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As a team of carnivore lifestyle enthusiasts, chefs, and nutritionists with over a decade of learning about the ins and outs of meat, we were eager to give ButcherBox a try after reading dozens of rave reviews online.

To give you an honest and unbiased review, we subscribed to ButcherBox’s meat delivery plans and switched our boxes until we tried every possible cut they offered.

In this review, we’ll walk you through their subscription boxes and quality, but we’ll also look at their sourcing, affordability, and overall perks compared to other meat delivery alternatives.

Overall: 4.9/5
ButcherBox meat
Meat Quality
Menu Options
Quick Highlights
  • Sells sustainably sourced meats from local farm outlets
  • Animals aren’t given hormones or additives
  • Offers five subscription boxes
  • Choose between a delivery every 4, 6, or 8 weeks
Brand information
  • Online quality meat delivery
  • Sells beef, ground pork, chicken, and seafood
  • Sells grass-fed meat sourced from the US, and beef from Australia
  • Offer a one-time purchase, or a subscription plan
  • Free shipping on all orders, even for the classic box
  • Free ground beef for the duration of subscription
  • Flexible proportion and delivery frequency
  • Good pricing when buying in bulk
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What Is Butcher Box?

ButcherBox meats on kitchen top with transparent logo beside

ButcherBox, a top-tier meat delivery service based in Boston, MA, has been revolutionizing the way people consume quality meat since 2015.

As a subscription service, they offer meticulously curated boxes filled with premier ingredients like beef, pork chops, sirloin steak, and both whole and thigh chicken cuts.

One of the notable things about ButcherBox meat is its unparalleled taste and nutrition, especially its grass-finished beef and free-range organic meat.

Besides these, their offerings also include chicken, heritage-breed pork, and wild-caught seafood.

Unlike the typical selections at a local grocery store or even some local farmers' market, ButcherBox delivers the kind of butcher box meat - including pork box beef, boneless pork chops, and boneless skinless chicken breasts - that stands out in quality.

Though their prices per pound might be on the higher side, the option to buy in bulk and set up a recurring subscription can lead to significant savings, all while ensuring you get high-quality meat that was raised humanely.

How Does Butcher Box Work?

ButcherBox works by sending meat boxes to their customers at a frequency of their choosing. Once you build your box, you can select to have it shipped every 4, 6, or 8 weeks. The boxes vary in size and cut.

Menu & Plans

Top view of different meats offered by ButcherBox

The first custom box we tried for this review had limited steaks, unlike their curated box.

But over the years, their excellent meat selection has improved based on demand, and if you select their big custom box, you have numerous options to choose from, aside from the steak.

Here are a few examples of their menu options:

  • Ribeyes
  • Pork loin roast
  • New York strip steaks
  • Chicken tenders
  • Organic chicken breast
  • Top sirloin steaks
  • Chuck roast
  • Lamb (seasonal)
  • Ground sirloin
  • Wild-Caught Salmon (Sockeye)
  • Uncured bacon
  • Whole Turkey (seasonal)
  • Boneless pork chop
  • Ground beef
  • Heritage pork chop and hormone-free bacon
  • Italian and Breakfast Sausage
  • Baby-back and St. Louis Style Ribs

The main thing a real carnivore might still be missing is grass-fed organ meat and a wider range of seafood you can find with other meat delivery companies, like US Wellness Meats and Chop Box.

Still, if you're someone who values high-quality meat, convenience, ethical practices, variety, and flexibility, this meat delivery company is a perfect fit.

