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A close up image of deli meats on top of a wooden board
By Gabriel Woods 1 day ago
How Long Is Deli Meat Good For? (3 Issues & Its Shelf Life)
Chorizo, pancetta, prosciutto, ham, the list of deli meats goes on and on. I’ve tried them all during the ten years I’ve been on a carnivore diet. Deli meats are my go-to meats when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to cook a full meal, so I make sure I’m always stocked on deli meat. However, I’ve had my fair share of spoiled deli meat. To prevent this from happening, I talked with... Read more >
An image of a smoked and preserved chicken meat on a wooden board
By Gabriel Woods 2 days ago
How to Preserve Meat (13 Best Ways to Extend the Shelf Life)
When I started my carnivore lifestyle ten years ago, one of my main challenges was preserving meat so that I could extend its shelf-life. I spent countless hours researching ways to preserve meats and talked with my local butcher. I have perfected my meat preservation methods over the years, and today, I'll talk about every way you can preserve your meat to keep it fresh for a long time. Read more >
A comparison image of veal and lamb meat
By Gabriel Woods 3 days ago
Veal vs Lamb (4 Main Differences & Best Tips for Buying)
I’ve been on a carnivore diet for over a decade, and I’ve eaten all kinds of meat during this time, but veal and lamb are among my favorites. I usually eat veal or lamb at least once a week. I talked with a butcher to learn everything about these two kinds of meat, from origin, taste, and texture, to the best cooking methods. Today, I’ll explain every difference between veal and lamb and... Read more >
An image of meat lasagna on a black plate
By Gabriel Woods 4 days ago
Meat Lasagna Recipe (Nutrition Facts & 4 Best Cooking Tips)
For a comfort food lover like me, nothing lights up a room more than a hot tray of lasagna. This classic Italian dish is super versatile, and I can make it ahead and warm it up for family meals as needed. Today I'll share my upscale-restaurant-style lasagna recipe and tips to up your lasagna game. Let's dive into it. Read more >
An image of beef jerky pieces on a black slate
By Gabriel Woods 7 days ago
Best Meat For Jerky (8 Best Cuts & Key Tips for Choosing)
As a dedicated carnivore, I've had my fair share of homemade beef jerky meat. Throughout my 4 years of experience trying out different jerky recipes, I've learned that the key step in getting the most flavorful beef jerky is using the right cuts of meat. But with different meat cuts available, picking the right one for your jerky recipe can be challenging, especially if you're making it for the... Read more >
A close up image of raw meat resting on a wooden board
By Gabriel Woods 1 week ago
How Long to Let Meat Rest (Top 5 Guidelines You Should Know)
If you're a dedicated meat lover like me, then you know how difficult it can be not knowing how long to let your delicious steak rest before slicing. Thankfully, I spent hours researching the science behind meat resting and how to do it properly. I'll summarize all my findings in this post. Let's get started. Read more >
An image of raw pork chop on a wooden board
By Gabriel Woods 2 weeks ago
Pork Cuts (4 Primal & 16 Subprimal Types You Need to Know)
As a dedicated carnivore lifestyle devotee, I’m always stocked on pork, which has been my basic kitchen staple for years. Learning all the ins and outs of pork cuts took me some time and several conversations with my butcher, who was eager to share the important details with me and provide me with valuable insight. Today, I’ll enlist different cuts of pork and everything else you need to... Read more >
A close up image of low-potassium chicken meat
By Gabriel Woods 2 weeks ago
Low-Potassium Meats (13 Best Options Available & Benefits)
Kidney disease can cause potassium levels to build up in the blood, which can lead to serious health problems. That’s why consuming low-potassium meats can help to keep its levels under control. As a health-conscious carnivore who’s had some kidney issues in the past, I have done extensive research on low-potassium meat and compiled a roundup of the best options available. Read more >
A close up image of Japanese BBQ meats on a plate
By Gabriel Woods 3 weeks ago
Japanese BBQ at Home (7 Best Tips and Tricks in Grilling)
I first discovered yakiniku, or Japanese BBQ, at a friend’s house several years ago and was wowed by the delicious meat flavor. Since then, I’ve visited countless Japanese restaurants and tried making my own Japanese barbecue until I’ve perfected the recipe. Today, I’ll explain everything you should know about this barbecue and give you all my tips and tricks for a successful Japanese... Read more >
An image of braised meat dish in a white bowl
By Gabriel Woods 4 weeks ago
How to Braise Meat? (Simple 3-Step Guide)
I used to shy away from braising when I first started my carnivore journey because I thought it required a lot of skill. Once I got past it, I came to realize that braising meats is one of the best ways to ensure that they are juicy and flavorful. In addition, braising helps to break down the tough connective tissue in the meat, making it incredibly tender. I have been using this method for... Read more >
An image of potted meat and bread
By Gabriel Woods 4 weeks ago
What Is Potted Meat? (Should You Include It in Your Diet)
As an adherent carnivore, I get many questions about everything having to do with meat. And some of those questions are about food that most people have never heard of or used. Potted meat is one of those meats. Having done extensive research into potted meat and talking with my dietician, I’ve gathered everything you need to know about this dish, including its nutritional value and whether... Read more >
An image of a pepperoni pizza slices
By Gabriel Woods 4 weeks ago
What Is Pepperoni Made Of? (Nutrition Facts & How to Use It)
What's not to love about America's favorite pizza topping? That's right, pepperoni. As a carnivore lifestyle adherent, pepperoni is always on the menu. However, I want to know exactly what I am putting into my body, so I researched this food extensively. Here is what I found when I asked the question, “what is pepperoni made of.” Read more >