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A top view of different meats perfect for Keto diet
By Iva Carter 1 week ago
Best Meat for Keto Diet (4 Types That You Should Know About)
I’ve been on a carnivore diet for over a decade, and during this time, I’ve tried all kinds of meat. I’ve discovered that the carnivore diet resembles the keto diet to a great extent, so I consulted with a keto expert and spent hours reviewing the rules of a keto diet to see what types of meat offer the best of both worlds. Here’s everything you should know about eating meat on a... Read more >
Pork butt burnt ends on a black plate
By Iva Carter 2 weeks ago
Pork Butt Burnt Ends Recipe (10 Must-Try Cooking Tips)
Pork butt burnt ends are perfectly smoked, sticky, and sweet. To me, this is meat candy, and I’ve become addicted ever since I first tried them a few years ago. I wanted to perfect my skills in making this delicious meal, so I experimented with various cuts of pork, glazes, and rubs until I found the perfect pork butt burnt ends recipe. I can finally say I’ve got the hang of an ultimate... Read more >
A raw flat iron steak on a wooden board
By Iva Carter 2 weeks ago
What Is Flat Iron Steak? (3 Best Ways to Cook It Like a Pro)
Over the decade I’ve been on a carnivore diet, I’ve become a huge fan of flat iron steak. It holds deep flavors, and it’s almost as tender as tenderloin while costing a fraction of the tenderloin price tag. I wanted to learn more about this popular steak, so I talked with my butcher and contacted my favorite meat delivery service. Here’s everything you should know about this tender cut. Read more >
A top view of T-bone steak being seasoned by a woman
By Iva Carter 3 weeks ago
What Is T-Bone Steak? (3 Best Cooking Methods & Buying Tips)
In my 10+ years of carnivore dieting, t-bone steak has been my top pick dish that I've perfected in my kitchen, whether by grilling or roasting it slowly. This beef is among steakhouses' prized cuts like filet mignon and New York strip, and because of that, I had to visit my butcher to learn more about it. This article will provide essential facts about t-bone steak and tips for cooking it in... Read more >
A top view of meatballs with vodka sauce and vegetables
By Iva Carter 3 weeks ago
What Meat Goes With Vodka Sauce? (6 Best Types to Pair With)
As someone with years of experience preparing and enjoying Italian-American cuisine, I can guarantee that vodka sauce is an absolute must-try. Combining vodka, heavy cream, and tomato sauce results in a velvety and rich sauce that complements a variety of meats. In this article, I'll tell you all about the meats that go well with this pasta dish sauce. And as a bonus, I’ll give you my... Read more >
A perfectly cooked porterhouse steak on a wooden board
By Iva Carter 3 weeks ago
What Is Porterhouse Steak? (4 Key Preparation Tips & More)
As a meat enthusiast and steak connoisseur, I've had the pleasure of cooking and sampling countless cuts of meat. However, one cut always stands out to me - the porterhouse steak. In this article, I'll share my knowledge of what makes this steak unique and my top tips for consistently achieving the perfect porterhouse. Let’s get into it. Read more >
A close up shot of three Mexican tacos
By Iva Carter 4 weeks ago
How Long Is Taco Meat Good For? (3 Best Ways to Store It)
Taco night is one of my favorite nights of the week. I love inviting friends over for a simple tacos-inspired dinner. Although taco is a delicious meat, I learned the hard way that it could spoil quickly if not stored properly. Over the years, I’ve done my fair share of research and learned all the ins and outs of safe storage according to taco meat’s delicate nature. Here’s what you need... Read more >
Delicious pulled pork on a wooden board
By Iva Carter 1 month ago
Best Meat for Pulled Pork (2 Top Cuts & Easy Cooking Steps)
As someone who has been on a carnivore diet for over five years, I've grown very fond of making pulled pork because it’s a pretty versatile dish and pairs well with brioche buns, mashed potatoes, or fresh salad that combine to give a hearty and nutritious meal. Today, I'll share what pulled pork is and the best meat to prepare this dish. Further down, I'll include tips for buying the best meat... Read more >
A close up shot of pancetta on a wooden board
By Iva Carter 2 months ago
What Is Pancetta? (3 Best Substitutes & Steps to Cook It)
As a carnivore diet lover, I've pretty much tried all kinds of meats. I've been buying and cooking cured meats for years, and pancetta is one of my favorites. I love it for its unique and distinctively rich and bold flavor. Read on to learn everything about pancetta, including what it tastes like, how to cook it, and what to use as a substitute when you don't have any. Read more >
A close up shot of smoked country-style pork ribs
By Iva Carter 2 months ago
Smoked Country-Style Pork Ribs Recipe (7 Easy Steps)
When I think of comfort food, I think of smoked country-style pork ribs. I've eaten these since grandma made them for me as a child, and they have a special place in my heart. I probably shouldn't give away a family recipe like this, but these smoked country-style ribs are too good to keep to myself. So, here is three generations of love in one meal. Read more >
A doctor holding a cultured meat on a petri dish
By Iva Carter 2 months ago
What Is Cultured Meat? (4 Main Benefits & Negatives)
The longer I’ve been on a carnivore diet, the more I was concerned about the environmental impact of billions of animals being slaughtered every year to satisfy the meat demand. I did some research on more sustainable meat, and that’s when I came across cultured meat. At its core, cultured meat is meat grown from animal cells. I spent hours reviewing all the available information on cultured... Read more >
A raw beef cheek meat on a white plate
By Iva Carter 2 months ago
What Is Beef Cheek Meat? (3 Ways to Serve It Like a Pro)
As a gourmet lover, I have beef cheeks whenever I crave Mexican cuisine. I love them because they're delectable and are slow-cooked to ooze a rich and natural meat flavor with a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. Today, I'll share everything you need about beef cheeks meat and how best to cook it at home. Let's get into it. Read more >
A close up image of Philly cheesesteak sandwich and a side of fries
By Iva Carter 4 months ago
The Best Meat for Philly Cheesesteak (Prepare It Like a PRO)
I am not from Philadelphia, but I do love a good Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Having made these mouthwatering sandwiches for years, I can tell you that the key to a great cheesesteak is the meat. In this article, I'll share with you everything I have learned about the top meat for Philly cheesesteaks. Read more >
A close up image of a Mexican tacos on a plate
By Iva Carter 4 months ago
How to Make Taco Meat (7 Best Recipe Notes & Preparation)
I love a good taco with its spicy meat and crunchy shell so much that I had to learn how to make my own at home. I have been perfecting my own taco meat recipes for years, and today, I’ll share everything you should know about taco meat and give you my favorite recipe for making it. Read more >
A top view image of meat scraps and leftovers ready to compost
By Iva Carter 4 months ago
Can You Compost Meat? (4 Main Problems & Best Alternatives)
I’ve been on a carnivore diet for over ten years, which means I’ve had countless meat scrap leftovers. I wanted to find a more sustainable way of dealing with meat scraps, so I thought of composting. The bad news is you can’t just chuck meat in your compost for various health and safety reasons. Luckily, there are a few solutions for composting meat. I spent hours researching how to add... Read more >
A close up image of fried pork belly on a plate
By Iva Carter 4 months ago
Fried Pork Belly Recipe (5 Best Tips & Side Dishes)
As a meat lover, fried pork belly is one of my go-to weekly meat dinners. I love this show-stopper dish because it's juicy, tender, and super easy to prepare. After trying out different fried pork recipes, I finally found one that yields the crispiest and most flavorful fried pork belly. Today, I'll share my favorite deep-fried pork belly recipe and give you different side dishes to pair and... Read more >