale pricing on healthy foods, which means you can order high-quality items for 25% to 50% less than retail prices.

They were created in November 2014 by Gunner Lovelace. He grew up on a farm in Ojai, California, and understood the power of group purchasing to keep healthy food affordable.

He wanted to address the lack of access to high-quality whole foods for families, so he created the online store to supply just about everyone in the US.

  • Access to over 6,000 items
  • Organic and non-GMO supplies
  • Membership may pay for itself
  • Shop according to your meal plan
  • Must buy some items in bulk

What Is the Selection Like?

Thrive products a table

Thrive Market offers a wide variety of name brand products such as Simple Mills, Better Life, and Bob’s Red Mill.

You can take the normal shopping list that you would use at a grocery store and find everything that you need from the Thrive Market store. If you are serious about meal planning, then buying in bulk may be perfect for you.

They have even created their own line of products that include pantry staples, such as tomato sauce, baking goods, gluten-free thickener, and spices.

All of the whole foods are non-GMO and organic, plus you can find an array of natural cleaning supplies as well, including all-purpose cleaner and stain remover. You can even find pet supplies for your dog or cat.

Some of the most popular categories include:

  • Meat and seafood
  • Wine
  • Supplements
  • Bath and body supplies
  • Canned goods
  • Seasonings

How Is The Quality Of Thrive Market Groceries?

Most consumers tend to agree that the quality of Thrive whole foods is on par or superior to that of a physical store. Since all of the food is organic, most of the items will be much better for you than processed store brands like Walmart and Target brand products.

“I recommend them to any and everyone who will listen.”

- Cheryl Malik, 40 Aprons, Expert Food Blogger

I thought that the dry goods and oils were far superior to my local grocery chain. And even though meat and fish were slightly more expensive, they were still brimming with flavor.

What Are the Thrive Market Prices Like?

variety of products

Surprisingly, most of the items Thrive offers are less expensive than the store brand items found at places like your local Walmart. In our cross reference research, certain items, such as peanut butter and chicken stock, are offered at wholesale prices on Thrive’s website.

However, there are some items, like avocado oil, and coconut milk, that tend to cost a few cents more. Overall, customers generally noted savings of an average of $30 per order compared to when they go grocery shopping at a local store.

Any Special Offers?

There are not any active promo codes for their website, but there are plenty of special offers. They offer a free 30-day trial membership that you can cancel at any time. On your first order, you will get free shipping. For all subsequent orders of $49 or more, shipping will be free as well.

Delivery Options

A Thrive Market membership fee includes free two-day shipping to almost anywhere in the US. They do not offer overnight or expedited shipping, however. Thrive is not currently able to ship internationally, but they may be able to change this in the future.

Thrive strives to get your order out as quickly as possible with over five different fulfillment centers around the US.

How Are Thrive Market Items Packaged?

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Every package that leaves the Thrive warehouse will contain recyclable packaging materials that are made from post-consumer recyclables. They strive to ensure that every package is safe and intact when it arrives at your door.

Pantry items and dry goods are packed with inserts, boxes, and paper to ensure safe delivery. For frozen meat and seafood, Thrive Market also uses biodegradable denim insulation and a dry ice pack to keep the foods frozen.

Downsides Of Thrive Market

One potential downside to the Thrive Market brand is that they don’t seem to offer any steak cuts. They do offer other options that are suitable for a keto diet such as chicken, pork, and ground beef, however. Another online store that delivers to your doorstep is FreshDirect review. Click here to know more.

Another possible downside for some consumers is that some items require you to purchase them in multiples. This may be fine if you have the freezer space available to accommodate bulk purchasing.

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Online Reviews

thrive organicI thought that the Thrive Market membership offered a lot of organic items compared to regular grocery stores. As far as working with a carnivore or ketogenic diet, I found this option to have chicken, pork, and grass-fed ground beef, but no steak cuts.

While checking out many of the reviews on Thrive Market, I found that most customers seemed to give this company a high rating. A popular review website called TrustPilot shows that 71% of customers review Thrive Market with 5 stars.

“Thrive market offers a great service at a great price. They make shopping organically as affordable as possible.”

- Mike, Verified Trustpilot Review [1

I also found that Thrive Markets consumers from SiteJabber rated their market membership with an “excellent” rating of 4.24 stars. [2]

According to Thrive Market’s Facebook page, they have earned 3.5 stars and 1.3 million likes. Most customers tend to give this company high ratings. Several experts have endorsed them as well.


Is Thrive Market owned by Amazon?

No, they are an independent company.

Is Thrive Market cheaper than Amazon?

Sometimes Thrive Market will turn out cheaper than Amazon, depending on the type of product that you want to order. Other times, Amazon will be a more budget-friendly choice.

Does Thrive Market have toilet paper?

Yes, Thrive Market have their own brand of toilet paper.

Is Thrive Market cheaper than Whole Foods?

Yes, Thrive came out cheaper than Whole Foods for most products.

Is Thrive Market really organic?

Yes, they sell only organic and non-GMO foods.

Does Thrive Market have fresh produce?

They do not currently have perishable items such as produce, fruits, and vegetables.

Where is Thrive Market based out of?

Thrive Market are based in California, but have distribution centers throughout the country.

What brands do they sell?

They sell their own brand along with other popular brands including Ancient Apothecary, Better Life, and Gaia Herbs.

Do they sell frozen foods?

Yes, they sell frozen meat and seafood.

Can you order without a membership?

No, you must sign up for the paid membership service in order to place an order.

Do they have any physical stores?

No, they are an online-only platform.

Is Thrive Market Worth It?

Based on our Thrive Market review, it is worth the cost compared to other delivery services. They offer a good alternative to health food stores that can be delivered right to your door. It might be a good option for large families looking to cut back on junk foods and ensure that their next kitchen tour is a healthy one.

They also give free membership to low-income families, which I think is very noble of them.

Thrive Market doesn't offer steak cuts, though, so if you want to add that to your meals, you should check out ButcherBox. Not only do you get to curate your own subscription box with the tastiest steaks, but it will also be shipped to your front door, free of charge.

Let us know if you found this review helpful in the comments below.

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  • Without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Customizable boxes available
  • Select from up to 21 different cuts
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