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About Us | Carnivore Style

Hey meat eaters, welcome to Carnivore Style. Your home for all things the carnivore diet online.

Our goal is to help readers live their best life by eating nothing but meat and sharing our love for the carnivore lifestyle. If it’s interesting, beneficial, or inspiring, you’ll find it here. You deserve to feel healthy and look good, and we will get you there.

Let this site be your guide to optimizing your diet and achieving your health goals. Here you’ll find everything related to the carnivore lifestyle and everything you might need, interesting facts, inspiring success stories, helpful interviews with experts from around the health world, tips to help you melt the pounds off, and real life experiences from other dieters who are already where you want to be.

Forget everything you’ve read around the web about nutrition and weight loss. Carnivore works and we can prove it.

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Who We Are

We grew up eating our favorite foods and hearing from everyone that they weren’t good for us. We were SUPPOSED to be eating fruits, vegetables, and fancy fad foods that we could barely pronounce. So after trying diet after diet and seeing no results, we heard that there was a way to get lean, fit, and healthy by eating the foods we loved, so naturally we jumped on it.

That’s why it’s so surprising to still see so much negative publicity and disinformation around the web regarding carnivore. Do a quick Google search and you’d think the carnivore lifestyle was a death sentence.

All of the misinformed people and flat out lies inspired us to create a center of information and community that fellow carnivores could rally around. This diet has worked for everyone from average Joes to world class athletes, and we want to tell the world about it.

That being said, there is a right way and wrong way to do it. Do it right, and you’ll see incredible results and feel your best. Do it wrong, and you might run into some issues.

This site might be new but this diet is 3 million years in the making. We were meant to eat meat!

To all our fellow carnivores, eat up! If you ever need inspiration, information, or anything else to help you on your journey to your best life, you’ll find it here. For more info don't hesitate to contact us.

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Timothy Woods

Timothy Woods


Timothy used to be terribly unhealthy, both physically and mentally. He suffered severe bouts of depression because he wasn’t happy with himself. After years of trying out every worldly diet available (yes, he even turned vegan at some point!), Timothy found the real deal - the carnivore diet. 

As a meat lover himself, it was easy for him to love the concept of a carnivorous lifestyle. Eating something you like while feeling good about yourself is not something you see every day. It’s been 10 good years ever since. 

Timothy started Carnivore Style to pay it forward, sharing his own journey along the way. Carnivore Style may be new, but the interesting facts, helpful expert reviews, and inspiring success stories from meat enthusiasts will guide you to live a healthy life without the guilt.



Talk to Our Coaches


Ariana Foster

Senior Coach

Ariana is a lifestyle coach and nutrition expert. She has been strictly following the carnivore regime since 2005.

As a former athlete, she is incredibly amazed at how effortless it is to achieve an ideal body composition through the all-meat diet. She has witnessed how her strength, skin quality, and digestion have improved over the years. 

As the senior coach at Carnivore Style, her goal is to prove that switching to a carnivore lifestyle is easy and life-changing.



Devon Ferguson 

Senior Coach

Devon is a mental health professional who’s been helping people overcome grief, depression, and anxiety.

The same issues that had plagued him before he discovered the carnivore lifestyle. 

Devon believes that every aspect of his life has been reformed over and above with this way of eating. He wants the same for every person he meets while traveling - another way of life that he’s also been obsessed with.


Conrad Woods

Junior Coach

Conrad is a personal trainer focused on achieving full health potential through an animal product-based lifestyle. His experience includes years of experimenting with various diet protocols, including keto, low fat, and finally, carnivore, a diet he has found tastefully beneficial. 

After overcoming several health issues, he is now pursuing a certification in the health field to help those who want to tread the carnivore journey and live the best life along the way.


Iva Carter

Junior Coach

As a health and fitness buff, Iva has been a steady follower of the carnivore diet since 2014, aiming to influence people to keep their physical and mental health on track. She has used the all-meat diet to relieve anxiety and edema throughout the years. 

Iva works full-time as a preschool teacher, but if you’re curious about the carnivore life, she’s more than willing to help you out. She uses her writing skills to encourage people to look after their optimal health.



Jayden Lawson


Jayden is a lifestyle coach and a father of two. His carnivore diet journey started with his passionate desire to be the best (and healthiest) for his family. He has been studying and following the carnivore diet for a couple of years now, and has since then lost over eighty pounds. 

He wants to give back now and share his ideas, recipes, and tips on anything meaty and thriving.

Meet Our Marketing Team

Kami Tucker

Janice Turner

Head of Marketing

Janice only got into the carnivore lifestyle not too long ago, but it’s something that she genuinely believes in because she has seen the amazing benefits to her overall health. She thinks that humans are meant to eat meat. 

She has been in the marketing and public relations industry for 15 years, and she vowed to use her skills to amplify the message that with the right information, the carnivore diet works.


Tina Church

Maria Mosby

Content Editor

Maria grew up in a family of meat-loving people who always look forward to the yearly backyard 4th of July BBQ parties. She went vegan for a while, and it broke their hearts. One day, she discovered the carnivore diet, and she’s never been this happy ever since. Maria talks about how she felt like the prodigal daughter after returning to eating meat with her family again.

As a writer at heart, she helps Timothy gather information and produce valuable content in the form of guides, expert interviews, success stories, and tips about all things carnivore.


Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards

Social Media Manager

Paul lives and breathes social media. When he’s not eating his fair share of animal products, you’ll find him making IG stories, liking Facebook posts, or checking out Twitter threads, mostly about the carnivore diet. 

Paul’s friends tell him that it isn’t healthy to breathe social media because it can be pretty toxic, but he says he’s been well enough so far. He shares that there must be something about the carnivore diet that makes him healthy.