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A woman eating meat on a table
By Timothy Woods 2 weeks ago
Is Eating Meat Bad for the Environment? (2 Ways to Prevent)
It's quite possible that you enjoy eating meat, but, like many, you aren't sure of the environmental impact of the meat industry. I had similar concerns when I transitioned to an all-meat diet five years ago, and in the meantime, I made significant efforts to get to the bottom of it. I’ve read tons of published papers and spoken to a friend who is a conservation specialist to gain different... Read more >
A line up image of best grill brush
By Timothy Woods 1 month ago
6 Best Grill Brushes (2023) Top Picks for Effortless Cleaning
As a ten-year carnivore, I've been in the grilling world long enough to know that grill maintenance and cleaning will affect the performance and durability of the appliance. This is why investing in a good grill brush is crucial for adequately cleaning your grill so it can last the longest. Over the years, I've tried different grill brushes from top brands, and here are the top 6 that are of... Read more >
A line up image of best flat top grills
By Timothy Woods 3 months ago
7 Best Flat Top Grills (2023) Find the Perfect Combo for You
As a 6-year carnivore diet follower who's always grilling and searing meat, I love using flat-top grills because of their convenience and versatility when preparing my carnivore meals. I've tested some of the best outdoor flat-top grills out there and rounded up these seven according to performance and versatility. Read to the end to find the best grill and griddle combo you should buy. Read more >
A line up image of best George Foreman grills
By Timothy Woods 3 months ago
5 Best George Foreman Grills (2023) Tried & Tested!
As a well-known grill brand, George Foreman offers some of the best electric grills out there, and if you're new to grilling, it can be challenging to pick the right match for your cooking style. As a six-year carnivore dieter, I enjoy the versatility and convenience of using George Foreman electric grills for grilling, roasting, and searing different types of meat. To help you make a better... Read more >
A line up image of best 4-burner gas grills
By Timothy Woods 3 months ago
8 Best 4-Burner Gas Grills (2023) Which One to Choose?
My carnivore and grilling journeys go hand in hand. I started with small indoor grills and made my way through 2-burner grills, but 4-burner grills quickly became my favorites. I use a 4-burner grill as an all-in-one device for all my grilling needs, including smoking. I’ve tried different kinds of 4-burner grills during the last decade, including Weber, Char-Broil, Napoleon, and others. I... Read more >
An image of Jordan Peterson and carnivore meats
By Timothy Woods 3 months ago
Jordan Peterson Carnivore Diet (5 Amazing Health Benefits)
Jordan Peterson, an influential Canadian psychologist, swears by his meat-only diet that includes no vegetables, fresh fruit, grain, or dairy. I recently came across the surprising benefits and transformation he and his daughter Mikhaila experienced months into the carnivore diet. And as a fan of the carnivore diet, I was compelled to look deeper into what Jordan Peterson's diet is all... Read more >
A top view image of different kinds of meat for carnivore diet
By Timothy Woods 4 months ago
Carnivore Diet Studies (3 Prominent Sources & Key Benefits)
During the past year, the internet has constantly been buzzing with reports on the link between eating red meat and colon cancer or other health problems. As a dedicated carnivore, I have to admit those reports scared me, so I decided to dig deeper and see if there was room for concern. I spent countless weeks pouring over research done on a carnivore diet. Here’s what I found out. Read more >
A close up image of pork meat on top of a paper packaging
By Timothy Woods 4 months ago
Is Pork Bad for Gout? (7 Important Minerals & Best Cuts)
As someone who’s had some toe joint problems in the past, I wanted to see whether my carnivore lifestyle has the potential to exacerbate the condition. I have researched this topic thoroughly and consulted my physician to get the whole perspective on gout and its connection to pork. Here’s what I discovered. Read more >
A close up image of processed meat
By Timothy Woods 4 months ago
What Is Processed Meat? (Everything You Need to Know)
As a meat lover, I have certainly eaten my fair share of processed meats in my lifetime. Items like hot dogs, ham, bacon, and even corned beef have always been staples in my diet. But this leads to the question of what exactly makes for processed meat. I have done the research and had a lengthy conversation with my dietician so that I can provide the essential information about these... Read more >
A close up image of raw red meat on a black slate
By Timothy Woods 4 months ago
Craving Red Meat (6 Reasons & Best Ways to Deal With)
I’ve been on a carnivore diet for a decade, so you’d think all my meat needs are taken care of. However, I’m no stranger to meat cravings, and I experience them from time to time. I talked with a health expert and spent hours going over the available data to learn why meat craving happens. Here’s everything you should know about craving meat and how to deal with red meat cravings. Read more >
A close up image of a woman biting meat on a fork
By Timothy Woods 4 months ago
Carnivore Diet for Women (7 Benefits of Meat for the Ladies)
A few years after I had started the carnivore diet, my wife decided to join me and transition to an all-meat regimen to keep me company. Before she did that, we talked to our nutritionist and spent weeks scouring studies and research papers to see how the zero-carbs diet affects women, especially when it comes to hormonal balance. Here’s what we found. Read more >
A person who is about to eat a large amount of steaks that can cause meat sweats
By Timothy Woods 4 months ago
What Are Meat Sweats? (4 Causes & How to Prevent Them)
I’ve been on a carnivore diet for over a decade, which means I only eat meat and animal products. I’m no stranger to meat sweats, and it took me a couple of months when I first started my carnivore journey to learn how to deal with them. I’d also sat down with my family doctor to get the medical perspective on this matter and see whether meat sweats were a cause for concern. Today, I’ll... Read more >
An image of raw veal meat with rosemary on top
By Timothy Woods 5 months ago
Veal vs Beef (5 Key Differences & Nutritional Comparison)
As a carnivore diet follower, I've been solely eating beef and white meat as my only protein source. I recently stumbled upon a carnivore article stating that veal is nutritionally better than beef. Out of curiosity, I decided to look into what veal meat is and how it compares to beef. Let’s see what I’ve discovered. Read more >
An image of gammon meat on a plate
By Timothy Woods 5 months ago
What Is Gammon Meat? (2 Best Cooking Methods & More)
As a meat enthusiast, I love to snaffle a bit of cured meats from time to time, especially gammon or ham. I like gammon meat because it's versatile, and I can use it for different gammon recipes like salad rolls or sandwiches. Today we look at gammon meat and how to cook it best. Further down, I'll also share some tips for buying the best quality gammon meat. Read on. Read more >
An image of ground beef with pepper grinder and eggs
By Timothy Woods 5 months ago
How to Tell if Ground Beef Is Bad? (4 Critical Indicators)
I’ve been on a carnivore diet for over five years, and ground beef is a staple of my diet. I eat a dish containing ground beef at least once a week, and because of that, I had to learn how to recognize what meat is good for consumption based on certain criteria. Today, I’ll explain all the ways in which you can tell ground beef has gone bad. Read more >
A close up image of raw beef meat
By Timothy Woods 5 months ago
What Is Halal Meat? (The Rules & Controversies)
Dietary restrictions are common among religious people, and the term "halal" refers to what Muslims can eat according to Islamic law. The word "halal" comes from the Arabic word meaning "lawful" or "permissible." In reference to food, it means "permissible for human consumption." The opposite side of halal is "haram", meaning forbidden under Islamic law. Because I believe the carnivore... Read more >