Accessibility Standards


W3 Content Accessibility Guidelines

Our web development team at Carnivore Style has taken an accessibility approach to our website design that includes all the recommendations laid out in the W3 Accessibility Standards. This set of guidelines ensures that websites become more inclusive and don’t discriminate against people with different disabilities.

This has always been the right thing to do, and we constantly strive to make improvements to the technologies we implement. That means extensive testing using both manual and automated processes on every new webpage we add.

The Role Of Our Readers

Even though we go through extensive testing to ensure all of our pages are compliant with guidelines, we also rely on feedback from our readers. It’s the real-world experiences of people with disabilities that ensure that we have all angles covered.

That’s why we ask anyone with feedback about accessibility issues to reach out to us through our contact page. We welcome all the recommendations we get and aim to implement changes to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Accessibility As A Core Content Foundation

We have built our website from the foundation up with accessibility in mind. That includes using all the latest tools available to make content more flexible to the needs of people with disabilities.

The technologies we include help make a more positive user experience for everyone: 

  • Clear use of HTML headings to break content into smaller pieces
  • Captions on all images to provide more context
  • Closed captions on videos to help those with hearing impairments
  • Making text zoom features work seamlessly
  • Great menu functionality to make navigating the website easier

Striving For Continued Improvements

We also firmly believe that when it comes to accessibility features, there’s always room for improvements. That’s why we constantly review international guidelines and work with disability advocates to constantly make our site easier to access.

It’s especially in the mobile technology world that changes are happening at a rapid pace, and that means we have a duty to readers to implement those new changes as quickly as possible.