11 Best Meat Delivery Boxes (2024 Review & Buying Guide)

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I went out of meat yesterday. It happened for the 4th time this month. This is why I decided to switch to ordering meat online.

With over a decade of experimenting in cooking and working as a nutrition expert I have explored various meat delivery services extensively to identify the ones that offer value.

Through my research, ordering and testing, I have learned that several brands offer various meat cuts and healthy grass-fed beef from small farms. Moreover, I'm equally intrigued that you can even customize your best meat subscription box!

Here are the 11 best meat delivery boxes that should keep you well fed and always on stock.

The Best Meat Delivery Boxes

Top 11 Meat Delivery Boxes in 2024


1 - ButcherBox (Best Overall & Widest Selection of Subscription Options)

Rated 4.9/5
ButcherBox meat

ButcherBox is a subscription meat delivery service and offers one of the best meat subscription boxes with premium meat options - 100% grass-fed beef, heritage breed pork, and free-range organic chicken delivered monthly right to your door [1].

The chicken from them was juicy and tender as if I just got it from the local market. Choosing a plan from them would be easier if they had fewer options.

They are a bit pricey, but again knowing where your meat comes from doesn't have a price.

However, their goal is to make high-quality meat accessible to as many people as possible, so they offer five different choices.

ButcherBox meat delivery service can curate a box of high-quality cuts for you, or you can create and get your package by choosing from more than 25 high-quality cuts.

  • Variety of box choices
  • Free shipping
  • You can customize your subscription box.
  • Humanely raised animals, no antibiotics
  • Long wait for customer service on chat
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2 - Crowd Cow (Best Budget-Friendly & Pasture-Raised)

Rated 4.7/5
Crowd Cow meats

Crowd Cow offers ground, pasture-raised pork, wagyu, chicken, and wild salmon from sources they know personally with the highest regenerative and ethical standards.

You can order Crowd Cow cuts a la carte and get it one time or select options like steaks or Japanese wagyu and create personalized and completely customizable recurring boxes.

If you select a meat subscription box in Crowd Cow, by default, your order will come monthly, but the frequency and products in each box are entirely up to you. For me this was handy, when I wanted to focus on a different diet, or change seasons.

  • Crowd Cow products don't have unnecessary antibiotics, GMO grains, or any added hormones
  • Every product is taste-tested by experts
  • Once you place an order, the subscription box is typically shipped out the next day
  • No free shipping
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3 - Good Chop (Best Locally Sourced Meat)

Rated 4.6/5
Good Chops

Good Chop is a meat business that sells locally sourced meat. This local butcher offers two subscription boxes to satisfy your own box desires:

  1. Medium box which contains 36 portions, and you can choose up to 6 cuts.
  2. Large box which contains 72 portions, which is a great option for families or individuals who eat a lot of meat.

All meat is sent flash-frozen and packed with a lot of dry ice, so it reaches you still frozen. You can store the cuts in the fridge for up to a year.  After months of being frozen, I used them, and they still retained their juiciness.

Finally, Good Chop delivery offers free shipping on all orders, which is a great way to save money and make a larger order.

  • Locally sourced meat
  • All meat comes from the US
  • Good steak selection
  • Only two subscription boxes
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4 - Snake River Farms (Dry-Aged & Restaurant-Grade)

Rated 4.5/5
Snake River Farms meat delivery

Snake River Farms is the pioneer of American Wagyu beef with a complete line of roasts, briskets, and steaks.

You can receive high-quality beef and pork by selecting three specially curated meat subscription boxes. You can't get these meats from your local grocery store since they are restaurant-quality meat.

Or, you can get the best meat subscription boxes with the products like bacon, chicken, salmon, or wild-caught seafood in the best quantities.

All Snake River Farms subscriptions are shipped on the exact day, the first Tuesday of every month, and you will get them the first Thursday of every month.

With such a precise delivery schedule, organizing my meals around their meat selection became exceptionally easy.

You can learn more by reading our review of Snake River Farms.

  • Boxes available in different sizes
  • All their products are aged to maximize the flavor and texture of their beef
  • Selection of shipping frequency
  • You cannot add products to a subscription order
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5 - Porter Road

Porter Road Meat

Porter Road follows the highest standards for its products. You will understand that when you get their package.

