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Is ButcherBox a Good Deal?
Plans, Price & Complete Review

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​As a carnivore dieter, there are usually two challenges when it comes to sourcing your meat:

  1. 1
    ​Finding a grocery store with the right and consistent quality meat, and
  2. 2
    ​Being able to get all the meat you need at a reasonable price

More often than not, you’ll be able to satisfy one of these two, which often means that you end up having to increase your grocery budget. Unless, of course, you’re happy to risk health issues by buying lower quality sources of meat.

I’ve had some experience with meal delivery services for keto and paleo diets in the past, so I was interested to see whether I could get everything on my meat shopping list delivered as well.

As it turns out, ButcherBox may solve this need, as long as you tweak the box options in the right way.

Let me explain.

What Is ButcherBox?

ButcherBox is a meat delivery service offering subscription boxes that contain varying amounts and types of meat. The important thing to note is that the meat quality is claimed to be very high, as the beef is grass fed, the chicken is free-range and organic, and the pork is humanely raised heritage breed.

These are quality standards that you would be able to find at Whole Foods stores, but usually at premium prices. With ButcherBox, you’re able to take advantage of lower prices by ordering in bulk and setting up a regular subscription plan.

​This brings me to the next question...

How Does ButcherBox Work?

grilled meats

ButcherBox works on the basis of choosing from a selection of different meat boxes to suit your personal meal plan. You then pick the amount of meat you require and a frequency for the delivery option.

Here’s what’s on offer.

Available ButcherBox Options​

The first thing you do is pick the types of meat you want to have delivered.

  • Mixed Box: This is a random mix of beef, pork, chicken, and fish with various different cuts.
  • Beef Box: Contains only a selection of beef, from ground beef to filet mignons.
  • ​Beef and pork: Provides about a 50/50 split in weight between both meats.
  • Beef and chicken: Provides about a 50/50 split in weight between both meats.
  • Custom Box: Allows you to handpick the types and cuts of meat.


​There are two sizes available:

  1. 1
    ​8 to 11 lbs: suitable for individuals and small families.
  2. 2
    ​16 to 22 lbs: suitable for families or if you have a large freezer.

Choose Some Add-Ons

​​This is a great way to get some extras every month with some options for fish and some specialty products available on a regular basis.

Delivery Frequency

The last thing you need to decide on is how often you want to receive a delivery. If you’re only eating meat on a strict carnivore diet, then choosing one of the larger options may be needed every week or two.

ButcherBox Pros And Cons

person slicing meat

In this section of my ButcherBox review, I want to highlight the main benefits and a couple of negatives that I have noted. 

First of all, I have found that quality does live up to the claims.

​The organic chicken is tasty, and you can tell the difference in the grass fed beef (yes, I did do a taste test with some “industrial” beef).

What I liked the most is the convenience and the fact that it seemed to work out cheaper than any of the stores I was using. That was the case with the mixed box as well as the custom box.


  • ​Grass-fed beef
  • ​Humanely raised Heritage breed pork [1]
  • ​Free-range and organic chicken
  • ​Flexible sizes and delivery frequency
  • ​Good pricing when buying in bulk


  • ​True carnivore dieters would still need to source organ meat
  • ​Some people would like to see more fish options

On the downside, while there are many cuts of meat available, you won’t find organ meat. And if you like having some occasional fish, then you may be a bit limited.

What Do You Get In A ButcherBox?

In each ButcherBox, you get a selection of randomly chosen meats or a specific selection that you enter. 

When I first started trying the service in June 2018, the available cuts were still a bit limited.

This meant I would easily get bored with having strip steak and roasts. 

However, there have been quite a few changes, and you can get a pretty decent choice of meats and cuts, which might help with recipe inspiration. 

Here are a few examples of what’s on offer:

Person delivering brown box
  • ​New York strip steaks
  • ​Pork tenderloin
  • ​Chicken tenders
  • ​Chicken breasts
  • ​Top sirloin steaks
  • Ribeyes
  • Chuck roast
  • Heritage pork chops and bacon
  • Sausages
  • Ribs
  • Salmon

As I said above, the main thing a real carnivore might miss is the organ meat, but other than that, there’s a good selection of products to cover every meal.

