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When I started a carnivore diet meal plan, I did it to address my issues with my bloating and food restrictions. Then I realized, the carnivore diet suits me best. I’ve always loved red meat and was intrigued.

Since I started, I slowly managed to perfect the process for myself. The health benefits and improved weight loss have been great.

However, I did underestimate what was involved in planning and sticking to carnivore diet. To help you avoid some of the problems I encountered, I’ve put this guide together.

How To Prepare Your Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

The following four tips have helped me a lot to stay motivated and achieve some secondary goals. That is to lose weight and gain a little muscle.

Now let's get into it.

1. Know Your Why

Know Your Why

Before you get started eating the carnivore diet, it’s vital to set your goals. Remember that this is a lifestyle change.

Whether it’s to reach your desired body weight, reduce body fat, fight food allergies, combat an autoimmune disease, or to build some lean muscle. You have to set yourself a concise goal.

Maybe it’s to lose 20 lbs before you go on a summer vacation or like gain 5 pounds of lean muscle in 6 months.

Whatever it is, aspiring carnivore dieters (like you) must write it down and post it somewhere you can see every day, to remind you of your eating patterns.

It will be like a reminder to keep you motivated to continue with carnivore diet.

2. Plan To Commit

Plan To Commit

Eating a full high fat, carnivore diet for more than a few days or weeks takes many commitment.

The worst thing you can do on the carnivore diet is just take it day by day and leave it until the morning to figure out what you’ll be eating.

Instead, set yourself clear goals for the week and use a planner and shopping list to prepare ahead.

I always do this on a Sunday afternoon, and it will include things like how many runs and trips to the gym I do, as well as what I’ll be eating for each meal.

You can also take a little extra time to find new types of cuts you might like and preparation methods to add a bit more variety. You can even experiment on eating organs (like cow's liver or heart) to explore more options and experience new flavors.

If you’re not keen on preparing your meals while on the carnivore diet, you can take advantage of meat delivery services.

Crowd Cow, for example, allows you to choose from their “prepped-for-you” muscle meat mixes or create your box and have it delivered to you. You have the freedom to choose what you might like.

It’s a convenient way to jumpstart your carnivore diet, and most importantly, you get high-quality beef, chicken, or pork.

Other meat delivery services available:

3. Social Life Preparations

Social Life Preparations

The fact is eating in social engagements used to be one of my most dreaded situations.

If you eat like at a dinner party and tell them you eat a box of donuts every morning, eat McDonald's for lunch and pizza for dinner, people won't criticize you too much.

However, when you tell people that you're on the carnivore diet and it involves eating mostly red meat and zero plant foods, the whole table will go on the attack.

And God forbid there’s a vegan at the table, you simply won’t hear the end of it.

First of all, tell people you’re doing it because of food allergy issues, and you’re experimenting with the carnivore diet to isolate the underlying causes. Generally, I don't like talking about losing weight in the beginning.

Even with this approach, you’ll still get comments from many people like: “You’re completely crazy for not eating fruits and vegetables, and it’s so irresponsible.” The vegan at the table will probably have a lot fruitier language about nutrition and a lengthy rant.

In this case, I find the best thing that works is to ask whether they are concerned with their own health or yours?

Nine times out of ten, this works for me, and if you get caught sitting next to the vegan, then divert the conversation onto something else.

4. Dining out

Dining out

The good news for people on the Carnivore Diet is that there are many restaurants you can eat out with quality wellness meats that will cater to your needs.

Eating in steak and BBQ restaurants are probably your best bet. 

But be sure to avoid processed meats. Eating processed meats is not allowed in the carnivore diet.

You just need to be careful of the way the dishes are prepared. Avoid eating anything that has sauces or is stir-fried with vegetables.

Unfortunately, you’ll most likely avoid eating out in many Chinese and Indian restaurants as pretty much all their dishes are heavy with sauces.

When I started my all-meat diet, what I usually do is check out the menus online. As long as I see many steaks and filet mignon available, I'd be happy to eat there.

The first thing that attracted me to the Carnivore Diet was the menu. I like meat and other fatty foods and don’t have too much of a sweet tooth anymore. Therefore, it seemed like it would be easy for me to maintain.

Mike Fishbein


After you’ve written down your fitness goals (whether it's to lose weight or bulk up), the next step is to set a timeline to get started on the carnivore diet journey.

Now it’s time to help you out and plan you carnivore diet meat consumption for every day of the week. I’ll list out a daily meal prep based on breakfast lunch and dinner, along with the amount of food you’ll eat.

This is based on people with an average height and size. If you have extreme weight loss or muscle mass gaining, then you will need to adjust these.