  • Organic grass-finished beef
  • Humanely-raised heritage breed pork
  • Free-range chicken
  • Flexible proportion and delivery frequency
  • Good pricing when buying in bulk
  • No organ meat

Types of Meat Box You Can Have Delivered

ButcherBox meat delivery service products collage
  • Mixed Box - It can be a mix of grass-finished meat cuts, free-range heritage-breed pork, free-range organic chicken, and marine produce. If you wish to learn which meat delivery box we think is the best, visit this link.
  • Curated Box (Beef, Pork & Chicken) - This mixed ButcherBox beef option contains a varied selection from beef to pork chop and boneless skinless chicken.
  • Curated Box (Beef & Pork) - The combo provides about a 50/50 split in weight per pound between ground pork products and grain-fed beef cuts.
  • Curated Box (Beef & Chicken) - It provides about a 50/50 split in weight per pound between beef fed with grass, free-range organic meat, and chicken.
  • Large Custom Box - It allows you to handpick your cuts of meat and a couple of add-ons, like ButcherBox bacon, beef, and ground pork. Neat, isn’t it?
  • Gift Box - ButcherBox gift boxes include Game Day Box, Steak Lovers' Box, ButcherBox Favorites, Mixed Box, Wild-Caught Salmon Box, and ButcherBox Beef & Chicken.

The first 4 ButcherBox options are pre-selected, meaning you can’t pick the cuts of meat you’ll receive, especially for the pork-beef combo ones.

Custom boxes are the only alternative where you can make a selection to your liking, whether it's free-range chicken wings, a beef box, steak tips, or bottom-round roast meat.

We would get customized packaging each month at Carnivore Style because we like to prepare different steak or chicken breast recipes.

  1. 9 to 14 lbs box - Suitable for couples and small families.
  2. 18 to 26 lbs box - Suitable for families with 4-5 members or people with enough storage room in their freezer.

For larger families or people who rely on an entire chicken, chicken breasts, boneless pork tenderloins, steak, pork butt, ground pork, pork chop, and beef combo deals, ordering the Big ButcherBox option may be the best solution.

While we order a customized package every month, we also order curated cuts of meat boxes from time to time.

It’s cheaper by more than $20, yet it still offers a good product selection. Over time, most of the curated items have become our favorites, such as the pork-beef combo.

Before checking out your chosen cuts of meat box, they give you the option to elect add-ons at an extra fee, including the ButcherBox bacon, ground-free turkey, ButcherBox ground beef, and chicken.


How Much Does ButcherBox Cost?

ButcherBox costs $169 for a custom plan classic box. It contains 9 to 14 pounds for roughly 25 meal plans.

Or you could get one of the best ButcherBox deals - a big box that costs $306 and contains 18 to 26 pounds, equivalent to 49 meals. Here is an overview of all meal plans:

ButcherBox Prices

  1. Custom Small Box (9-14 lbs) - $6.30 average per meal - $169 per month
  2. Custom Box (18-26 lbs) - $6.10 average per meal - $306 per month
  3. Curated Box Classic (8-11 lbs) - $5.71 average per meal - $146 per month
  4. Curated Mixed Beef, Pork & Chicken Box (8.5-11 lbs) - $5.71 average per meal - $146 per month
  5. Curated Beef & Pork Box (8-11 lbs) - $5.71 average per meal - $146 per month
  6. Curated Beef & Chicken Box (8.5-11 lbs) - $5.71 average per meal - $146 per month

We chose to order a small custom box that included steak and steak tips, 100% grass-fed beef, and ground pork products to try ButcherBox for the first time.

The prices per cut were comparable to most local grocery stores near us, with a small difference of $1 to $2 per pound.

How to Afford ButcherBox on a Budget?

Choose your subscription plan wisely and make the most out of your package, even if it's just the classic box or a big custom box. Make sure to subscribe during promotions and get great deals on your favorite type of meat.

Furthermore, consider your family's eating habits and preferences when choosing your subscription plan. If you consume meat frequently, a larger box might offer better value for your money, while a smaller, classic box might be ideal for occasional meat eaters.

Once you get the box package, use it to the maximum. That means you can use the bones for homemade broth, make use of the hormone-free bacon grease or reuse leftovers after cooking. Opt for whole pieces and large roasts because you’ll be able to get more meat cuts for a lower price.


A man carrying a box full of ButcherBox products

The company has a straightforward shipping plan for all boxes, including the custom box. As of the moment, it delivers to all US states except Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii.

During your first month, they will get your cuts of excellent meat straight to your door within 3-7 days of ordering.

In our experience, ButcherBox exceeded our expectations in terms of ease, reliability, and quality of service and products.

We particularly love ButcherBox shipping policy because we get to spend more on higher-quality meats every week.

