My team and I have ordered from just about every meat delivery service available. And the sad the truth is we've found more bad options than good.

Crowd Cow claims to be different by offering premium beef, sustainable seafood with some additional high quality options like bison, and Wagyu beef steak. In this Crowd Cow review we'll cover everything you need to know to determine if they're worth subscribing to.

What Is Crowd Cow?

Crowd Cow meat variations

Crowd Cow is a subscription-based delivery services company located in Seattle, Washington. The founders wanted to purchase a cow directly from a ranch without having to store a year’s supply of beef in the freezer.

As the brand name implies, the idea was to crowdfund the purchase of a cow so that multiple people could share in the cost.

Thus, Crowd Cow became a company specializing in sourcing high-quality grass-fed beef in the United States straight from local ranchers and farmers market. They have since expanded and sold a full range of pasture raised meats like chicken, seafood, and pork.

  • Pasture raised meat
  • Humanely raised without added hormones
  • Good selection
  • Customizable meat orders available
  • Not the cheapest option

What Are The Crowd Cow Menu Options?

Crowd Cow sells a large selection of quality meat. You would get to know different options in their site, like ground beef, pork, chicken chops, and seafood. You can even see a wide variety of different cuts that you can cook.

Some choices you can buy are:

  • Grass-fed beef - New York strip, filet mignon, boneless Ribeye, dry-aged steak, sirloin tip steak, skirt steak, beef pork, ground beef, etc.
  • Seafood - black cod, wild Maine lobster, Alaskan halibut, Atlantic sea scallops, Norweigan salmon, etc.
  • Pork
  • American Lab
  • Pasture-raised grain-fed beef - Ribeye, New York strip, tenderloin tips, tomahawk steak, chuck roast, ground beef, dry-aged steak
  • Japanese and Domestic Wagyu Beef
  • Bison - ground bison, ground bison grill box, bison bratwurst
  • Bacon
  • Chicken - whole chicken, chicken breasts, and many more

How Does The Quality Compare?

Crowd Cow meat service

Crowd Cow says that they strictly commit to quality when sourcing the pasture raised meat they sell. Crowd Cow says that they source meat all over the world and even visit every single farm partner.

They work with independent farmers and co-ops, avoiding factory farms dominating almost every local grocery store and even Amazon. The company also says that the farms they support must not use hormones in their meat.

According to Crowd Cow's policy, each cut of meat they source must first go through flavor experts who taste it to ensure consistency.

Crowd Cow Shipping

Like other meat box services, Crowd Cow delivers to all areas of the US in just a short amount of time. This is due to restrictions on the delivery of meat by mail (1).

You would even get free shipping if you buy a meat subscription box worth at least $99. For all other boxes, the shipping costs you will pay depends on the quantity you're ordering and your area. All boxes will be shipped with dry ice.

Subscription Service or Not?

Crowd Cow offers both subscription-based pricing and one-off purchases on their website. Their prices depend on whether you get a subscription for a few months, or choose to buy meat per pound.

Custom Box - this is a great way for you to try cooking your favorite types of meat for you and your family. You can order anything from a list that includes items like salmon, chicken, pork chops, beef ribs, roast, ground beef.

Coupons and Discounts - For every meat subscription box you'd get a 5% discount. Compared to buying individual meat cuts, this is a really good way to save money. Keep an eye on Crowd Cow official website for current sale products.


Steak Lovers - This is a great box for people who really love to make steaks. You can try cooking four different cuts in each package, like flat iron steaks, New York strip steaks, bone-in Ribeye steaks, and filet mignon steaks.

Japanese Wagyu Box - If you want more beef, this might be a much better option. This box comes with a small 12oz or a 14oz Japanese beef. It's a special type of beef that has lineage still tracing back in Japan. It is well known for its great marbling that gives it a tender texture and delicious, buttery taste that you may love. The production of Wagyu is heavily regulated to ensure quality. For highest grade of Wagyu, you can also check out Holy Grail Steaks.

How Are The Items Packaged?

The Crowd Cow site claims that their packaging is 100% recyclable (2)The meat is vacuum-sealed with soup bones wrapped in butcher paper and placed in the package with dry ice. While you are away from home, dry ice ensures it can sit for the day before you store it into your fridge or freezer.

Spread of disease from factory farming is exacerbated when waste products, including manure and the remains of animals who have died, are used to feed livestock being raised for meat.

- Gene Baur, National Geographic

Crowd Cow Pricing

different meat cuts

Even though many reviews will be quick to point out that Crowd Cow can be expensive (and rightly so), I figure that their prices are mostly reflective of the quality of their meat.

Because the ranches and farmers they work with are all smaller and standard-focused, the cost of each cut of meat can be a bit more than you would normally find at the grocery store.

An example is their different beef options, which are all pasture-raised, and seafood, which is responsibly-caught.  So if we consider the types of meat, the way it’s sourced, the taste of each cut, and delivery fees, the fact that it’s a bit more expensive than some other alternatives isn’t unexpected.

More delivery service options:

Crowd Cow Consistency

During my review, I found two main benefits to using Crowd Cow. First, being someone who is focused on the carnivore diet (and likes to review meat dishes), the main benefit for me is the consistent supply of fresh meat to help me stay on track.

Each meat cut has fat content that's close to zero, and a little meat box also goes a long way. They do the guesswork of finding food that comes from sustainable farms, which often tends to be one of the most challenging aspects of the carnivore diet itself.

Ease of Delivery

I also like how it’s easy to order. First, Crowd Cow's online subscription service, which would bring frozen meat delivered to my door, help me save time. I worry less about going to the store every few days to get my favorite meats; I can just order from them every month or two months.

When I tried to order, I only needed to approve the email I got to let me know and confirm each product in my next box. Then my shipment order would be good to go. I also thanked their customer service for being fast.

Our Only Complaint

meat and fries

There is only one drawback, and that’s their pricing. The way they source their product means that it will naturally be more expensive than something you would get from a grocery store. But, I believe the variety you get to choose from and the way they collaborate with each farm balances this cost.

Is Crowd Cow Worth It?

After reviewing Crowd Cow I believe they are worth it. I tried two of the three Crowd Cow meat subscription boxes, and both were consistent in terms of freshness and taste. I instantly began to enjoy their meats and services while having minimal complaints.

I also liked that I can place an order in just two steps, which saves time and adds to the convenience of using the service. The fact that each order comes from farms that meet strict guidelines was also a key deciding factor.

Overall, I truly believe Crowd Cow is a good option if you want high caliber meat delivered consistently to your front door.

Crowd Cow meat delivery service

Crowd Cow

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