Also, if you find you’re still hungry after eating these portions, then increase the amounts of food gradually.

Week 1 Diet Plan and Shopping List

Week 1 Meal Plan and high protein Shopping List

I advise people starting on the carnivore diet to take a 3-level approach elimination way of eating where over several weeks, you work towards a beef only diet.

For the 4-week plan, I will gradually change the meat selection to get you to level 3 by the end of the week. The first mistake to avoid, and something you will notice below is that you shouldn’t stay away from fat or fatty meat.

Saturated fat is not your enemy, and there are increasing studies that show the culprit is sugar when it comes to heart disease. [1] Shawn Baker writes about this a lot in his book, you can see my full review here.

You will notice this week on this all-meat diet, we still have some dairy products we can eat. This will help you adjust and stay focused during the initial stages.

Also, you must have one pint of drinking water with every meal as well as one pint of water in between meals. One pint is equivalent to 470 mL. That’s a total of five pints (2400 mL) of water per day or more.

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday 
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


Five slices of bacon (about 4 ounces) and one or two 100% pork sausages (3 ounces)


The grilled beef burger patty only (10 ounces) with a slice of cheese


Four fresh racks of lamb (12 ounces)

Shopping list for the week:

  • Bacon: 12 ounces
  • 100% pork sausages: 13 ounces
  • Pork chops: 12 ounces
  • Pork belly: 10 ounces
  • Lamb Chops: 24 ounces
  • Chicken breasts
  • Beef (Grounded): 18 ounces
  • Porterhouse steak: 24 ounce
  • Ribeye steak: 24 ounce
  • Topside of beef 24 ounces
  • Salmon cutlets: 30 ounces (or other fatty fish)
  • Trout: 26 ounces
  • Butter: 1lbs
  • Cheese: 1/2 lbs

Week 2 Diet Plan and Shopping List

Week 2 Diet Plan and Shopping List

During the second week, we’re going to be removing most of the milk byproducts on our carnivore diet. We’ll still allow some butter to be used in cooking, but the cheese is gone now.

I would also suggest that you start experimenting a little with the way you cook. For the beef, move to the rare side of cooking as this will preserve many nutritional values.

The more you cook these, the more of the protein, nutrient, minerals, and vitamins break down. We’ll still be keeping a mix of seafood, poultry, pork, lamb, and beef, but we’ll add in some organ meat as well.

Some people starting on an all-meat diet are a bit squeamish about this, but if you look up the nutrients they contain, you might change your mind. These are few things to consider if you hesitate to try organ meats.

You can also ask your butcher to cut them into slices. I found this helped initially, as it will just look like any other cut of meat.

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday 
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


2 grilled chicken breasts with skin (8 ounces)


Slow roast topside of beef (12 ounces)


4 fresh lamb chops (12 ounces)

Shopping list for the week:

  • Chicken breasts: 32 ounces
  • Topside of beef: 44 ounces
  • Lamb chops: 12 ounces
  • Salmon cutlets : 30 ounces 
    (or other fatty fish)
  • Ribeye steak: 28 ounces
  • Ribeye steak: 24 ounce
  • 100% pork sausages: 3 ounces
  • Porterhouse steak: 12 ounces
  • Pork chops: 12 ounces
  • Beef's liver: 12 ounces

Week 3 Diet Plan and Shopping List

Week 3 Diet Plan and Shopping List

For the third week of the carnivore diet, we’re removing all the milk byproducts left, and we’ll slightly increase the shift towards cow's meat.

You’ll notice that there are fewer meals covered by fish and poultry, and we’ll even add in a beef-only day in preparation for next week.

At this stage, you should also be eating your beef at least medium-rare to get most of the micronutrient benefits. You will have cooked many kinds of beef and should be getting used to judging it better.

What you can also do is cut your steaks in half and then cook one part medium-rare and the other medium-well. One thing you should notice is that there is a lot more flavor to the medium-rare part, even with just salt to season.

I’m also introducing a bit more organ meat into the mix. Eating organ parts is highly beneficial to balance your efforts even though they are lower in fats.

From one serving of eating liver or kidney, you can get more nutrient and vitamins, especially Vitamin B12 than most plant foods, and it's more than your daily needs. Also, the raw liver does contain some Vitamin C. You won't believe the nutrition these organs can give to the body.