How Much Is ButcherBox Per Month?

Gray metal tong and grilled meat with fire

ButcherBox costs $129 per month for the smaller classic box and $238 for the big one.

Now, I have to also say that you are able to adjust the delivery timing to more or less often, so the price is actually per delivery.

I saw some ButcherBox review comments from carnivore dieters who receive a big custom box every week.

Just keep in mind that you’d still want to have a good bit of freezer space to store it all.

​If you’re going through that much meat, then the convenience of not having to go to a Whole Foods store or local butcher once a week is something worth considering as well.

The Quality Of ButcherBox Meat

My personal experience has been positive, and I have no reason to believe that this meat distributor ships anything but quality meat. 

The company uses certified sources of grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and heritage pork. This also means that your meats are less likely to be full of herbicides, antibiotics [2], and hormones [3]. 

I found a lot of reviews by professional bloggers and foodies who would seem to agree with this.

​​It is important to me and my community that our animal protein sources are naturally and responsibly raised and fed. For this reason, I trust and recommend ButcherBox.
- ​Melissa Hartwig, ​Co-Founder of the Whole 30

Is The ButcherBox Worth It?

Person slicing salmon meat

Yes, in my opinion, ButcherBox is worth spending some or most of your food budget for meats on. Having used the service on a regular basis and read through countless customer reviews, I’ve brought it down to the following 3 reasons. 

1 - Value For Money

Whether you like to regularly treat yourself to some prime cuts or just want a reasonably priced source of grass fed ground beef, when you order in bulk, you do tend to get better value. 

I personally still look for good deals at my local butcher and supermarket, but it’s rarely beaten on value. 

2 - Convenience

Having your meat delivered to your door makes life so much easier. Unless you have a very strict meal plan, it’s also nice to use the mixed subscription as an option to get a regular surprise of different products. 

During the first few orders, it may also help you find your favorite things on offer.

3 - Customer Service

I’ve only had to deal with a customer service representative twice. Once, because I needed to delay a shipping day as I was unexpectedly away from home. The other time was due to a minor issue on the delivered amount that was immediately rectified.

Who Should Consider Trying Out ButcherBox?

roast chicken on roasting pan in oven

While I personally fall into the first category below, there are a few other types of people who could take advantage of this service. 

Carnivore Dieters

As already mentioned, having a reliable source of good meat at an affordable price could make quite a difference to a carnivore dieter's health, budget, and enjoyment. 

Busy Families

Food shopping is always a struggle for busy families, and if you can save some money and time by not having to worry about meat, then it could be a step in the right direction.

Anyone Planning A BBQ Party

If you’re planning a party or BBQ for a lot of people, then you should be able to get all you need with one of the once-off custom boxes.

Where Do You Order Your Box?

smiling man using tablet

The only place you can order your ButcherBox is on the company website.

Alternatively, you could also call to place your order, and a few ButcherBox review comments that I saw suggested that this might be a good way to get some ordering tips.

One tip I would also give you is to come up with a list of meals and recipes that you regularly make, and then aim to order for those.

Over the coming months, you could then start switching things around with some new ideas.


How long can ButcherBox stay outside on the front porch?

How is ButcherBox meat shipped?

​Where is ButcherBox meat from?

​Is ButcherBox cheaper than grocery stores?

​Does ButcherBox have fish?

​How long does it take for a ButcherBox to ship?

​Is ButcherBox Worth Trying Out?

Yes, I believe ButcherBox is worth trying out, even if it doesn’t become your primary source of all your main ingredients.

I would also encourage you to read some of the ButcherBox review comments on the official site. 

For me, the attraction is the good selection of grass fed cuts, which is what I tend to eat the most when I go through my carnivore cycles.

Try out one of their mixed boxes and let us know on social media how it worked out for you.

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