Recently, our team was throwing a party in the office and we wanted to impress some new guests with a surf and turf style meal. We wanted something high-quality compared to the local grocery store.

After trying dozens of meat delivery companies, we found out that Allen Brothers has both seafood and meat. We decided to write a thorough review to help you decide if it might work for you.

What Is Allen Brothers?

Allen Brothers steak

Allen Brothers is an online meat delivery service that was founded in 1893 in the Union Stockyard neighborhood in Chicago. They offer humanely raised and hormone-free American beef.

They focus on USDA prime beef, which is the top 2-3% hand-selected cuts. Their beef is sourced from the mid and middle-northern states, which are known as the best areas of beef production.

They also offer heritage breed pork, lamb, and veal. Allen Brothers also provides a large selection of seafood that is sourced from the regions to which it is native.

  • Vast selection of seafood
  • USDA prime beef cuts
  • Large variety of boxes
  • Offers sale items daily
  • Only offer 2-day shipping

What Is On The Menu?

Allen Brothers offers an extensive menu including beef, pork, veal, lamb, and seafood. They focus primarily on USDA prime beef, so they don’t offer many USDA choice grade beef options as a cheaper alternative. They offer bison and elk on their game menu.

The Allen Brothers seafood menu includes Alaskan King Crab legs, scallops, shrimp, lobster, and octopus. They offer poultry meat cuts that are raised locally and fed a diet of natural grains. Allen Brothers also provides some pantry items like caviar, truffle butter, and foie gras.



  • Alaskan King Crab legs
  • USDA prime beef
  • Wagyu
  • Desserts
  • Dry and wet-aged steaks
  • Black Tiger shrimp

How Is The Quality Of Allen Brothers Meat?

fancy steak

The quality of Allen Brothers meat selections is above average compared to grocery store meat options and others we’ve tried.

They focus on USDA prime beef rather than choice, which is the highest grade and more expensive.

Allen Brothers sources their cows from the middle-northern states where the land and climate are ideal for growing green and natural pastures.

They allow each prime steak to go through either a wet or dry aging process, which makes the meat more tender and juicy.

They source their pork from heritage breeds only. Allen Brothers never uses a machine to cut their meats, since they prefer a hand-cut method.

What Are The Prices Like?

Allen Brothers is more expensive than typical grocery store prices. It falls on the more premium side as far as selections and pricing. It may not be the most budget-friendly solution to buying all of your meat, but it is higher quality than a grocery store steak based on our experience.

Customer Service

high-quality beef

Shipping & Delivery Times

Allen Brothers offers their Prime Delivery Service through UPS, which means that your order will arrive in about 2 days from Wednesday to Friday.

They also offer an overnight delivery option that costs an extra $25, and your package will be delivered in 1 business day. When you checkout, you will be asked to choose a delivery date.

Once your order has been shipped, Allen Brothers will send you a tracking number which you can follow on the UPS website.


As for their payment option, Allen Brothers accepts all major credit cards on their website. You can also pay with an Allen Brothers gift card.

Guarantee & Refunds

Allen Brothers guarantees that all of the USDA prime steaks are of the highest quality. They ensure that you get exactly what you pay for when placing an order. They do not accept returns, but they encourage you to call if you experience a problem so that they may work out a resolution.

How Does Your Shipment Arrive?

Your shipment will arrive in a gift box with a PET liner for insulation. The individual meats will be vacuum-sealed and flash frozen. They place the gift box into a corrugated container with dry ice to ensure that it stays frozen.

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How Do You Cook An Allen Brothers Steak?

Allen Brothers meat

Allen Brothers suggests cooking all of their steaks on a grill versus a pan.

Grilling Instructions

  • Let it thaw completely before grilling.
  • Sear over high heat on each side of the steak.
  • Close the lid of the grill and let it sear until it reaches the desired doneness.
  • Let it rest for 5 minutes before enjoying.

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Are There Any Complaints?

One potential complaint might be that for some steak cuts you cannot buy only one. You usually have to buy two or more. Another potential downside could be that it won’t fit everyone’s budget since it is on the expensive side.

Allen Brothers Reviews

After a thorough review, we think that Allen Brothers might be a good choice for people who are looking to purchase high-quality meat and seafood.

It could be ideal for customers that want to add some protein variety to their diets since the selection is so vast. According to Google reviewers, Allen Brothers received an “excellent” rating of 4.4 stars [1].

Is Allen Brothers Meat Worth Buying?

While Allen Brothers may be worth it for people that want surf and turf options, we still prefer ButcherBox when it comes to flexible subscription services.

We love how ButcherBox constantly provides us with premium meat options delivered right to our doorsteps, free of charge. The freshness of the meats and the consistent flavor impresses us every single time.



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