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Did you know that high-grade American Wagyu can cost up to $200 per pound, and the cows themselves can sell for as much as $30,000? Mindblowing, I know.

Well, recently, I had a craving for the buttery and delicious taste of American Wagyu beef. But, I kept coming up short trying to find some that didn’t break the bank.

Until my team and I received a recommendation for Snake River Farms. Here’s the result of our experience.

What Is Snake River Farms?

meat cuts, products and logo of Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms is a company that sources high-quality American Wagyu cuts, prime rib, filet mignon, Kurobuta pork, and other premium roasts. Though their products aren’t quite cheap, you can notice the difference in texture and taste of their meats over their competitors.

Some say they are the place to be if you want to try anything that's even tastier than USDA Prime steaks. The company was formed in 1968 as a small ranch and feed setup. Over time, they have expanded and developed a sustainable way to deliver great prime beef from the farm to your table.

  • American Wagyu Beef & Kurobuta Pork
  • Friendly customer support
  • Higher than USDA Prime options
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Not the cheapest option

Snake River Meat Choices & Selection

meat on table

Snake River Farms is a bit different from other online mail-order delivery services you'll find. They specialize in two main products:

American Wagyu Beef

If you love to make great steaks on any special occasion, then you will enjoy the Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef or American Kobe. This is a particular type of amazing Japanese beef that comes from unique breeds of cattle that have higher intramuscular fat content. The American Wagyu Japanese beef has a lot of good marbling, which gives its tender, buttery texture and juicy taste you'll like.

For some connoisseurs, Wagyu beef may be one of the best and most pricey meats in the world. Snake River Farms' American Wagyu has been developed by using Angus cattle.

They offer various types of gold grade and black grade American Wagyu cuts, which is way more superior than USDA Prime. Examples of high-quality cuts you can get are ribeye, New York strip, flank, filet mignon, brisket, Picanha steaks and more.

Last but not least, they offer fantastic Teres Major steaks. If you are not familiar with this delicious beef cut, be sure to read this article.

Wagyu fat melts at a lower temperature than other stakes, resulting in a rich, buttery flavor

- Alicia Rooker, Editor of Taste at Home Magazine

Snake River Farms Kurobuta Pork

If you want to get pork, then this may be a better choice. Kurobuta is a cut of pork that you can mostly find in restaurants. This comes from the Berkshire breed of pigs, which originates all the way back from the United Kingdom, giving it a slightly higher price tag. On one part, Modern Kurobuta is a special hybrid of Berkshire, including domestic Japanese black pigs.

This pork scores good on the marbling scale, which means that it has a more tender texture. It is also very juicy, which means it could really make a tasty pork belly roast recipe. It is better for cooking longer at higher temperatures than other pork cuts (1). We have another article dedicated to Kurobuta pork so check it out to learn more.

You can still get various gold or black grade cuts of this pork like pork chops, ribs, pork tomahawk steak, and others.

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Snake River Beef Production Process

The company says that their goal is to make their standards one of the industry's best for Wagyu beef. Its parent company, Agri Beef Inc., controls the entire production process to maintain the highest quality standards for Wagyu beef.

They are the best commercial producer that I have ever used. Their beef brisket is several steps above any other I have found.

When we first tested their services, we ordered various cuts like filet mignon steaks, brisket, and two American Wagyu hot dog packs. And even during the subsequent times we ordered, we can always see that every product's quality was consistent and better than the traditional ones we see from a local butcher or grocery store.

Family-Owned Farm Sourcing

SRF lamb

Each product is sourced from either a ranch they own or other top family-owned farms in the Northwest United States.

According to their website, they make a point only to choose to work with ranches that adhere to their stringent guidelines for animal well being and sustainable farming practices. They claim that all their animals are fed adequately and are raised according to these top principles, as well.


Their meats are some of the high-quality meats that we’ve tried. The American Wagyu steaks have a gold or black grade rating, which is superior to USDA Prime. Every time we cook them, we become excited about how rich the beef's flavoring and marbling are.

"It far exceeds the quality of the other companies I have used."

