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It is not easy to find Kosher meat. It’s even more challenging to find groceries that offer a variety of Kosher meats and cuts. We have decided not to visit each store anymore and ask the same question: “Do you sell kosher meat?”

Instead, we did our research and found services that provide kosher meat delivery - quality 100% kosher meat delivered right to your door.  Interested to find out our recommendation? Let’s dive in.

Top 5 Kosher Meat Delivery Services in 2023


1 - Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct Meat

Fresh Direct is an online grocery shopping service that sells both kosher and non-kosher products.

The "Kosher" section on their website offers Kosher meat choices like beef or lamb. You can purchase fresh, humanely raised Kosher chicken, turkey, and poultry.

To pay less for the quality products, check various deal options and their DeliveryPass subscription, which gives you unlimited free delivery, plus the opportunity to reserve a timeslot.

  • Kosher and non-kosher meat sections available
  • Products without antibiotics
  • Can reserve a timeslot for delivery
  • Free delivery
  • Limited delivery area
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2 - Grow and Behold

Grow and Behold kosher meat

Grow and Behold sells only Kosher meats. They select farms to collaborate personally, respecting animal welfare, worker treatment, and sustainable agriculture.

The animals never receive any growth hormone or a dose of preventative antibiotics.

They work with world-class shochtim (kosher-slaughters) and supervisors to ensure their meats are produced according to the strictest standards of kashrut.

From their online shop, you can get a variety of quality kosher meats: beef, rose veal, lamb, poultry, and provisions.

  • Variety of products
  • Includes "Kosher for Passover" products
  • Variety of cuts
  • Easy to use website
  • Beef and lamb produced with GMO grain

3 - House of Kosher

House of Kosher Meat

House of Kosher offers a variety of kosher family foods available at their store and online.

They also have a wide selection of kosher fresh meat, fresh fish, and deli. The meat selection is very ideal as they have a variety of meats and cuts. From poultry to beef, lamb to veal, everything is prepared by kosher standards.

  • Many types of meat to choose from
  • Always fresh
  • Seasoned meat and poultry options
  • You can shop by recipe
  • Delivery is available only within specific zip codes

4 - Western Kosher

Western Kosher Meat

WesternKosher is an online supermarket in the Los Angeles area. They offer a wide variety of western kosher foods.

Kosher meat is their specialty. They are known for their passion for meat and adhering to the highest standards of kashrus.

Their website’s kosher meat section is divided into beef, chicken, duck, turkey, lamb, and veal.

Butchers can make custom meat cuts and bring the highest quality, always fresh kosher products to your doorsteps.

Western Kosher is a good source for your Passover, Pesach, Rosh Hashanah, Shavuot, Yom Kippur, and Hanukkah needs.

  • Variety of meats and cuts
  • Grass-fed kosher meat
  • Organic beef products
  • Selection by budget
  • They deliver only in Los Angeles

5 - Goldbelly Kosher

GoldBelly Meat

For Goldbelly, food is more than nourishment. It's the memories, connection, and comfort that matter most.

That’s why on thei curated marketplace, they offer the nation's gourmet and regionally iconic foods.

You can simply select the region, and you will see the product’s characteristics for that specific place.

Goldbelly offers Kosher beef and chicken and delicatessens like Corned Beef, Salami, Roast Turkey, and Brisket – all hand-sliced. They also provide product kits that can serve up to 8 persons.

At the top left of their meat section, you will find Editor’s pick, a selection based on the reviews received for a specific product.

  • They taste test all of the products they sell
  • Marketplace with high-quality producers
  • Product kits have everything you need for a meal
  • Responsive customer service
  • No free shipping for some products

I keep kosher, so I have an element of consumption awareness embedded into my daily life. One of the things the practice does is make one more mindful of - and grateful for - what goes into your body.”

- Joshua Malina, Actor

What Makes Meat Kosher?

For meat to be considered kosher, according to Jewish religious law, it must meet several criteria. It must come only from animals that have split hooves and chew their cud, such as goats, sheep, cows, oxen, and beef.

Animals like rabbits, pigs, shellfish, and reptiles, are forbidden. The animal must be slaughtered in a very specific way, during which it should not experience any pain.

Once the animal is dead, the only permitted cuts are those of the forequarters, and forbidden parts, including veins and certain fats, should be removed.

Why to Choose a Kosher Meal Delivery Service?

man delivering food

Quality Assurance

Ordering online means that you will know precisely where the kosher meat is coming from.

Among our recommendations, you will find kosher meat delivery offering products directly from farms, following strict Jewish law in the way they produce meat.

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Kosher meat is a specific product, and in most cases, it won’t be easy to find it in traditional stores. That’s why many people prefer ordering kosher meat online.

We found it very important to get all details about the meat you have selected by ordering online. This includes information like where it is sourced, how much it weighs, etc. And of course, all will be delivered straight to your door.

Product Variety

There will be cases when you need just essential kosher meat products. But in some others, you will need variety.

By ordering online, you will have a variety of options available in front of you. This includes not only meat but deli products.

If you are among those who follow a specific diet or are gluten or lactose intolerant, kosher meat can be a valuable source of proteins.


1. What is the difference between kosher meat and regular meat?

The main difference between kosher meat and regular meat is how the animal is slaughtered. When it comes to kosher, only a specially trained Jewish can perform the ritual of killing the animal.

2. What does kosher mean?

The word “kosher” has Hebrew roots, and it means “to be suitable for consumption” (1). Kosher meat is a term used to describe meat that complies with the standards implied by Jewish religious law. The law provides which animals are suitable for eating, which are forbidden, and how this meat has to be produced and prepared for consumption.


If we have to select one kosher meat delivery to recommend, that will be Fresh Direct. Their website was easy to use.

You can filter products to display only kosher and select among many brands. If the product you have chosen is sold-out, they will replace it with one of the same or greater value with no additional cost.

Delivery went smoothly as they have their shipping facilities. We could even select the time slot for a product. Fresh Direct also delivers its orders in eco-friendly reusable bags, which is not likely to happen with other deliveries.

Fresh Direct

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Kosher and non-kosher meat sections available
  • Products without antibiotics
  • Can reserve a timeslot for delivery
  • Free delivery
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