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Cooked short rib on a plate
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
What Is a Short Rib? (6 Ways to Cook It)
There are many popular cuts of beef, and each has its own specific flavor and texture. Every family has a unique recipe, often handed down from generation to generation, to cook some beef cut to perfection. The short rib is one of those popular cuts of beef that tends to be a family favorite, whether it’s for a Sunday lunch or having a BBQ with friends. But what exactly is a short rib? Short... Read more >
Steak being cooked
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
What Is the Best Type of Fuel for Smokers? (Explained)
Having used and experimented with every fuel available over the last 12 years of smoking meats, the best fuel for a smoker comes down to what flavor you want and how much effort you are prepared to put in when tending to your smoker. Read more >
Close up of smoked salmon with honey
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Smoking Salmon in a Stovetop Smoker (6 Easy Steps Recipe)
Salmon is considered a delicacy in many countries, and its rich, decadent flavor warrants that description. Serving delicious smoked salmon to your guests may sound ambitious, but it's easier than you think. With a little time and effort, your friends may soon be calling you the new Masterchef. Haul out that stovetop smoker, and we will walk you through smoking some salmon. Read more >
Meat being seared
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Searing Your Meat (7 Easy Steps & Expert Tips)
Whether competent in the kitchen, or experimenting with basic cooking, you may wonder what all the fuss about searing is? Is it necessary in the cooking process, and how do you sear meat to perfection? Our expert panel of chefs agree it is an essential part of cooking meat, the good news-  once you follow the guidelines, you can master this technique. Read more >
Smoked fish on a table
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
How to Smoke Fish? (Detailed Guide)
Smoking fish can be a challenging task as a lot is involved in the process, but it is highly rewarding as you get the most delicious fish from smoking it. So, with how difficult this task can be, our food smoking experts have broken down the process in a way that is extremely easy to understand and follow. Let’s see how to smoke fish like the professionals! Read more >
Variety of cheese on a table
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
How Do You Smoke Cheese? (Avoid Melting It)
If you have a smoker or a barbeque grill with a lid, you can smoke cheese to add different flavors to enhance your cheese flavors. Smoking cheese is one of our favorite uses for a smoker, and we will show you how to do it for yourself with some expert tips and advice! Read more >
Cooking fish on a stovetop
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Making Your Own Stovetop Smoker (Pros & Cons)
Barring vegetarians, of course, who doesn't love the delicious taste of smoked meats? But when foul weather hits and that backyard grill isn't going to happen, we either have to cancel our plans or improvise. Indoor smokers can be costly to buy, so if you're penny-wise and looking for a hack, you can make a stovetop smoker from items that you are likely to have in your home already. Read more >
A grill burner smoker smoking
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Stick Burner Smokers (What Makes Them Unique?)
Everyone in the barbecue community knows that a barbecue is an almost sacred ritual: bringing natural elements under your control and keeping meat at just the correct temperatures for just the right length of time to prepare food that satisfies your soul. If you know this truth in your bones, then maybe you are ready to explore using a horizontal offset smoker. Stick burners is a top notch... Read more >
Ribeye and T-bone side by side
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
T-Bone vs Ribeye Steak (4 Key Differences)
Beef has been a staple in every meal for almost everyone worldwide, and ribeye and T-bones are popular cuts for steak lovers as they are juicy and have a rich flavor. So, what is the difference between these two cuts of beef? Our experts have put together all the significant differences between these steaks, so let's go through them! Read more >
Hanger Steak and Skirt Steak side by side
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Skirt Steak vs Hanger Steak (Know the Difference)
Steaks are always a tremendous primary protein source for any meal; hanger and skirt steak are no exception. But these two beef steaks usually get confused as they come from the same part of the cow. Our experts have put together this easy-to-read article to show you the difference between skirt steak and hanger steak. Read more >
Unlit charcoal
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
5 Ways to Light Your Charcoal Without a Chimney Starter
If you are unfamiliar with lighting charcoal without lighter fluid or a charcoal chimney starter, it can be a frustrating undertaking and bring your manly qualities into question by any onlookers! We have some alternative methods you can learn to save the day and your reputation. Read more >
Three different kinds of wood fuel for smokers
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
9 Best Woods for Smoking Turkey (Strength & Characteristics)
Smoking Turkey not only keeps it nice and juicy, but it also imparts some really delicious flavors into the meat. There are different types of wood that you can use to smoke a turkey, and each offers a unique smoke flavor. If you are looking for the perfect wood to smoke your turkey, we have selected the most ideal classic smoking wood this article is for you. This article will discuss the... Read more >
Sausage, bread and steak with Cratejoy and Butcherbox logo
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Cratejoy vs ButcherBox (2023) Key Differences & Features
Meat delivery services have been booming in recent years. But, with so many subscription box services available, it isn’t easy to know which one to choose. Over the past several years, I’ve tried and tested countless meat delivery services. Today, I’ll talk about my experience using Cratejoy and ButcherBox. I’ll explain their key differences and features so you can choose the right one. Read more >
Bacon and steak side by side
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Goldbelly vs ButcherBox (2023) Which One Wins the Battle?
Goldbelly and ButcherBox are two meat delivery services that offer customers a range of meat types, cuts, and monthly subscription boxes. While ButcherBox deals exclusively with pasture-raised, high-quality meat, Goldbelly sells everything from spare ribs to chocolate cake. We decided to test both of these companies to figure out which has the best meat delivery and whether it is better to... Read more >
Cooks Venture and ButcherBox
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Cooks Venture vs ButcherBox (2023) Choose The Best Service
I first tried meat delivery services when I ran out of meat preparing for a family party, and my local grocery store didn't have anything I was interested in. During my time on a carnivore diet (15+ years), I've tried and tested all meat delivery options available on the market, including Cooks Venture and ButcherBox. Today I'll talk about my experience using these two meat delivery... Read more >
Two boxes of different food delivery brands
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Olympia Provisions vs ButcherBox (2023) Rated & Reviewed
Olympia Provisions and ButcherBox are two meat delivery companies that produce antibiotic-free and high-quality meats. That being said, there are many differences between the two, especially when it comes to menu and price. We have tested both delivery companies and their subscription boxes to determine which one comes out on top. Below you will find their features and pricing guides. Read more >