How Does ButcherBox Arrive?

A ButcherBox food delivery package on the floor with an opened carton

When our first classic box arrived at the office, we got an email from ButcherBox confirming the delivery.

The orders were placed inside a 100% recyclable cardboard insulated custom box and each piece of meat was secured and vacuum-packed in a freezer bag to ensure that it didn’t get above 40°F.

Even after waiting an hour at ambient temperature, the packaging kept the cuts of meat partially frozen, so when I opened the classic custom box package, I immediately placed the meat inside the freezer.

How Long Does It Take to Ship Your ButcherBox Order?

It takes about 3 to 6 business days to ship your ButcherBox order.

This mainly depends on two things - your volume of orders and your location, especially with the custom box.

As long as you continue with your subscription, ButcherBox meat will immediately ship so that your next package arrives precisely when you want it to.

Our experience was extremely positive; our first classic box arrived three days after placing the order.

Delivery Frequency

Lastly, you can also set the frequency of your ButcherBox delivery. Available options include every 4, 6, and 8 weeks.

If you change your mind, you can always cancel or change the frequency of your boxes.

You can skip your monthly meat subscription by delaying or pausing the service every other month or for up to 6 months without any extra cost or fees. Make sure you do this before your next order or before billing.

In our case, we set the delivery frequency of a Custom Big Box to 4 weeks with a mix of our favorites and recurring add-ons.

The custom box packages arrived in due time without exception, and the meat we received on each big box order was superb.

How Long Does Butcher Box Last?

How long Butcher Box lasts will depend on the type of high-quality meat in question and the conditions it’s kept in, even within a big box.

Chicken can stay fresh between 3 to 5 days in the fridge as long as the vacuum-seal packaging remains intact, even chicken breasts. Otherwise, it’s best to follow the standard 1 to 2-day recommendation for poultry.

If the original packaging remains sealed, steaks and roasts can stay in the fridge for almost two weeks. But if the packaging is torn or the 100% grass-fed beef is removed from its original container, it’s good for only 3 to 5 days once defrosted. Ground beef stays fresh for 1 to 2 days once defrosted.

Larger pork cuts in vacuum-sealed packages can last for up to two weeks defrosted in the fridge. Smaller cuts in individual-cut packaging will stay fresh for 3 to 5 days if it remains vacuum-sealed and 1 to 2 days if the packaging seal is broken or if the humanely-raised pork has been removed from its original packaging. The hormone-free bacon will stay good for seven days once defrosted.

Lastly, fish will be fresh for one to two days after being defrosted in the refrigerator. Make sure to take the wild-caught seafood directly out of its packaging before defrosting to prevent bacteria growth.

How to Get the Best Butcher Box Deals?

Two boxes of ButcherBox meat delivery brand

Here are a few strategies to get the most out of your Butcher Box package:

  1. Choose Your Big Box Wisely - Choose cuts of meat that can give you a great deal per pound, e.g., chicken breasts, chicken tenders, boneless pork butt, steak, and sausage. Custom boxes get you 9 to 14 pounds of meat that’s good for about 25 meals on average.
  2. Check Membership Deals - As members, we’ve had the chance to get several tasty promotions, like the Butcher Box beef for life. The deals in your cart will stay until your next box is billed, even if the deals are no longer showing as available when your box is billed.
  3. Check Your Email Before Your Bill Date -Three days before your bill date, Butcher Box will send you an email letting you know of available member deals, so don’t miss out on those.
  4. Use Add-Ons for Extra Savings - Sometimes, you can get quality meat for a lower price when you buy them as an add-on. Add whatever you use the most, whether it's chicken breasts or humanely-raised pork chop. Keep in mind that the add-ons change month to month.
  5. Use Discount Codes - Butcher Box offers discount codes that you can apply to your order if you refer someone to order from them. If you sign up for the email newsletter, you'll be at the front of the line for exclusive promotions, discounts, and perks.

6 Reasons Why Butcher Box Is Worth It

Two meat products from ButcherBox

After ordering from Butcher Box and reading countless customer reviews, we’ve boiled down all the benefits of using this high-quality meat delivery service.

