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As a 6-year carnivore diet follower who's always grilling and searing meat, I love using flat-top grills because of their convenience and versatility when preparing my carnivore meals.

I've tested some of the best outdoor flat-top grills out there and rounded up these seven according to performance and versatility.

Read to the end to find the best grill and griddle combo you should buy.

7 Best Flat Top Grills


1 - PIT BOSS 4 Burner Deluxe Griddle

PIT BOSS 4 Burner Deluxe Griddle

The regular PIT BOSS flat-top grill with 4 burners has been updated and now includes a griddle which makes this deluxe grill superb. A 20 lb. propane tank powers it, and the cooktop is an amazing 748 square inches in size.

It includes four burners, which is fantastic since it gives you multiple heat zones. On this griddle, you can cook a variety of foods at once, and I love that I have the flexibility to cook them at various temperatures.

I frequently found myself cooking at a low temperature since the PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle can generate a lot of heat. The cooking quality is superb, and the cooktop's heat distribution is uniform.

From smashed ground meat to scrambled eggs, it can cook almost everything you'd want to make on a flat-top grill.

The PIT BOSS Deluxe griddle will need some cleaning and maintenance, just like any other flat-top gas grill.

Dealing with scraps and extra grease is simple with the PIT BOSS since it has a handy grease pan on the front left edge.

Its four foldable, caster-equipped legs enable simpler transit. The griddle's pre-attached legs and wheels make assembling considerably simpler than comparable flat-top grills.

The PIT BOSS Deluxe Griddle weighs well over 100 pounds so when not utilizing the wheels, moving it is a two-person task due to its weight and size.

I like that there is a 5-year warranty included with this griddle. This implies that PIT BOSS is responsible for any quality problems within that period.

  • Has a larger cooking surface
  • Easy to use
  • Functional grease management system
  • Comes with an extended warranty
  • It is heavy
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Quick Facts:

  • Total cooking surface : 748 square inches
  • Dimensions:: 76.97 x 24.09 x 35.04 inches
  • Max temperature : 600 degrees
  • Material : cast steel

2 - Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle 600

Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle 600

The 600 is Camp Chef's most popular size in its series of flat-top grills, and it is made to serve a crowd.

Setting numerous cooking sections across this 600-square-inch griddle is easy, thanks to the four 12,000 BTU stainless steel tube burners. These four burners are also lit by unique piezoelectric lighting at each control dial.

There are four separate controllers for the four burners underneath the griddle. As a result, you may adjust each zone's temperature to suit the meal you are preparing. It also comes with protective burner covers, which is an added bonus.

This Camp Chef flat-top grill includes two additional sizable, solid, and foldable side shelves. It also incorporates a gas tank holder to lock your propane tank firmly.

However, one thing I disliked about this grill is that it doesn't include a warming rack to keep my easy-foods warm while grilling.

Cleaning the Camp Chef flat-top grill is quite a breeze, though. When fully tuned, the grease management will direct all extra drippings to the collecting bucket.

Nothing more is required than to empty the catchment bucket and wipe off the grease tray with a few clean paper towels.

You can also scrape the griddle muck into a little grease cup fastened to the left-side shelf while it is being used as a griddle.

Both side shelves offer workspace and fold down; however, the grease cup must be used with the left shelf up.

  • Ease of assembly
  • Quite sturdy
  • Excellent grilling performance
  • No specific warming rack
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Quick Facts:

  • Total cooking surface : 600 square inches
  • Dimensions : 31.5 x 19.5 x 20.5 inches
  • Max temperature : 600 degrees
  • Material : Porcelain-coated stainless steel

3 - Blackstone 36-inch Griddle

Blackstone 36-inch Griddle

In terms of power and weight, the BS36 is a behemoth in outdoor cooking.

With its square body and caster wheels, it also has four separate gas burners for heat control that can produce a scorching 60,000 BTUs, so you won't be short on power.

This Blackstone gas grill griddle is far less prone to deterioration via rusting than some of the best-rated small gas grills because of its powder-coated steel base.

Since the griddle top is composed of sturdy cold-rolled steel, it will also survive for a very long period before showing any deterioration signs.

In my experience, I could flip up to 30 hamburgers, 18 steaks, or a staggering 80 hot dogs at once, thanks to its massive grilling surface area.

It has a heavy-duty grip on its side, so transporting it is simple after the legs are folded.

However, if you're working in a small grilling space, the bulkiness of this grill can be such an inconvenience.

The Blackstone propane gas grill has a very minimal learning curve and is very simple to use.

It does feature tank storage, and unlike other flat-top grills, I appreciate that I didn't need to put the propane tank on the ground.