We are also impressed with their Double R Ranch gourmet hot dogs and brisket made from their Prime meats. They're not like any items we see in a grocery store. They taste great, and we would love to share them as a hearty meal with our friends and family. We can see that the packaging and the way they ship their steaks ensures freshness.

How Is The Customer Service?

To provide you a thorough Snake River Farms review, we wanted to test out their customer support service, too. After receiving our purchase, we called someone from the company to ask questions about the meats' proper storage.

We were impressed and thanked the representatives for the quick reply to our questions. They displayed a good understanding of all their products and services. Overall, we found more positive than negative reviews with each order.

Sustainable Packaging & Delivery

premium wagyu steak

All items to be delivered will come frozen inside recyclable packaging, which is a thermal insulated bag. Inside the boxes, you can see an insulated foam liner and a lot of dry ice to make sure that your order will stay frozen.

So, you don’t need to worry about spoilage if your filet mignon box sits outside your house for a few hours.

Our meat box even stayed on the porch for a couple of hours, as we were unable to pick it up immediately. When we opened it up, all of the items were completely frozen with dry ice and in good condition. Snake River Farms definitely offers one of the best meat delivery boxes on the market.


Based on our Snake River Farms test, as well as most customer reviews, you’re in luck if you’re in Hawaii or Alaska. Many of the other online stores do not even deliver outside of the 48 states. But, because they use FEDEX, they can ship your order to remote areas like Hawaii and Alaska in a short amount of time. You can also opt for express or overnight shipping.

In my review, the one downside I found is that they don’t offer free shipping. As compared to other stores or even Amazon, I can get free shipment if the meats I buy are beyond a specific price. But, with Snake River Farms, you would need to pay for shipment regardless of how much money you spend. According to their website, there are four shipping options, including:

  • $9.99 Standard Shipping (Ground)
  • $39.99 Express Shipping (2-Day Air)
  • $79.99 Overnight Shipping (1-Day Air)
  • $49.99 Expedited Dry-Aged Shipping

Only Drawback We Noticed

meat preparation

Most reviews highlight that the only downside is the lack of choices available. We also agree. There are only two main types of meat you can buy. It would be even better to have a selection of other meats like seafood and chicken.

At the same time, it would also help if they offer free delivery when you buy over a certain amount of prime beef. The brisket and filet mignon we ordered would have easily pushed us to the free shipment threshold in other delivery stores.


Can I have my Snake River product shipped at a later date?

Yes. Snake River Farms has an option for a pre-arranged delivery. You can have your package shipped on any day for up to 21 days after you placed an order.

Can I refreeze my Snake River meats?

Yes, you can refreeze the meat, but only if a cut has not been entirely defrosted. The flavor and freshness of the meat will stay the same. However, if it has been completely defrosted, the taste may be compromised. In that case, the company does not recommend refreezing it. You can keep the defrosted produce in the fridge for up to 12 days, so long as it stays in its original packaging. When it comes to ground beef, refreezing is never recommended.

Does Snake River Farms accept refunds?

Yes, you can file for a refund or replacement. The customer support team will assist with any report made on damaged or defective goods.

Is Snake River Farms beef grass-fed?

Initially, yes. Snake River Farms beef feed on grass and hay for the first year of life. After this, they are fed sustainably with grains, forages, and hay. They are also fed potatoes. Snake River cattle do not receive any growth hormone medication but are given vitamins, minerals, and occasional antibiotics to treat an infection.

Is Snake River steak expensive than supermarket meat?

Yes. As a top purveyor of high-quality Wagyu, Snake River Farms offers more expensive but better options than supermarket meat. Despite its pricey cut, you'll see and taste the difference in flavor and tenderness. If you want good and tender cuts, the prices are worth it.

Is Snake River Farms Worth It?

We think Snake River Farms offers good value for your money because of its unique and premium meats. But, we can’t say they match the subscription services of ButcherBox, which likewise offers high-caliber meat.

Snake River Farms has very limited meat options, unlike ButcherBox, which has a wider selection when it comes to grass-fed and grass-finished beef, and other prime menu options like free-range organic chicken and wild-caught seafood. Delivery is also always on time, and each order is packaged safely.


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