1. Value For Money

A very important benefit we want to mention is the value for money you get with each classic box, given their high-quality prime meat.

Organic meat comes with a hefty price tag, and ButcherBox does a wonderful job of offering premium cuts at a reasonable price. This is one of the reasons why I still order meat from ButcherBox even after all these years. Not only is the cost competitive, but you're also saved the hassle of going to a store, selecting your meat, and questioning its origins.

2. Convenience

ButcherBox food delivery package recently arrived

Another thing worth mentioning in most ButcherBox reviews is the convenience you get.

Our first big-box order came without issues - and we got to enjoy servings of grass-fed ground beef for life and a pack of ButcherBox hormone-free bacon.

We received free packs of burgers, breakfast sausage, and hotdogs from time to time.

You'll get an email with a tracking number that contains the approximate delivery time. ButcherBox orders are fulfilled by either FedEx or UPS, depending on where you live.

3. Customer Service

We also wanted to share some information about customer service in our ButcherBox review.

We've only had to deal with a customer service representative twice.

The first time we needed to delay the shipments for one day as we were unexpectedly away from home.

The second instance was a minor issue with the delivered amount that was immediately rectified.

Their customer service reacted promptly and was happy to help.

4. Sourcing

Butcher Box obtains its high-quality meat from trusted partners who show dedication and passion for farming.

The company's aim is to support local farmers who follow specific rules and regularly inspect their facilities by the USDA.

This way, only the best meat is shipped to you. This is another reason why I continue to be a loyal customer of ButcherBox.

5. Taste

I have tried almost all their hormone-free beef, whole chicken wings, pork butt, and seafood options, and every item was of the highest quality.

Although it is hard to pick out my favorites, I admit that the ButcherBox bacon was absolutely to die for. It had just the right salty flavor, fat, and leanness.

The sirloin was also impeccable and almost melted in my mouth. Although it had less fat than a conventionally raised steak, the flavor, and juiciness were beyond comparison.

6. Website Experience

man on a laptop searching for meat

When we first clicked on the ButcherBox website, we were met with an offer too good to refuse.

Our favorite words, “get them for free,” were highlighted in red. Once we clicked the button, we were redirected to a page that made my mouth water.

If we signed up right there and then, we would get a pound of hormone-free ground beef for every order as long as we continue our membership, free of charge.

And they even added an extra pack of bacon on our first order.


ButcherBox specifically sources each type of high-quality meat to meet stringent criteria:

  • Beef - only 100% grass-fed beef cattle humanely and pasture-raised are approved. No hormones or antibiotics are given to these animals.
  • Pork - only pigs raised crate-free are accepted, and they must have been given only 100% vegetarian feed without antibiotics or hormones.
  • Chicken - all birds must be raised free-range with only USDA-certified organic feed. They must also be Global Animal Partnership (GAP 3) certified.
  • Seafood - must be wild-caught and sustainably harvested. No artificial additives or colorings are permitted.

Alternative Meat Delivery Services

There are some alternative options to Butcher Box that you may want to consider.


Many love Costco because they do not fall short of offering healthy staples. Costco is undoubtedly inexpensive, but the meat’s quality is different.

However, ButcherBox is better in this regard, as Costco does not necessarily offer 100% beef fed with grass, whereas Butcher Box does.

And if it isn’t 100% grass-finished cattle, then it's loaded with unhealthy fat per pound and plenty of fillers from corn and soy at the end of production.

This practice limits the better health benefits, proteins, and vitamins you would otherwise get from pasture-raised, free-range chickens and beef.

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks has a huge selection of meat, and you can choose between monthly and bi-monthly subscription plans.

This is somewhat less preferable than the plans Butcher Box offers (4, 6, and 8 weeks delivery frequency).

On the positive side, Omaha Steaks offer a wide selection of one-step meals and quality wines to accompany their cuts.

What we don’t like is the fact their products are not additive-free, and they don’t offer free shipping, unlike Butcher Box.

