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An image of pork meats on top of a wooden board
By Arianna Foster 13 mins ago
Is Pork Healthy? (7 Essential Vitamins & Potential Risks)
As a dedicated carnivore, I love pork and have eaten it for years. But given the wide variation of pork products from tenderloin to bacon, it is reasonable to ask if every type of pork is healthy. I have researched this topic thoroughly and had a talk with my dietician to see if pork has health benefits I’m otherwise hoping to find in protein-dense food. Here’s what I found. Read more >


Our Approach to Product Testing & Reviews


Anonymous Product Ordering

We order all products anonymously to have a first-hand ordering experience, and we also test customer service responsiveness in case of shipping updates.

This approach has proven successful because we can exclude all products that would cause customers the same issues we faced with shipping, customer support, and packaging quality.

Honest Product Comparisons

Since we have perfected consistent ordering and testing methods, we are in a much better position to provide customers with honest product comparisons.

Our scoring system has been developed to remove random selections from our product rankings. Besides evaluating the ordering procedure, delivery time, and packaging quality, we also use standardized testing methods for our products.

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Standardized Testing Procedure

We put a lot of effort into creating highly standardized testing procedures so that each product has an equal chance of getting on our list.

Therefore, our readers can rely on product recommendations based on tangible results rather than just marketing bias.