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Picanha steaks are a type of meat traditionally eaten in Brazil and later in Portugal. Though not as common in the United States, it has become more popular in the past few years due to the spread of Brazilian steakhouses.

The cuts generally come from the top back end of the cow next to the tail. If you're curious where to buy some, we've spared you the trouble.

Here's our roundup of the best places where you can buy Picanha.

Best Places To Buy Picanha Online

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Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms is a great delivery option if you are looking for an American Wagyu rump. This cut will generally command a higher price as Wagyu has better fat marbling than other cuts of meat and is harder to raise.

You can order meat deliveries throughout the year and can choose from standard or overnight shipping. If you wish to learn more about SRF read this review.

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow offers their steak as Coulotte. Their cut comes from American Wagyu Angus ensuring that each cut is well-marbled and easy to grill. Their steaks are pasture-fed using natural grain.

You can get this cut of meat shipped to your home in as few as two days after orders are placed. Check out this link to see what else Crowd Cow has to offer.

Porter Road

Porter Road differs from many of the other online butchers in that they offer dry-aged sirloin steaks with the fat cap still intact. This process ensures that each piece of beef is great on the grill.

The company recommends letting the steak rest for fifteen minutes after you grill or roast it to let the juice redistribute. You can read our complete Porter Road review by clicking here.

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks is one of the largest meat distributors in the country. We like that they have a reputation for high-quality steak. The company lists their cut as top sirloin cap steak and recommends that you grill or roast it.

You can get your order using standard meat delivery or, if you would prefer, one to two-day delivery. You can learn more about what Omaha Steaks has to offer in this blog post.

Kansas City Steak Company

Kansas City Steak Company is another butchers’ shop that delivers steaks throughout the country through online delivery. Their sirloin cap steaks are three to four lbs and the most expensive we could see when reviewing different companies. You can read our honest review of Kansas City Steak Company on this link.

What Does It Taste Like?

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One of the reasons it is so popular is due to the tenderness of the meat and the flavor.

The beef flavor is typically closest to a top sirloin cap with a juicy flavor and tender texture.

We find that it can be very delicious if you cook it correctly. From our own experience, you want to get a cut with the fat cap still on it as these are generally more tender and cook well.

“Picanha steak is a prized cut of beef in Brazil, also known as ‘rump cap’. Ask your butcher for this, or a good quality rump steak will also work. ”


- Jamie Oliver, Professional Chef and Restaurateur (2)

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Is Picanha better than Ribeye?

Picanha is generally considered to have a more tough texture than ribeye steak but a juicer taste because of the fat cap, which you would not see with a ribeye. Many people prefer ribeye steak due to it being less tough.

Does Walmart sell Picanha?

Walmart does sell Picanha through their online store. It is important to note that each piece is much more expensive than the companies we reviewed above. Something else to consider is that at the time of the review, they were sold out.

What is Picanha called in English?

Picanha cuts in English are typically known as either a top sirloin cap or a rump cover. This is what the steak is known as in the United States. In the United Kingdom, the common term is the rump cap.

So, Where's the Best Place to Buy Picanha?

If you're looking to buy picanha, we recommend you check out Crowd Cow. Picanha or coulotte is quite a delight if you're after higher quality beef with a distinct taste and texture.

However, it's important to note that this is a less common type of beef cut and harder to find in stores. Crowd Cow is one of the few stores that offer this cut, and we like how their coulotte cuts are well-marbled and easy to grill. We were also impressed that we received our orders in just a couple of days.

For other beef cuts, you may also check out Butcher Box as they offer a consistent subscription service.

We like that Butcher Box offers free delivery throughout the US and has grass-fed meats raised without hormones or antibiotics.

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