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Finding clean meats is a challenge. We've seen companies claim they have ethically-sourced products, but after a more in-depth inspection, it wasn't the truth.

Moink Box is a meat delivery company that makes similar claims. We tried their service to see if they're worth an order, so be sure to read our Moink Box review until the end because there could be an even better option.

What Is Moink Box?

Moink Box is a meat subscription company with a clear mission: connecting small family farms that practice ethical farming with consumers and businesses. They source humanely-raised meat, including chicken and beef, from sustainable family farms. Every month, they ship a box of fresh steaks, beef, pork, chicken, and salmon. Shipping is free, and prices for their smallest meat delivery start at around $130.

The Moink Box's History

Founded in 2017, Moink Box has quickly become a favorite meat delivery service among meat lovers. Its creator, an 8th-generation farmer, brings a wealth of industry expertise to the table.

Feedback from numerous clients highlights Moink's exceptional selection of wild-caught seafood and responsibly-sourced meat, including the finest grass-fed beef, organic chicken, chicken breasts, ground pork, and free-range organic chicken.

  • No growth hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, or nitrites in meat
  • Free shipping for all orders
  • Referral program for extra savings
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, responsive customer service
  • No lamb cuts in the regular offerings
  • No promo codes or coupon codes
  • Limited selection of meats compared to competitors
  • More expensive than other meat delivery services

Quality & Sourcing Methods

Beef cooked in rare and Moink Box logo

Their website boasts top-quality featured products. Their beef, pork, chicken, and other meats are hormone and antibiotic-free, making them healthier and cleaner than most grocery store options. That's not a common sight on a farm. They assert sourcing from dedicated small farmers practicing sustainability. These products originate from U.S. farms with a unique cattle-raising approach, distinct from large distributors.

What Are the Menu Options?

The menu options include farm items, such as big kabobs, beef, bacon, chuck roast, pork chop, and different types of wild-caught seafood.

Some of the items commonly found on their online menu include:


  • Ground Beef
  • Chuck Roast
  • NY Strip Steak
  • Stew Meat


  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Pork Chops
  • Pork Sausage
  • Shoulder Steak


  • Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Thighs
  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Chicken Breast


  • Sockeye Salmon Fillet
  • Wild-caught salmon

Moink Box Pricing

two chunks of meat

The price varies based on your chosen box type, averaging about $4.50 per serving. We offer four box options, including seasonal choices like the chicken box. You can also purchase special items separately to add to your meat subscription.

The choices you can make are:

  • Medium - $159
  • Medium (No Pork) - $159
  • Small - $129
  • Small (No Pork) - $129

Is Moink Box a Subscription Service?

Yes, Moink Box stands out as a top-notch meat subscription service. They bring the finest farm meats, such as pastured pork, straight to your doorstep. Unfortunately, they don't offer beef or lamb options. To get started, you simply place your order and set up a monthly subscription. You have the freedom to customize or cancel your order by switching out meats or keeping it a delightful surprise.

Check out our article about the best meat subscription boxes to find even more great options.

How Are the Boxes Shipped?

Moink meats in packaging

All orders are shipped in recyclable packaging insulated by dry ice and are guaranteed to taste fresh.

If you have any issues with the freshness upon delivery, you can reach out to business customer services for a replacement.

Shipping is always free for every delivery. Many of the other companies we've reviewed, such as Omaha Steaks, Chicago Steaks, and Holy Grail Steaks company, charge shipping costs.

With these companies, shipping can be $20 or more per order. Boxes are delivered throughout the continental United States, so residents of Hawaii and Alaska can't order.

Other meat subscription services:

Online Reviews

After our research and reading reviews, we think this is a great company to order from. It's a good alternative to questionable grocery store food. They offer humanely sourced and healthier products without antibiotics. Everything they have is high quality, and their customer service is responsive. We also checked what people have to say online.

Facebook Page: The company has almost 10 thousand likes on its Facebook page. They have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on the opinion of 152 reviewers [1].

"I'm born and raised in Los Angeles, and let's be honest- meat here sucks! Their meats smell differently and taste amazingly different than what we buy locally. We are SO happy with our purchase."

-R.D., Verified Yelp Review

Yelp: Monik Box has a rating of 3½ stars on their Yelp page. There are a total of seven reviews with an average five-star rating given by reviewers [2].

Did Moink Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

a woman preparing the Moink Box

Yes, in 2019, the founders of Moink were given a chance to present their product on the hit television show Shark Tank. Lucinda Cramsey, one of the founders, presented an offer to the hosts. One of the hosts, Jamie Siminoff, invested $400,000 to help the business grow [3].

FAQs: Moink Meat

Is Moink Box Organic?

Technically, no. The last time we checked, many of the farms Moink Box work with have not gone through their state organic certification process. All of the meat is humanely sourced, and all animals are ethically well-treated.

Where Is Moink Box Located?

Moink Box is located in La Belle, Missouri. They source the meat from various farms and ranches around and throughout the American Midwest.

What Does Moink Stand For?

Moink stands for Moo-Oink. This is a combination of the sounds of cow and pig. It's a reference to beef meatballs wrapped in bacon.

Is Moink Box Grass-Fed?

Yes. Moink Box offers grass-fed and grass-finished beef. The company sources beef from farms that raise 100% grass-fed cows. The meat is also a hormone, antibiotic-free, and free of GMO grains.

Is Moink Box Meat Certified Humane?

Yes. Moink only sources certified humane meat. They work with farms in the United States who are committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Should You Buy Moink Box?

After our Moink Box review and the information we received, we can say that they offer adequate service.

But, out of the many online companies we've tried, we feel that ButcherBox is a better offer. We think they have more choices, especially when it comes to wild-caught seafood.

ButcherBox offers grass-fed and grass-finished beef, as well as other types of high-quality meat which are ethically sourced. They also have better taste and more consistent quality.

#1 Meat Delivery Service


Butcher box package
Meat Quality
Menu Options
Overall Score
  • Grass-fed and grass-finished beef delivered directly to your door
  • Without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Customizable boxes available
  • Select from up to 21 different cuts
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of April
  • No organ meat


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