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Every company claims to have the best service, but that's seldom the case. The reality of meat delivery is that quality varies, depending on several factors. To help you figure out the truth, we've tested dozens of online beef and steak providers.

Today, in this Kansas City Steaks review, we'll see how the place compares to other popular meat delivery options regarding taste, quality, and customer service.

What Is The Kansas City Steak ​​Company?


The Kansas City Steak Company is a  top nationwide distributor of various types of meat, USDA steaks, and other food products. Founded in 1932 as S&S Meat Company, Kansas City Steak thrived, thanks to the bustling local livestock trade. The company also offers versatile meal boxes for various occasions, redeemable via gift card. Having ordered twice, we've consistently enjoyed their extensive range, including the ever-available USDA Prime steaks. Their selection surpasses typical grocery offerings, presenting a diverse array of cuts, from prime rib roast to rib eyes, ideal for a festive feast or year-round indulgence.

  • Diverse meat and steak offerings
  • USDA certified, ensuring high-quality standards
  • Gift options available, perfect for special occasions
  • Ships steak to all 50 United States
  • Steaks can be slightly dry
  • Premium pricing, stretching the budget

Kansas City Steaks Menu Items

Kansas City Steaks offers a varied selection of top-quality meats. Their menu features USDA Prime beef cuts and budget-friendly steaks too.

Top picks include USDA Prime steak, rib roast, wellington, American-style Kobe steak burgers, plus turkey, whole chicken, and boneless or bone-in chicken breasts. For those preferring pork alternatives, they also serve chicken wellington.

Here are some of the most popular menu options:

  • USDA Prime Steakburgers
  • USDA Prime rib
  • Beef wellington
  • USDA Prime beef tenderloin
  • American-style Kobe burgers
  • Whole chicken
  • Filet Mignon
  • Bone-in chicken breasts and
  • Chicken wellington
  • Full rack and/or leg of lamb
  • Boneless ham
  • North Atlantic lobster tails
  • Crab cakes
  • Wild sockeye salmon
  • Chilean sea bass
  • Bacon-wrapped scallops
  • Ahi Tuna
  • Pacific Halibut

Steak Sourcing & Quality


According to their website, Kansas City Steak Company serves USDA Prime and Choice beef (1). They claim to source all of their meat from farms and ranches around Kansas with strict standards for whom they work for a time.

Unlike many other online meat providers, Kansas City Steaks does not mention the use of hormones or antibiotics given to animals. So, if you are looking at first-rate meat quality from a health perspective, then there may be way better options to purchase.

How Does The Price Compare?

They are comparable in price to Omaha Steaks, which isn't something to brag about if you want to recommend absolutely delicious aged meat that's worth the price. For the level of quality that we received, we think their prices were a bit too much. Yes, you do get a money-back guarantee, and they do an excellent job of honoring it. That's a plus. But, when you spend a lot of money on meat and steaks, it's nice to know you don't need to call or send a mail to the customer service department for an error or refund.

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Do They Offer Any Guarantees?

Yes, the Kansas City Steaks offers a complete satisfaction guarantee for customers. You'll read on the website that if you aren't completely satisfied with your steaks for any reason, you can request a replacement or a refund. The nice thing about this is that you have 45 days to claim your purchased item, which is better than companies with similar new guarantees.



Kansas City Steaks company stands out when it comes to packaging. Every order ships in a styrofoam container lined with dry ice.

Many online meat delivery services only use cardboard packaging with dry ice fillers, which doesn't hold well.

All orders come with an information book full of cooking tips and grilling recipes.

With the Kansas City Steaks packaging, you won't have to plan your entire day around waiting for your steak, filet mignon, or USDA Prime rib roast to arrive, as the styrofoam box will keep it fresh for hours.


Kansas City Steak Company delivers nationwide, even to Alaska and Hawaii, where many online meat providers don't. You can choose shipping from overnight to 3+ days. You'll get an email from customer service when your steaks arrive. If you're not home, no sweat—steaks ship as "driver release," so no signature needed.

So, everything gets dropped at the provided address without you needing to be there. Thank goodness. This can also come in handy if you are sending Kansas City Steaks as gifts.

Unboxing & Defrosting

All of the steaks and other meat are shipped frozen. If you plan on making your meat on the day you receive it, you need to better make sure that you thaw it to room temperature, and then follow the provided cooking instructions. If you are not using the items for a little meal that day, you will need to throw the steak or any piece into the freezer for storage.

Drawbacks of Kansas City Steaks

We felt that their steak was simply an average choice insofar as cooked meat was concerned. The one thing we expect when we order meat from a business like Kansas City Steak Company is for the cuts to be flavorful and tender. We tried the Kansas City strip steak, tenderloin, and prime rib, and we found them to lack flavor and marbling. They were also slightly dry.

We had to add extra beef broth and seasoning to keep them juicy as we cooked. We made the strip steaks for a holiday dinner along with other ingredients like twice-baked potatoes, and others who attended also noticed that the flavor just wasn't up to what we wanted it to be. Maybe we should have used a smoker box?

Kansas City Steaks Reviews

Kansas City Steaks has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau Review but only 2.5 stars on Yelp. (2) The majority of the reviews seem to negatively center around quality. Here are a couple of examples:

KC feedback

Kansas City Steaks vs. ButcherBox

The key distinction between these meat delivery services lies in their sourcing methods. Kansas City Steaks have decent sourcing, but ButcherBox excels, getting their meat from family farms with humane practices.

Transparency is another major difference. ButcherBox is an open book about their meat's origins, catch methods, and diet. Conversely, digging deeper is necessary for Kansas City Steak details, which seem a bit concealed. Shipping varies too—ButcherBox ships for free, whereas Kansas City Steaks charge $19.95 per order.


Who owns Kansas City Steaks?

National Beef owns the Kansas City Steaks. National Beef is a multi-billion dollar beef processing company headquartered in the Kansas City metropolitan area. They own other companies specializing in branded beef and steak boxes and sell to customers around the world.

​Is Kansas City steak grass-fed?

Kansas City Steaks does not use grass-fed beef. Their beef is corn-fed and comes from midwestern cattle herds. The company offers grass-fed lamb choices, but all of its beef is corn-fed.

Is Kansas City Steaks Worth it?

Kansas City Steaks is not worth it that much, they are just average, in our opinion. Their prime rib roast was similar to other services​ we've tried. They also seem to have several mediocre reviews about order quality and customer support.

A better choice from our experience has been ButcherBox.

We love that they offer a wide variety of meat and other prime options, including free-range organic poultry and wild-caught seafood. We've found their meats to be consistent and the taste to be much fresher than KC Steaks.

#1 Meat Delivery Service


butcher box cta
Meat Quality
Menu Options
Overall Score
  • Grass-fed and grass-finished beef delivered directly to your door
  • Without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Customizable boxes available
  • Select from up to 21 different cuts
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of April
  • No organ meat


  1. https://www.usda.gov/media/blog/2013/01/28/whats-your-beef-prime-choice-or-select?page=1
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  1. I’ve been buying Kansas City strip steaks for years and they never disappoint. The quality and taste are top-notch. Highly recommend trying them!

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