  • Large cooking surface area
  • Fun to use
  • Easy to season
  • Bulky
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Quick Facts:

  • Total cooking surface : 612 square inches
  • Dimensions : 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches
  • Max temperature : 650 degrees
  • Material : 304 stainless steel

4 - Royal Gourmet Outdoor Flat Top Griddle

Royal Gourmet Outdoor Flat Top Griddle

This outdoor durable flat top griddle has a 36" cooking surface that is 4.5mm thick, making it ideal for serving big crowds.

The grill's four independently regulated steel tube burners allow you to regulate the heat to suit the food you're preparing.

The ability to establish four customizable cooking zones makes it easier to guarantee that your food is perfectly cooked.

Also, if you're preparing easy-to-cook foods, you can set them aside to warm on extremely low heat.

The 4 lockable caster wheels on this griddle make it easy to transfer it to various locations. The electrical ignition technology also makes it simple to operate and ignite.

You only need to push the button to fire up and start cooking.

I found it impressive that this griddle features a removable cup that you can use to collect the juices and drippings from your meal while it cooks. In the end, the cleanup process is considerably more straightforward.

For increased durability, stainless steel is used to make this griddle.

Additionally, it has two shelves on each side of the griddle that offer a practical spot to store your cutlery and ingredients as you cook.

The only thing I found disappointing was how difficult it was to assemble this grill. I had to ask a friend for help, and the whole assembly process took us well over 90 minutes.

  • Caster wheels have brakes
  • Removable griddle surface
  • 4 burners for optimum heat propagation
  • Less sturdy griddle construction
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Quick Facts:

  • Total cooking surface : 784 square inches
  • Dimensions : 61.0 x 23.6 x 37.6 inches
  • Max temperature : 600 degrees
  • Material : stainless steel

5 - Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle

Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle

For a sturdy construction, this gourmet gas griddle is made with thick cold-rolled steel. It will last you a very long time and handle all the strain that comes with griddling.

The Cuisinart griddle is ideal for all outdoor cooking requirements because it is versatile and portable.

I adore how small and handy this flat-top grill is. This griddle includes two burners to offer you complete control over the 280 square inches of cooking area.

The little two-burner gas griddle is compact enough to fit almost any available space. However, I didn't like how the top griddle warped every time I used it.

This griddle's two burners provide 20,000 BTUs of heat, enabling you to cook almost anything that takes your fancy. I love this feature because it broadens the selection of foods I can grill at once.

  • Extra thick grilling surface
  • Burners combine for extra BTUs
  • Built-in hose for propane tanks
  • Griddle top warps
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Quick Facts:

  • Specifications and Dimensions
  • Total cooking surface : 280 square inches
  • Dimensions : 19.5 x 20 x 9 inches
  • Max temperature : 400 degrees
  • Material : cold-rolled stainless steel

6 - Blackstone 4-Burner 36" Griddle

Blackstone 4-Burner 36 Griddle

Blackstone’s 4-Burner 36" Griddle offers a whopping 720 square inches of cooking space.

The rolled steel cooking surface actively contributes to the easy seasoning of the meal.

But because rolled steel is far more prone to corrosion than stainless steel, the drawback is that you will need to clean and oil it frequently unless you want it to rust.

The inclusion of the two side shelves and the under-griddle tray on the Blackstone tabletop grill is a solid sign that the maker paid attention to how their product will be utilized.

You don't need to worry about the Blackstone grill being underpowered because its four gas burners each produce 15,000 BTUs, for a total of 60,000.

You have far greater control over the heat output because the burners may be operated separately.

This allows you to use the rig capacity to make whole meals on a single griddle while simultaneously cooking various dishes at various temperatures.

  • Heats evenly
  • Potent burners
  • Easy grease cleaning
  • Unfoldable side trays
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Quick Facts:

  • Total cooking surface : 720 square inches
  • Dimensions : 68.3 x 27.5 x 41.3 inches
  • Max temperature : 650 degrees
  • Material : cold-rolled stainless steel

7 - Royal Gourmet GD401 4-Burner Folding Gas Grill and Griddle

Royal Gourmet GD401 4-Burner Folding Gas Grill and Griddle

The Royal Gourmet GD401 is an outdoor cooking appliance that can go with you. It's among the best flat-top grills for camping, tailgating, and packing safely within your backyard while not in use.

Because it has a griddle element, this folding flat-top grill and griddle are versatile and useful for making outdoor breakfasts.

The Royal Gourmet GD401's four stainless steel burners have their own independently regulated electronic piezo ignition, making it simple to start and manage.

A total of 48,000 BTU are produced across the grill's width by all 12,000 BTU burners.