You can subscribe and pick one from 5 different choice boxes that Porter Road offers, with popular favorites and various options.

They feature various pasture-raised selections to choose from, like dry-aged steak, ground pork, sausages, bacon, and more.

Make sure you try a Butcher’s Choice Box when you subscribe to Porter Road – it consists of a high-quality, hand-picked selection of the cuts their butchers love to cook year-round.

  • Delivering nationwide
  • Precision hand-cutting of every meat piece
  • Hormone-free, antibiotic-free, ethical outdoor pasture-raising
  • Limited product customization options
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6 - Carnivore Club (Best Meat Snacks)

Carnivore club meat products

Carnivore Club offers unique boxes with premium cured meats delivered to your door.

They use new artisans every month to create cured meats, so their packages offer different flavor experiences, including kosher products [1].

Whether it’s French Charcuterie, Italian Salumi, or South African Biltong, Carnivore Club delivers high-quality meats to their two boxes: Classic and Snack Box.

Subscribe and try Wisconsin River Meats with delicious elk, moose, buffalo, caribou, and antelope cuts. Get a Classic Box and receive an order of artisan cured meats, different every month. I really appreciated the diversity of flavors.

  • Exotic cured meats wild caught
  • Low-carb boxes for those on diet
  • Every month, something new
  • Different flavors may not be your cup of tea
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7 - Omaha Steaks (Best Gift Boxes)

Omaha mail order Steaks

Omaha Steaks is one of the country's most extensive meat delivery service options.

They have a wide selection of animal protein:  beef, pork, chicken, wild-caught seafood, and even desserts and sides. This really motivated me to try different recipes and experiment with other flavors.

Omaha Steaks is considered a restaurant-quality meat service that offers value option boxes full of beef, pork, and chicken products, and great everyday low prices.

You can also pick up the butcher box and send it as a gift, or you can create your gift combo based on your preferences. You can shop by cut or product at Omaha Steaks and get the best products all in your butcher box.

  • Variety of premium meats choices
  • Many box options on sale
  • Constant promos
  • Not all beef is grass-fed
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8 - Rastelli’s

Rastelli's meat delivery boxes

Rastelli’s is a family business with the highest-quality, hand-selected beef, pork, seafood, chicken, and turkey and a carefully selected network of sourcing partners.

You can filter per protein and simply add products from their a la carte menu and build your custom box. As an avid steak lover, I must point out that their steaks were juicy, bursting with flavors, and very easy to cook.

You can filter per protein and simply add products from their a la carte menu and build your custom box.

Or you can also subscribe and choose among their curated packages with different products like beef free-range, bacon, seafood, salmon, and chicken, which you can get once per month.

If you like to shop big, then sample the whole butcher shop - select their giant mixed box with the best variety of products, like steak, craft burgers, chicken breasts, pork chops, ribeyes, and more.

  • Variety of cuts
  • Antibiotic, steroid, and hormone-free
  • Good referral program
  • You cannot pre-schedule delivery dates

9 - Moink Box

Moink meat subscription box

Moink Box offers meat subscription boxes from family farms.

You can order grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb, pastured heritage breed pork and chicken, or wild-caught Alaskan salmon in various small or medium-sized boxes.

From my experience, you can easily subscribe and select among several combinations of curated boxes as a part of their meat delivery subscription service with free shipping.

Also, you can choose how often you would like their best products to be shipped to you. The last option is to create a custom box with beef, lamb, chicken and salmon, bacon, and seafood, and select among a wide variety of cuts.

You can learn more about Moink Box in this post.

  • Ethically sourced meat
  • Free shipping costs for all orders
  • Flexible subscriptions
  • No single box ordering

10 - Goldbelly Bacon

Goldbelly Meat

Goldbelly offers various products, from grade-A Japanese wagyu beef steak to burgers, pastrami, and smoked meats, delivered to your door.

If you love bacon as I do, then you will fall in love with their choice. They have all kinds of bacon - peppered, spiced, double-smoked, and chocolate-dipped.

You'll love their rich, smoky, and savory bacon products. In our experience, it's fantastic for grilling, using in salads, and omelets.

We even tried it as a topping for pizzas and baked potatoes, and it paired exceptionally well, thanks to its robust flavor.

Each box Goldbelly sends to subscribers will serve at least six people.

