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A top view image of meat scraps and leftovers ready to compost
By Iva Carter 2 days ago
Can You Compost Meat? (4 Main Problems & Best Alternatives)
I’ve been on a carnivore diet for over ten years, which means I’ve had countless meat scrap leftovers. I wanted to find a more sustainable way of dealing with meat scraps, so I thought of composting. The bad news is you can’t just chuck meat in your compost for various health and safety reasons. Luckily, there are a few solutions for composting meat. I spent hours researching how to add... Read more >
A close up image of fried pork belly on a plate
By Iva Carter 7 days ago
Fried Pork Belly Recipe (5 Best Tips & Side Dishes)
As a meat lover, fried pork belly is one of my go-to weekly meat dinners. I love this show-stopper dish because it's juicy, tender, and super easy to prepare. After trying out different fried pork recipes, I finally found one that yields the crispiest and most flavorful fried pork belly. Today, I'll share my favorite deep-fried pork belly recipe and give you different side dishes to pair and... Read more >
An image of pork rinds on top of a wooden spoon and basket
By Iva Carter 1 week ago
11 Best Pork Rinds (2022) Perfect Picks to Add to Your Diet
As a keto diet follower, I always strive to keep my carb intake low by taking low-carb foods, including snacks like fried pork rinds. And over the years, I've stacked up a list of the best low-carb pork rinds that sat right with my diet and taste palette. Here's a roundup of the best pork rinds you can buy online and add to your keto-carnivore routine. Read more >
A top view image of uncured bacon meat on a wooden board
By Iva Carter 1 week ago
What Is Uncured Meat? (2 Main Comparisons & Tips for Buying)
As someone who lives the carnivore lifestyle, I'm often asked about the difference between cured and uncured meat and which is better for you. Uncured meat has recently become a part of my diet, but before I included it in my regimen, I did extensive research and talked to my nutritionist to get a scientific perspective. Here's a quick run-down of cured vs. uncured meat and what you should look... Read more >
A close up image of low-calorie rabbit meat dish with potatoes
By Iva Carter 2 weeks ago
Low-Calorie Meats (10 Types Explained and Buyer’s Guide)
I’ve been on a carnivore diet for over ten years, and during this time, I’ve had many people ask me what types of meat I eat to reap the most health benefits and maintain a slim figure. To give them an exhaustive list of the leanest cuts, I spent countless hours researching calories in different meat cuts and talked with a nutritionist to get an expert’s opinion. Here’s the ultimate... Read more >
An image of raw kosher meat
By Iva Carter 3 weeks ago
What Is Kosher Meat? (5 Best Process Tips That You Can Try)
As a carnivore diet lover, I've had my fair share of different kosher foods, from kosher beef and poultry to kosher fish. Today I'll share everything about kosher meat: what it is, how it's made and how different it is from other meats. Further down, I'll also share one of the best kosher meat recipes that you can try today. Read along. Read more >
A close up image of taco de buche dish
By Iva Carter 3 weeks ago
What Is Buche Meat? (3 Characteristics & How to Cook It)
When I first had a taco de Buche in a Mexican restaurant, the taste —a bit hot with just a trace of offal and a secondary umami flavor—won me over. I think it also had a tinge of Tabasco or soy sauce that amped up the flavor. After that delightful experience, I was eager to add Buche meat to my kitchen menu. So I dug into what type of meat it is and how it's best prepared. This post... Read more >
A top view image of pastrami slices
By Iva Carter 1 month ago
What Meat Is Pastrami? (Is It Different From Corned Beef)
I’ve been a meat lifestyle devotee for a decade, and deli meat is a regular part of my dietary routine, especially pastrami. I talked with a local butcher to find out everything there’s to know about this meat. In this article, I’ll share my findings and the ultimate breakdown of all things pastrami. Read more >
An image of cured meats on a black slate
By Iva Carter 1 month ago
What Is Cured Meat? (Definition, Types & Curing Methods)
During the decade I’ve been on a carnivore diet, I’ve eaten all kinds of cured meats and experimented with different curing methods countless times. To give you all the ins and outs of cured meat, I’ve also talked to my local butcher to find out what curing methods give the best results. Read on. Read more >
A ball tip steak on a table with other spices
By Iva Carter 1 month ago
Ball Tip Steak (What Meat Is This & How to Best Cook It)
During the decade I’ve been on a carnivore diet, I’ve tried all kinds of steaks — from Porterhouse to Sirloin, including ball tip. Ball tip steak became one of my favorites, and I’ve been cooking this steak several times a month for the past year. Today, I’ll explain where this steak comes from and all the ways you can cook ball tip steak. Read more >
Close up image of sliced steak
By Iva Carter 1 month ago
Cutting Steak Against the Grain (Why & How to Do This?)
One of the most pervasive questions in the carnivore population is the proper way to cut steak. The two most commonly used techniques are cutting with and against the grain. But does the difference really matter? As a long-time adherent to the carnivore lifestyle, I can tell you that the answer is unequivocal. Read on to see why cutting your steak across the grain is the way to go. Read more >
An image of carnitas on a black slate
By Iva Carter 1 month ago
What Is Carnitas? (The Origins & Best Way to Prepare It)
If you are a fan of Mexican food, then you've probably had carnitas before. This dish comes from the Spanish word for "little meats." As an adherent of the carnivore lifestyle, I am intrigued by any and all meat dishes. So, I have dug into the origins, history, and preparation of carnitas to bring you everything you need to know about this food. Read more >