The Royal Gourmet burners' flame tamers are covered in porcelain, but most of this grill is covered in stainless steel.

This ought to make cleaning simpler and improve heat dispersion. Because the cooking areas are made of steel, including the griddle and grill bars, I recommend oiling them after each use to prevent rust.

Below the burners, the bottom of the GD401 4-burner is tapered to transfer grease into the suspended grease cup, and a pipe down the front of the griddle directs any extra grease to the same location.

Unfortunately, the drip pan isn't as huge. So, if you're planning a big greasy barbecue, you should empty it frequently or come up with a more effective grease management alternative.

  • Four powerful burners
  • Detachable grill and griddle for easy grill
  • Easily folds up for portability
  • Lacks a cover lid
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Quick Facts:

  • Total cooking surface : 584 square inches
  • Dimensions : 66.14 x 21.65 x 36.61 inches
  • Max temperature : 400 degrees
  • Material : stainless steel

Best Flat Top Grills Buyer's Guide

An image of a woman browsing online for the best flat top grills

Consider the following things when buying a flat-top grill:

1. Versatility

You'll need a flat-top grill that can keep up if you intend to cook full-course meals on your simultaneously. Select an appliance with multipurpose features like several burners and a size that gives you flexibility on how much food you can cook simultaneously.

2. Base and Wheels

Check the model's footing to ensure it's firm and steady, especially when looking at freestanding flat tops. In the same vein, if you intend to move the grill, ensure it has durable folding legs and caster wheels to make it more portable.

3. Cooking Area Thickness

An image of a man cooking using a flat top grill with a good cooking area thickness

When making a purchase, you should also consider your flat top's cooking surface thickness and the number of burners.

A thinner plate will heat up more quickly and is less expensive, but thicker plates are more robust, less likely to distort, and better at heating up uniformly across the cooking surface.

If you can afford it, go for a flat-top portable gas grill with thicker grill cooking surfaces.

4. Efficient Grease Drainage System

Make sure your portable flat-top of choice has big drainage holes or an oversized grease pan. This allows you to quickly push grease away from food into a grease trap so that it cooks crispy rather than oil-soggy.

A flat-top grill with an effective drainage system also makes cleanup simpler and helps reduce smoke from unwelcome oil burning.

5. Construction Material

A close up image of flat top grill made with good construction material

Most flat-top griddles are constructed with stainless steel, cast iron, or carbon steel.

Stainless steel is more long-lasting compared to other materials since it doesn't rust, is weatherproof, and is simple to maintain. In my opinion, this is the finest option for grill construction material.

Although cast iron is hefty and noted for its exceptional heat retention, it requires a porcelain enamel or ceramic coating to prevent corrosion.

As for carbon steel, it is a lightweight, budget-friendly option if you're searching for a flat-top gas grill material that won't break the bank.

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The point of a flat-top grill is its ability to cook various items at once. It is also convenient for large quantities of food, making it ideal for outdoor cooking.

Are Steaks Good on a Flat-Top Grill?

Yes, steaks are good on a flat-top grill because the griddle helps the temperature stay constant over the entire cut. Flat-tops also help the fat and juices to melt into the meat instead of dripping out.

Are Flat-Top Grills Good for Burgers?

Yes, flat-top grills are good for burgers. When cooking on a flat-top grill, you prevent the fat and juices from melting away. Instead, they sizzle into the burger perfectly.

Can You Grill Chicken on a Flat-Top Grill?

Yes, you can grill chicken on a flat-top grill. For best results, give each side 5-10 minutes.

What Is The Best Flat-Top Portable Griddle Combo?

The best flat-top portable griddle combo is one with powerful independent burners, an easy grease management system, and outstanding grilling performance.

How Long Do Flat Top Grills Last?

Flat-top grills last anywhere between 15-20 years, depending on how frequently you use them and what your maintenance habits are.

What Is the Best Flat Top Grill for You?

Outdoor griddles are becoming a trendy buy that many people want. They are incredibly adaptable, with a flat cooking surface that allows you to prepare various dishes with sizzling results.

Whether you're preparing breakfast for a small group or lunch for a large group, invest in a portable flat-top grill with an ideal cooking surface like the Pit Boss 4-Burner Deluxe Griddle.

With this griddle, you enjoy 4 powerful burners plus a massive 748 square inches of cooking space.

The performance and convenience of using this flat-top grill are unmatched, and you can also move it easily, meaning this grill will make a great addition to your next tailgating session.

PIT BOSS 4 Burner Deluxe Griddle

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Has a larger cooking surface
  • Easy to use
  • Functional grease management system
  • Comes with an extended warranty
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
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