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The reality of meat delivery is the quality varies. From Allen Brothers to Omaha Steaks, every company claims to have the best product. To help you figure out the truth we’ve tested a range of companies. Today we review Kansas City Steaks and see if they make the grade.

Kansas City Steak Highlights

The Kansas City Steak company began in 1932 as the S&S Meat Company. They succeeded in part due to the booming livestock exchange and stock yeards in the area during that period, similar to Omaha Steaks. This allowed them to grow into a nationwide distributor of various meats.


You can find greater variety with the KC Steak company than you would at your local grocery store. From prime rib roast to filet mignon to numerous steak cuts such as rib eyes, they've got options for many different tastes.

The company also has meal boxes for many different occasions that you can send as gifts. I've ordered from the company two different times and never had any problems with steaks or anything else out of stock.


They offer a complete satisfaction guarantee (1). According to the website, if you aren't completely satisfied with your steaks for any reason, you can request a replacement or a refund. The nice thing about this is that you have 45 days to make a claim, which is better than providers like Omaha Steaks with similar guarantees. 



Their steak was simply OK. The one thing I expect when I order meat from a business like Kansas City Steaks is for the cuts to be flavorful and tender. I tried the Kansas City strip steak and the prime rib, and both lacked flavor and were slightly dry. I had to add extra beef broth to keep them juicy. I made the steaks for a holiday dinner, and others who attended also noticed that the flavor just wasn't up to what it should be.


They are comparable in price to Omaha Steaks, which isn't something to brag about. For the level of quality that I received, I felt their prices were a bit too high. Yes, they do have a guarantee, and they do an excellent job of honoring it, but when you spend a lot of money on meat, it's nice when you don't need to contact the customer service department for a refund.

Kansas City Steak Company Reviews 

The company has an A+ rating on the better business bureau but only 2.5 stars on yelp. The majority of the negative reviews seem to center around the quality. One example is:

“We received a package with some Filet Mignon as well as several burger patties. The filets were good- not mind-blowing, but good- and cooked easily.“

Yelp Reviewer

5 Things To Consider Before Buying

1. Menu Items

Kansas City Steak company has one of the more diverse meat offerings along with Omaha Steaks. Some of the meats they offer include:

  • The Kansas City Steak company specializes in beef distribution. They boast of providing USDA Prime beef cuts along with less expensive choice.
  • Some of their selections include USDA Prime steak burger, USDA Prime rib roast, beef wellington, USDA Prime beef tenderloin, and American style Kobe steak burgers.
  • Offers whole chicken as well as boneless and bone-in chicken breasts and chicken wellington.
  • You can get both full racks of lamb and leg of lamb from Kansas City steaks.
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • The Kansas City Steaks company has various options for seafood lovers: North Atlantic lobster tails, crab cakes, wild sockeye salmon, Chilean sea bass, bacon-wrapped scallops, Ahi Tuna, Pacific Halibut, and more.
  • You can choose from a selection of bone-in and boneless ham, pork roast, various pork chop types, and bacon.
  • They also offer a wide variety of steaks: ribeye steaks, tenderloin filet mignon tips, USDA Prime filet mignon, porterhouse steak, American Kobe filet Mignon, T-Bone steaks, top sirloin steaks, tomahawk steaks.
  • Seafood
  • Lamb

2. Packaging

Kansas City Steaks company stands out when it comes to packaging. Every order ships in a styrofoam container lined with dry ice.

Many online meat providers only use cardboard with dry ice filler, which doesn't hold as well. All orders come with an information book full of cooking tips and recipes.

With the Kansas City Steaks packaging, you won't have to plan your entire day around waiting for your steaks to arrive, as the styrofoam box will keep it fresh.

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3. Shipping

The Kansas City Steak company, like Omaha Steaks, ships to all 50 United States. For residents of Alaska and Hawaii, this is a benefit as many online meat providers do not ship to these states. Shipping options range from overnight to 3 days or more. One good thing is that the customer service team will send you an email when your products are delivered. 

For people who plan on being away during the day, all orders ship as "driver release," which means no signature is required. So, everything gets dropped at the provided address without you needing to be there. This can also come in handy if you are sending orders as gifts.

4. Sourcing and Quality

According to their website, Kansas City Steaks serves USDA Prime and Choice beef (2). They claim to source all of their meat from farms and ranches around Kansas with strict standards for who they work with. 

Unlike many other online meat providers, they do not mention hormones or antibiotics given to animals. So, if you are looking at meat quality from a perspective of health, then there may be better options. 

5. Storage

All of the steaks and other meat are shipped frozen. If you plan on making your meat on the day you receive it, you will need to thaw it to room temperature, then follow provided cooking instructions. If you are not using the items for a meal that day, you will need to throw the steak into the freezer for storage. 

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Which Is Better Omaha Steaks or Kansas City Steak?

Omaha Steaks or Kansas City?

Based on your research Omaha Steaks better than Kansas City Steaks due to their larger meat selection. Omaha Steaks is a larger company and can ship to more locations giving more people access to meat delivery. Both companies offer similar quality products but Omaha Steaks provides more types of meat, such as broader seafood options.

Final Verdict

Kansas City Steak Company is just okay. Their prime rib roast was similar to other services, such as Omaha Steaks, and the Kansas City strip steak was average. They also seem to have a number of bad reviews about quality and customer support.

A better choice from my experience has been Crowd Cow. They also offer a wide variety of meat, and their prices are, in many cases, more affordable. I've found their meats to be consistent and the taste to be much fresher than KC Steaks or Omaha Steaks.

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Crowd Cow

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  • Humanely raised without antibiotics or added hormones
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