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday 
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


Grilled Beef (Grounded) burger patty (8 ounces)


Slow roast topside of beef (8 ounces) + roasted beef liver (4 ounces)


Roast salmon (or other fatty fish) cutlets on the bone (15 ounces)

Shopping list for the week:

  • Chicken breasts: 12 ounces
  • Topside of beef: 36 ounces
  • Lamb chops: 8 ounces 
  • Salmon cutlets: 15 ounces
  • Ribeye steak: 24 ounces
  • Bacon: 4 ounces
  • 100% pork sausages: 3 ounces 
  • Porterhouse steak: 32 ounces
  • Beef's liver: 8 ounces 
  • Beef Kidney: 8 ounces 

Week 4 Diet Plan and Shopping List

Week 4 Diet Plan and Shopping List with assorted meats

If you’ve made it this far on the carnivore diet, then you can start looking forward to noticing some benefits.

You should be feeling a lot more active physically with increased levels of concentrations as a result of your metabolism having entirely shifted to ketosis and blood sugar levels remaining stable. This is what happens to your body when you undergo the Ketogenic Diet.

Some people even experience blood sugar drop while on the carnivore diet because the carbohydrate intake is not right. This must be a precaution to people with Type 2 Diabetes.

You should also find those carb cravings will have reduced because you’re now better equipped to get all the energy you need from fat and protein.

This week, we’ll be removing all meat that doesn’t come from cows. You’ll also notice that we’re adding organ meat on a more regular basis. And there is one other thing that you should try and factor in for this week.

All the meat you buy should come from grass-fed only cows, and this will also add more healthy fat. It doesn’t have to be organic, but that is an option if you can afford it. If your budget doesn’t stretch to this, try to add in as much grass-fed cow's meat when you can.

Also, because there are limited recipes to follow on a high protein, all-meat diet, you should try and vary your cooking techniques. I find grilling your meat is a great way to get some of the charred flavors.

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday 
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


Grilled Beef (Grounded) burger patty (8 ounces)


Slow roast topside of beef (8 ounces) + roasted beef liver (4 ounces) one pinch of salt


BBQ beef ribs (24 ounces including bones)

Shopping list for the week:

  • Topside of beef: 36 ounces
  • Beef (Grounded): 56 ounces
  • Ribeye steak: 28 ounces
  • Porterhouse steak: 32 ounces 
  • Beef liver: 8 ounces

Because here’s the thing: studies have been quietly accumulating over the past few years that suggest the truth about saturated fat is more complicated and less damning than previously thought. In fact, saturated fat may be necessary, even... healthy.

Michelle Stacey

Women’s Health Magazine

Tips To Optimize Your Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

When you make a drastic shift to carnivore diet, small mistakes can end up reducing your success rate. Here are a couple more tips (number one is my favorite) to help set you up for the best carnivore diet results.

1. Explore The Fatty Cuts

Fatty cuts of red meat

When I first started with my all-meat way of eating, I thought I was doing it right by only getting lean cuts of meat and avoiding high fat.

A good example is if you ate fatty steaks, in which it has a high fat and protein ratio. In addition, it is rich in nutrients.

However, once your body switches to ketosis, you will need a lot of fat in your diet as a source of energy. This is what happens to the body when on a Ketogenic Diet. Diets like these will use your body's fat to convert it to energy.

How much fat will very much depend on your daily activity? If you have a physical job and head to the gym regularly, then you’ll need a lot more fat. As compared to a day without much of an activity  (a day that revolves around bed, car, elevator, desk, elevator, car, couch, and back to bed).

Remember to get your blood work done before the diet to make sure cholesterol and triglyceride levels can be monitored.

2. What About Vitamin C?

lack of vitamins

There's been a long ongoing debate about Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) deficiency in darnivore diet.

Other people worry about their nutrition and the risk of acquiring Scurvy (a disease caused by ascorbic acid deficiency) when in prolonged carnivore diet.

The right amount of vitamin C you need on the carnivore diet is debatable.

There have been people practicing a strict carnivore diet for 10+ years without signs of ascorbic acid deficiencies. I recommend you watch this video by Dr. Barry to learn more... 

3. Don’t Be Too Worried About Calories

Don’t Be Too Worried About Calories

Yes, I did say that, but if you combine an active lifestyle with the carnivore diet, then it’s rather unlikely that you’ll be in a significant state of calorie overdose.

As well as that, because the calories are not coming from carbs, you won’t be storing them as fat.

What will happen is that if you eat more fat than your body needs, it will pass through undigested.

Remember that if you want to lose weight, your calorie consumption must be more than your daily calorie intake.

So let’s say your daily calorie intake (from all meals) is 2,000 calories, so it makes sense that you burn at least 2,500 calories during exercise to lose weight.

Not to sound too disgusting, but watch out for signs of diarrhea to help you fine-tune your meals. Other people experience loose bowel movements during the first five days of the carnivore diet.

