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About Us | Carnivore Style

Hey meat-eaters, welcome to Carnivore Style - grilling since May 2019. 

At Carnivore Style, you'll find meat delivery probes, smoker reviews, cooking tips, and expert interviews from our team of meat connoisseurs.

What's Our Story?

We're from Jacksonville, Florida, and we daresay if you want to experience steaks done right, Jacksonville is where you want to be. The city's food scene inspired us to bring this site to life and share our meaty ideas on steaks, grills, and everything in between. 

It started with a tailgating party we hosted a couple of years back. We heard people talking about where to buy portable smokers, how to come up with mouthwatering ribeye steak recipes, what kind of briquettes to use, where to get quality meats—light bulb moment.

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Your #1 Resource On All Things Meat-Related

While there are quite a few resources and books available, putting everything together is a struggle.

After several brainstorming sessions over barbecue and beer, here we are! We're not like other meat experts out there. Our reviews are completely unbiased, honest, and research-based. We subscribe to different meat delivery services, we use the same grill or smoker we review, and yes, we devour every New York strip and Wagyu beef we order. 

To all our fellow carnivores, eat up! If you ever need information on the best cuts of meat or tell-all reviews on meat delivery services, you'll find it here. For more info, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Timothy Woods

Timothy Woods

CCC & GMU Certified


Timothy is the main man behind Carnivore Style. Growing up with three older sisters, he remembers spending most of his time in the kitchen alongside his mom, talking about what the next meal will be. He believes that a good steak is a great conversation starter.  

Timothy started Carnivore Style to pay it forward, using his Texas charm and sharing his journey along the way - from learning about the all-meat diet to looking for the best places to buy meat and finding the best steak cuts - you'll read his insights here. 

Carnivore Style may be new, but the interesting facts, helpful expert reviews, and inspiring success stories from fellow meat lovers will guide you to live a healthy life without the guilt.


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Meet the Editorial Team 


Arianna Foster

NASM-CNC Certified

Nutritionist/Editorial Director

Arianna is both a nutrition expert and a genius at keeping the team on track.

As the editorial director and senior reviewer at Carnivore Style, her goal is to prove the hidden benefits of an all-meat diet and demonstrate the best ways to cook different cuts of steaks.

Aside from her love for modern comfort cooking, Arianna enjoys hiking, reading, and listening to podcasts. 


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Devon Ferguson 

GMU Certified

Senior Editor

Devon is more than just Carnivore Style's senior editor. He helps test grills and smoker accessories; and, of course, taste the delectable meat boxes we regularly order.

Traveling is another way of life that he's also been obsessed with.

His eventful travels have brought him to several cities and states where the finest meats are sourced, and he is more than thrilled to share his honest reviews with us.


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Gabriel Woods

ACM-CFC Certified

Chef/Food Editor

Gabriel is a professional chef focused on achieving full health potential through an all-meat lifestyle. After finishing culinary school, he worked in Italy for a high-end catering company specializing in gourmet cooking.

As the pack's designated BBQ guy, Gabriel is crazy about getting the best yet economical grills and smokers for our weekly backyard burgers or regular cookouts. 

He plans to settle in Normandy and open his own gourmet restaurant. 



Iva Carter

FBP Certified

Associate Editor

As a foodie and blogger, Iva loves to share delicious yet quick dinner recipes. When she's not in the kitchen concocting meaty delights, you'll find her playing with her dog, Sylvie. 

Iva works full-time as a preschool teacher, but if you’re curious about anything meat-related, she’s more than willing to help you out. She uses her writing skills to provide cooking tips, steak recipes, and grill cleaning guides, too!


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Jayden Lawson

CPW Certified


Jayden is a lifestyle writer,  father of two, and a self-taught culinary artist with a passion for Southern cooking. He wants to give back and share his ideas, suggestions, and recommendations on anything delicious, meaty, and thriving.

As a writer at heart, he helps Timothy gather information and produce valuable content in the form of guides, meat delivery reviews, expert interviews, success stories, and tips about all things meat-related.


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Meet Our Marketing Team

Kami Tucker

Janice Turner

Head of Marketing

Janice has been in the marketing and public relations industry for 15 years. While working at a top PR firm, she usually spends meetings at steakhouses, and that's when her love for farm-to-table dining started.

She focuses on helping people find new and exciting places to buy meat, including family farms, butcher shops, and local grocery stores. 

Did we mention she also makes the meanest oven-baked short ribs?


Tina Church

Maria Mosby

Communications Manager

Maria grew up in a family of meat-loving people who always look forward to the yearly backyard 4th of July BBQ parties. She went vegan for a while, and it broke their hearts. Maria talks about how she felt like the prodigal daughter after returning to eating meat with her family again.

You'll find her answering questions on grills, recipes, and expert reviews on the posts. She enjoys working behind the scenes, but she's also the life of our BBQ parties.  


Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards

Social Media Manager

Paul lives and breathes social media. When he’s not eating his fair share of animal products, you’ll find him making IG stories, liking Facebook posts, or checking out Twitter threads, mostly about the meat delivery services he's tried. 

Paul’s friends tell him that it isn’t healthy to breathe social media because it can be pretty toxic, but he says he’s been well enough so far. He shares that there must be something about prime-aged meats that make him healthy.


Katrina Ramirez

Ana Katrina Cruz

Public Relations

Katrina enjoys meeting with friends or just about anyone she encounters just as much as she enjoys steak and BBQ. Interacting with others, whether through social media or in-person gatherings, is one of her favorite pastimes!

She has an affinity for all things spicy - from food to movies to conversations! Katrina is originally from beautiful Colombia but now she calls the US her home. She enjoys all forms of art and enjoys keeping up with current events through books or TV shows.


Our Contributors

Emily Baker

Emily Baker


Emily Baker is a full-time freelance writer, specializing in everything from content and copywriting to social media marketing and editing. She’s also a proud and published author.

When she’s not found behind a computer, she’s most likely in the kitchen, dreaming about her hot date with the backyard barbecue.

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Marina Maletić

Marina Maletić


Marina is an experienced content specialist and meat-based diet enthusiast. She covers wide-ranging topics from the best charcoal grill to how to smoke a pork butt.

She is always ready to do thorough research to bring her readers the most accurate information, and she loves sharing her enthusiasm for meat with like-minded people.

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