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Occasionally, I like to splurge on a Prime cut of meat. Recently, I had a craving for Wagyu beef but I kept coming up short trying to find a good store that didn’t break the bank. A friend recommended that I try Snake River Farms. Here’s a review of my full experience.

Snake River Farms Highlights

The History

The founders say that Snake River Farms is only one brand of the Agri Beef Inc. which is a family-owned business that produces quality branded meat products. Snake River Farms was formed in 1968 as a small ranch and feed setup. Over time, they have developed a sustainable way to deliver Prime beef from the farm to your table. Snake River specializes in selling American Wagyu Beef and Kurobuta Pork, among their other items like Prime Northwestern Beef and dry-aged steaks.


Snake River Farms meats are some of the high-quality meats that I’ve tried. The Wagyu steaks have a gold grade rating, which is superior than USDA Prime. Every time I cook them, I become excited with how rich the beef's flavor and marbling are.

I am also impressed with their gourmet hot dogs and brisket made from their Prime meats. They taste great and I would love to share them as a hearty meal with my friends and family. I can see that the packaging and the way they ship their steaks ensures freshness.

Customer Service

To provide you a thorough Snake River Farms review, I wanted to test out their customer support service, too.  After receiving my purchase, I called the company to ask questions about the proper storage of the meats. I thanked the representatives for quickly answering any questions I have. In fact, they really displayed a good understanding of all their products and services.

Positive Reviews

Overall, we found more positive than negative reviews. Here are some of our favorite comments.

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They are the best commercial producer that I have ever used. Their beef brisket is several steps above any other I have found. (1)

It far exceeds the quality of the other companies I have used. (2)

That is great beef. As a meat cutter, I always recommend SRF to people who look for good quality meat. (3)


One downside that I see when you buy from Snake River Farms is the lack of choices available. There are only two main types of meat you can buy. It would be even better to have a selection of other meats like seafood and chicken. At the same time, it would also helpful if they offer free shipping when you buy over a certain amount. The brisket I ordered would have easily pushed me to the free shipment threshold in other meat delivery stores.

5 Things To Know Before Buying

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1. Meat Choices

Snake River is a bit different from other online meat delivery stores. In their site, you can find that they specialize in two main products only:

American Wagyu Beef

If you love to make steaks, then you will enjoy American Wagyu Beef or American Kobe. This is a particular type of Japanese beef that comes from unique breeds of cattle that have higher intramuscular fat content. The Wagyu beef has a lot of good marbling, which gives its tender texture and juicy taste.

For some beef connoisseurs, American Wagyu may be one of the best and most expensive meats in the world. Snake River Farms' American Wagyu has been developed only using Angus cattle. They offer various types of gold grade American Wagyu cuts, which is way more superior than USDA Prime. Examples of beef cuts you can get are ribeye steak, New York strip steak, flank steak, filet mignon, brisket, and more. 

“Wagyu fat melts at a lower temperature than other stakes, resulting in a rich, buttery flavor.”
- Alicia Rooker, Editor of Taste at Home Magazine (4)

Kurobuta Pork

If you want to get pork, then this may be a better choice. Kurobuta is another high-end sort of Japanese meat that you can mostly find in restaurants. This pork comes from the Berkshire breed of pigs, which originates all the way back from the United Kingdom. On the other hand, Modern Kurobuta is a special hybrid of the Berkshire and domestic Japanese black pigs.

This pork has amazing marbling, which gives its tender texture. It is also very juicy, which means it would really make a tasty pork belly roast. It is better for cooking longer at higher temperatures than other pork cuts (5). You can get various cuts of this pork from Snake Farms, including pork chops, ribs, pork tomahawk steak, and others.

2. Meat Production Process

The Snake River Farms company says that their goal is to make their standards one of the industry's best. Its parent company, Agri Beef Inc., controls the entire production process to maintain their top standards. 

When I first tested their services, I ordered beef cuts like filet mignon steaks, brisket, and two American Wagyu hot dog packs. And even during the subsequent times I ordered, I can always see that every product's quality was consistent and better than the traditional ones I find from a local butcher or grocery store.

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3. Family-Owned Farm Sourcing

Each product that Snake River Farms sells is sourced from either a ranch they own or other top family-owned farms in the Northwest United States. According to their website, they make a point only to choose to work with ranches that adhere to their stringent guidelines for animal well being and sustainable farming practices. They claim that all their animals are fed adequately and are raised according to these top principles as well.

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4. Sustainable Packaging

All items to be delivered will come frozen inside recyclable packaging, which is a thermal insulated bag. Inside the boxes, you can see an insulated foam liner and a lot of dry ice to make sure that your order will stay frozen. So, you don’t need to worry about spoilage if your box sits outside your house for a few hours. 

My meat box even stayed on my porch for a couple of hours, as I was unable to pick it up immediately. When I opened it up, all of the items were completely frozen, and everything is in place.

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5. Shipping 

If you’re in Hawaii or Alaska, you’re in luck. Many of the other online meat stores do not even deliver outside of the other 48 states. But, because Snake River Farms uses FEDEX, they can ship to areas like Hawaii and Alaska in just a short amount of time. 

In my Snake River Farms review, the one downside I found is that they don’t offer free shipping. As compared to other stores or even Amazon, I can get free shipment if the meats I buy are beyond a specific price. But, with Snake River Farms, you would need to pay for shipment regardless of how much money you spend. According to their website, there are four shipping options, including:

  • $9.99 Standard (Ground)  
  • $39.99 Express (2-Day Air)  
  • $79.99 Overnight (1-Day Air)  
  • $49.99 Expedited Dry-Aged

Is Snake River Farms Worth It?

We recommend Snake River Farms because of its unique and high-quality meats. This isn’t a subscription service like ButcherBox or Crowd Cow. So, for carnivore dieters, this won’t be a replacement for your monthly delivery service. I think this is one good choice if you want to buy premium and restaurant-quality cuts like Kurobuta Pork and American Wagyu Steaks.

I find the cooking process to be easy for both of their products. The umami flavor of the filet mignon steaks is consistent and juicy. Delivery was on time, and each order is packaged in a safe way. I’ll try ordering from them again in the future.

Recommended Service

Snake River Farms

  • Wagyu Beef and Kurobuta Pork
  • Fast subscriber support service
  • Higher than USDA prime
  • Easy to use website
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June

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