4. Try Out Organ Meats

organ meat

When you're on a carnivore diet, do not limit yourself to the meat alone. Diets like this gives you the chance to explore other organ meats of animal foods to include in the carnivore diet.

You'll be surprised to find out about its nutritional contents, plus it tastes delicious too (even when only seasoned with salt).

Examples of organs you can include on your carnivore diet are beef tongue, heart, liver, bone broth, bone marrow, chicken liver, and more.

For its nutrition, a cow's tongue, for instance, is a good source of zinc, iron, choline, trace minerals, and Vitamin B.

Beef liver, on the other hand, contains a lot of iron, nutrient, B Vitamins, and Vitamin A. So, the vitamin and nutrient from plant foods can be taken from organ meats after all. [2] This will ease any worries about nutrient deficiencies when on carnivore diet.

You can try other animal products that has valuable nutrition such as eggs. Since the calorie content of boiled eggs is only 155 calories (without including the yolk).

Carnivore Diet Meal Plan FAQs

Do I only need to eat Grass-Fed Meat on the Carnivore Diet?

No, you don’t have to eat grass-fed meat only while on the carnivore diet, but it is something that would benefit you.

From a nutritional perspective, animal products, more specifically cows, that are fed only with grass will have a much more natural and healthy composition when it comes to the micro and macronutrients. Since Grass-Fed cows contain certain healthy fat like omega-3. It's nutrition can have beneficial effects on the body’s digestive system.

Many people also prefer the taste (me included).

How often should I eat meat while on a carnivore diet? 

You should eat meat, and nothing but meat, for every meal while on the carnivore diet. Some people tend to be worried if it's the only thing they ate because it may cause constipation, but the opposite can be the case.

While fatty meats are essential, too much fat can pass through your digestive system untouched and will cause that dreaded feeling of needing to be close to a toilet all the time.

How do I food prep on a carnivore diet while on budget? 

For people on a budget, you can adapt the affordable carnivore diet food prep by asking your butcher for cheaper cuts of meat. These may be a bit tougher, but not less valuable from a nutrient perspective.

What you would need to do is slow cook the cow's meat to make it more tender, and I am certain it will still be delicious. But if you're on a budget, never settle for a processed meat. These processed meats like sausages and salami contain additives and fillers that has carbs.

Eggs are also a great option while on an all-meat diet. Other carnivores ate eggs as their snacks.

What happens if I eat one meal a day on the carnivore diet? 

If you eat only one high protein meal a day when on a carnivore diet, your body will feel great, the metabolism will be in intermittent fasting mode and the body will burn more fat reserves. [3]

Adding fasting periods to your carnivore diet can be an effective way to lose more weight, as your body will look for all possible resources of energy when not enough calories are coming in.

Can I survive a month eating only meat when in carnivore diet?

Yes, you can survive a month and longer eating only meat with this diet and you'll feel great. Some of the most beneficial effects won’t kick in like after a month when your body has fully adapted to ketosis (especially when on Ketogenic die).

However, it’s one of those diets where you can do it for a few days and then switch to something else. You will need to allow time to adjust, and committing for like several months is required to see the full benefits.

Do I have to eat organ meats in a carnivore diet?

Yes, it is advisable to eat organ meats. This is a debatable topic, and there are things to consider. I know many people who follow the carnivore diet and don't eat organ meats.

However, these are nutrient-dense and provide a ton of benefits, especially for the body’s digestive system. So add the right servings if you can.

How much protein do you eat on the carnivore diet?

I don't count grams of protein per se, but like on a typical day for me is about 40% of my calories from protein and 60% from fat. And as close to 0 carbs as possible.

Eggs are known as a great source of protein too (especially the egg white), without the yolk. Since egg yolks contain carbohydrates.

I got my blood test results upon the conclusion of the 90-day period, and I had no vitamin deficiencies, a low serum glucose level, a Hemoglobin A1c under 5% and super low C Reactive Protein. Almost every single biomarker associated with good health was well within the healthy range.

Andy Lindquist

Diet and Fitness Blogger


Once your physical transformation shows, there simply won’t be any arguing with what you’ve achieved.

With the help of this article, you should have enough of a meal plan to get started with the carnivore diet.

If you’re considering starting the carnivore diet but don’t know how to start, we recommend going for a meat delivery subscription for a hassle-free start.

Crowd Cow is a good choice to help you get started knowing your meat. Head on to Crowd Cow to shop for premium-quality meat, filled with nutrition, freshly packed and portioned for you.

And finally, let us know how your journey is like and what challenges you were able to solve while on a carnivore diet. We love hearing from readers.

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