Each box Goldbelly sends to subscribers will serve at least six people and includes approximately 2-5 lbs. of bacon.

  • Variety of choices
  • Rare bacon flavors
  • Easy to use website
  • Monthly delivers cannot be modified

11 - Perini Ranch

Perini Ranch

Perini Ranch brings the legendary tastes and hospitality of this quintessential Texas restaurant to food lovers.

This brand will bring the famous flavors of Texan cuisine, plus you might really appreciate their wide meat offering.

Their prime rib won't disappoint, and great customer service will only make your shopping experience faster and more enjoyable.

They are known as home to the best chuck wagon-style food in the US.  If you are interested in bringing Texas tastes to your table, you should try Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin.

You can learn more about what they have to offer by reading our Perini Ranch review.

  • Unique tastes of Texan cuisine
  • Great customer service
  • High-quality meat
  • Limited number of online meat options

What to Consider When Selecting the Best Meat Subscription Boxes

different kinds of raw meat

If you want to receive the top meat subscription boxes that perfectly match your needs, you should know these four things when selecting your next box.

Frequency of Ordering

It is essential to choose an online butcher service that can ship your order exactly when you want it.

Depending on how much you use animal proteins in your meal plan, subscription box services will send you your order once per month.

Still, maybe you will not need it that often. Some of the best meat delivery providers can schedule shipping once in two or even three months.

We propose to check your first order and see how it will go and then adjust your future orders to your needs. Also, consider whether the meat delivery services offer free shipping.

Quality of the Products

We use online services to order the top meat subscription boxes because it is more convenient but also because we can select the source. Most companies source their products from farms directly.

They know their partners, and they choose them individually to be sure that their customers will receive quality products.

When you search for the correct delivery box, pay attention to what is written on their website, especially if you are looking for 100% grass-fed meat delivery, free-range organic chicken, wild-caught salmon, or pasture-raised pork.

On the company’s website, you will also find information if the animals were fed with hormones or antibiotics, giving you the possibility to choose the quality of the meat you want.

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If you want to be sure that your order will come as it should, pay attention to what package it will be shipped. Many meat delivery services are trying to invest a lot in providing good packages to transport their goods [r].

They use special techniques like dry ice and materials for wrapping their products to deliver them fresh and tasty.

Good meat subscription box packaging is essential, mainly because of products' sensitivity since they can quickly lose quality if it is not appropriately packed.

Select the company that combines quality packaging, eco friendly and reusable boxes - the least you want is to receive a smelly or destroyed product.

“One must cook a piece of meat a thousand times before one begins to truly understand it.”

- Andre Soltner, Chef  

Purpose of Use

Do you want big meat subscription boxes for the whole family or a package with your favorite flavors? By selecting a delivery box, you can choose from various meat options and get the products you need.

Companies understand that a variety of choices is essential to fill every purpose. If you like only beef, for example, there will be a box for you.

But if you wish to prepare for a party next month, some companies will allow you to exchange your regular package for that month or add new products.

We found exciting gift options that we know you’d also like to get.

Also, a la carte boxes can be a perfect choice because one can select among different flavors and cuts.


Are Meat Subscription Boxes a Good Deal?

The best meat subscription boxes are a good deal, especially if you do a subscription, as you can get discounts and additional added products for free.

Can I Skip Months with The Subscription Service?

You can skip months with some meat subscription box services. Some others won’t accept that.

Where Do Online Services Get Their Meat?

Online services source their meat mostly from farms of independent producers that they have personally selected to ensure their products’ quality.

Choose the Best Meat Delivery Box

After trying all 11 delivery services and their best meat subscription boxes mentioned above, it became clear that ButcherBox stood out as a strong contender for the top spot.

They offer quality products and they come in perfect size and variety. quality products and they come in perfect size and variety.

They also offer free shipping. Their products were delivered right, and their packaging has never let me down.

We have received tasty meat at the exact temperature it should be. When we got tired of their selection, we also had the freedom to create and get our own.

ButcherBox (Best Overall & Widest Selection of Subscription Options)

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Variety of box choices
  • Free shipping
  • You can customize your subscription box.
  • Humanely raised animals, no antibiotics
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May


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  2. https://uspackagingandwrapping.com/blog/a-beginner-s-guide-to-meat-packaging.html
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