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Moink Box and ButcherBox are two remarkably similar meat delivery companies. To know which one is better, we decided to order from both and test their services.

After doing a taste test, we've found a clear winner when it comes to Moink vs ButcherBox. Here are the highlights of our experience and everything you must know before placing an order.

Moink Box & ButcherBox Primary Differences

Moink vs Butcher Box key differences

While both Butcher Box and Moink Box have many similarities, the key difference is that ButcherBox has more than 60 meat options, while Moink only has around 30. ButcherBox also ships to all 50 states, while Moink ships to only 48 states.

Both companies source their meats from family-owned farms that apply humane cattle-raising practices. ButcherBox offers a wider selection with different cuts of heritage breed pork, grass-fed beef, and free-range organic chicken.

ButcherBox has a stronger consumer support center with user-friendly help topics, email, and phone support. Moink only uses phone and email service support.


  • Ships to all 50 states
  • Over 60 meat options with 5 box offerings
  • Consumer service includes website help topics, phone support, and email support
  • Sells premium quality grass-fed and grass-finished beef, heritage-breed pork, free-range organic chicken, and wild-caught seafood

Moink Box

  • Ships to 48 states
  • Around 30 meat options with 4 box offerings
  • Support service includes phone and email support
  • Sells high-quality grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, and wild-caught seafood

How Does the Quality Compare?

Both companies make similar claims when it comes to where they source their meat. Unlike many of the other meat delivery service providers, Both companies focus on grass-fed and grass-finished beef and clean chicken and pork. For another kind of pork, however, you might want to have Kurobuta instead.

Both companies claim that their meat comes from animals that are free of growth hormones and GMO grains. The meat at both companies is well above the quality you get at grocery stores. One perk of both companies is they have a satisfaction guarantee, so if you're not happy with the meat quality, there are options.

Comparing Sourcing Practices

cutting meat

ButcherBox sources all of their meats from family farms throughout the USA. The company has strict standards for the raising of the animals they source. Some of these standards include:

  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • All animals must be able to roam free
  • Humanely raised using sustainable practices

Moink works with over a hundred different farms throughout the country and two farms on Tunisia, an island off the coast of Australia. The farms they work with are small, and the animals all ethically sourced and humanely raised. The two companies operate similarly, though ButcherBox has a slight edge.

Their processing facilities use operating methods recommended by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program's scientific committee. They control the entire process from the farm to your table to produce quality meats that are ethically and humanely sourced.

ButcherBox & Moink Box Menu Options

ButcherBox has more meat options. They are a larger company and work with a larger number of farms so that they can source more beef, pork, chicken, and seafood cuts than some other companies. While they don't offer as many options as companies like Crowd Cow, what they do offer is generally of a higher quality.

Offers beef, chicken, pork and some seafood options. Offers chicken, beef, pork, and seafood.
Beef selections include ground beef, boneless ribeye, stew meat, chuck roast, rump roast, New York strip steaks, and flank steak. The company offers only grass fed beef. Some of their options include New York strip steak, steak tips, sirloin steaks, porterhouse steak, and more.
For pork, they offer breakfast sausage, bacon, ground pork, boneless pork chop, and shoulder roast. All of the pork the company sells is heritage breed pork. These are particular pig breeds that are known for being fattier and healthier due to their clear raising.
Their organic chicken selection includes chicken drumsticks, bone-in split chicken breasts, chicken wings, chicken tenders, and boneless skinless chicken breast. They also offer wild-caught sockeye salmon. Cuts the company offers include whole pork tenderloin, pork chops, thick cut bacon, and more. You can also get chicken and salmon cuts from the company.


Both companies are meat subscription services offering monthly packages you can order. Moink has four different price range options that can be customized based on the type of meat you want. The company has two different price range packages, one that is curated for you each month and another that you can completely customize.

The four packages Moink offers are their two small options (one with pork and one without) for $129 with 6.5lbs of meat, and their two medium packages (one with pork and one without) for $159 with around 12lbs of meat.

The ButcherBox options are their curated classic for $124 with 8-11lbs of meat, the curated big package for $238 with 16-22lbs of meat, the classic custom box for $149 with 9-14lbs of meat, and the custom big package for $270 with 18-26lbs of meat.

Shipping & Delivery

ButcherBox gives all customers free shipping on all orders. The company delivers to all 50 states and provides a tracking number for all orders the day your order ships. Moink Box also offers free shipping, though only to the contiguous United States, meaning the 48 states minus Hawaii and Alaska.

The company also provides a tracking number when your order ships so that you can track your package.

There is also a difference in the service area between the two companies with ButcherBox offering a slightly larger delivery area. The delivery frequency is the same, with both companies sending a shipment every month.

How About the Packaging?

Each shipment from ButcherBox is individually frozen and vacuum packed for delivery. Their packaging is eco-friendly and features inbuilt insulation so that your meat stays fresh while in the hands of the delivery service.

Moink Box ships all of their meat in a similar way with the main difference being their packaging isn't specified as eco-friendly or recycled.

Consumer Support

We looked through reviews for both companies and was able to find positive reviews when it came to both company's support services. Because they are a larger business, ButcherBox has a more robust customer service support center.

They have a library of help topics with an easy to navigate table of contents. For further help, they offer phone and email support. Moink's service quality consists of only email and phone support.

ButcherBox vs Moink Box: Winner

When it comes to Moink vs Butcher Box, we find ButcherBox to be the high-quality option. We like their heritage pork, and the NY strip was especially tasty. Depending on your order, they may also offer free bacon or other add-ons, which is a big plus.

Because the company has a broader delivery area and free shipping, it's simple for meat lovers anywhere in the country to order. Their delivery frequency also makes it easy to stay stocked throughout the month.

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