Sam’s Club

Sam's Club offers a diverse range of meat options, but they lack the transparency in sourcing that a specialized service like ButcherBox provides. While ButcherBox is committed solely to delivering high-quality, responsibly-sourced meat, Sam's Club is a broad-spectrum retailer that sells a variety of other products in addition to meat.

For example, one of Sam's Club's private labels, Member's Mark, sources its meat from large suppliers like Tyson.

This makes ButcherBox a better option because their approach has detailed information and focuses on quality and transparency.

Happy Butcher Box Reviews from Customers

Customer Reviews for ButcherBox


How Long Can a Butcher Box Order Stay Outside on the Front Porch?

According to the company, your Butcher Box order can stay on the front porch for about 6 to 8 hours upon delivery, depending on the time of the year and direct sunlight exposure. It’s packaged using dry ice to maintain a constant temperature for the frozen meats.

Is ButcherBox Less Expensive Than The Local Grocery Stores?

No, Butcher Box is not less expensive than local grocery stores. However, given the product quality, texture, and convenience of having fresh organic meats delivered to your doorstep, it is worth it.

Does Butcher Box Accept EBT?

No, ButcherBox doesn’t accept EBT cards at this time. However, this could change at a later date.

Does Butcher Box Have Wagyu?

ButcherBox doesn’t have Wagyu. However, they offer other beef cuts such as bottom round roast, culotte, flat iron, filet mignon, beef, and ribeye steak.

Is ButcherBox Healthy?

ButcherBox is healthy. The company offers high-quality, organic meat that includes grass-fed beef, wild-caught seafood, heritage pork, and free-range chicken. All of their products are free of hormones and antibiotics.

How Many Calories Are in a Butcher Box Filet Mignon?

There are 150 calories in 4 ounces of ButcherBox filet mignon steak.

What Percent Fat Is Butcher Box Ground Turkey?

Every 4-ounce serving of ButcherBox ground turkey contains 8% (1 gram) fat.

Can You Gift Butcherbox?

Yes, you can gift ButcherBox. You can buy one-time boxes for someone else or purchase gifts for your clients or employees under their corporate gifting option.

What Are Butcherbox “for life” Deals?

ButcherBox “for life” deals are valid for the duration of your ButcherBox membership. That means you will continue to receive that product for free for every box you order. Once you stop your membership, your “for life” deal also stops automatically.

How Do I Track My Butcher Box Order?

You can track your Butcher Box order by visiting the Order History tab on your account page. Once your box has been shipped, you will receive an email from [email protected] detailing your tracking information.

Can You Cancel Butcher Box?

Yes, you can cancel the Butcher Box subscription provided that you unsubscribe before the bill date (your next month’s subscription). To cancel your subscription, log into your account or simply contact the support team at (855) 981-8568. Your request will be completed before the expiration of the next bill date.

What Source Does Butcher Box Use?

Butcher Box only uses certified sources of meat, including trusted ranches and dedicated local farmers with a focus on sustainability and raising the animals humanely. Their high-quality beef mostly hails from Australia while heritage-breed pork, wild-caught seafood, and free-range organic chicken are sourced from North America.

Who Is Butcher Box Good For?

Butcher Box is good for anyone looking for a customizable and steady intake of premium-quality meat and protein variety delivered straight to your door.

Is ButcherBox Worth Trying Out?

After this thoughtful and honest review, we believe this meat delivery subscription service is worth trying.

One of the main highlights is the excellent selection of high-quality meat. In our opinion, meat raised correctly always has a better taste, so it's a no-brainer there.

The best benefit of all is the affordability of their subscription package. Not only do they give you the option to curate your product box with all manner of savory, easy-to-cook items, but they will also be shipped to your front door free of charge.

And considering that we don't need to visit grocery stores whenever we feel like getting beef boxes - we'd say that's one huge plus.

We hope our Butcher Box review provided enough information to decide to give it a try.

Let us know how ButcherBox worked out for you.

#1 Meat Delivery Services


butcher box cta
Meat Quality
Menu Options
Overall Score
  • Beef fed with grass from a local farm delivered directly to your door
  • Without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Customizable boxes available
  • Select from up to 21 different cuts
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of September
  • No organ meat
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