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A woman starting to eat meat again
By Jayden Lawson 6 days ago
How to Start Eating Meat Again? (7 Consuming Tips & Tricks)
If you’ve tried a vegetarian diet and it didn’t work, there’s nothing wrong with that. While I’ve called myself a carnivore for over a decade, I admit I had periods where I didn’t eat or ate drastically less meat, so I had to think about ways to make transitions more sufferable. I checked what the research says and talked with a nutritionist friend to find out what’s the best way to... Read more >
Raw ground beef on a wooden plate
By Jayden Lawson 1 week ago
Can You Refreeze Ground Beef? (5 Safety Tips to Remember)
As a seasoned chef and a carnivore diet enthusiast, I have encountered many questions about food safety and storage. One of the most common queries is whether refreezing ground beef is safe. With over a decade of experience in the carnivore lifestyle, the short answer is yes; it is possible to refreeze ground beef - but only in certain circumstances. Here’s when and how. Read more >
A delicious roast beef sliced on top of a wooden board
By Jayden Lawson 1 week ago
What Cut of Meat Is Roast Beef? (8 Delicious Types to Try)
I grew up eating roast beef every Sunday. This was my family’s favorite meat, and it quickly became my go-to when I turned to a carnivore lifestyle. In the meantime, I learned the most important part of cooking roast beef is picking the right cut. I’ve made countless roast beef dishes over the years and experimented with different cuts. Here’s the ultimate list of the best cuts of meat... Read more >
Different lunch meat and on a white plate
By Jayden Lawson 2 weeks ago
Can You Freeze Lunch Meat? (5 Simple Steps & How to Thaw It)
Cold cuts, deli meat, or lunch meat are a staple in my carnivore diet. I use them almost daily to make sandwiches, add to salads, or serve as a quick snack. However, since most deli meats have a notoriously short shelf life, I needed to know if I could freeze them to extend their use. So, I researched this question extensively, froze lunch meat many times, and now I can tell you whether... Read more >
A top view of a person preparing raw meat before cooking
By Jayden Lawson 3 weeks ago
Should You Wash Meat Before Cooking? (4 Tips to Remember)
To wash or not to wash your meat is an age-old question. As someone who has been on a carnivore diet for over seven years, I had to find out whether I should wash my meat or not. I talked with a chef friend and checked what the USDA says. Here’s everything you should know about the safety of washing raw meat. Read more >
A shot of Alcatraz Brazilian beef cut with flames behind
By Jayden Lawson 4 weeks ago
Brazilian Cuts of Beef (9 Best Types That You Should Try)
My first contact with Brazilian cuts of meat was picanha. It was one of the most delicious cuts I’ve ever had, leading me to try out other popular cuts as well. I talked with a Brazilian friend and a butcher and compiled a list of the nine best Brazilian beef cuts you should try. Let’s get into it. Read more >
A delicious chicken rotisserie with lemons on a pan
By Jayden Lawson 2 months ago
Best Meat for Rotisserie (7 Top Cuts & Cooking Benefits)
As an experienced home chef, I know how important it is to get the most out of your favorite meats. I find the rotisserie is a great way to cook meats, allowing them to stay juicy and tender while being grilled. When done correctly, rotisserie cooking can enhance the flavor and texture of all types of meat. In this article, I will use my years of experience to discuss which types of meat are... Read more >
A raw meat with ice crystals placed on a table top
By Jayden Lawson 2 months ago
What Do Ice Crystals in Meat Signify? (7 Tips for Freezing)
If you're a meat lover like me, you've probably stored meat in the freezer for too long and had to deal with ice crystals a time or two. But what do ice crystals on meat signify, and is it safe to eat such meat? I spent the past few weeks researching this phenomenon, and today, I'll share everything you need to know about this phenomenon. Read more >
Ham slices sitting out on a wooden board with spices on the side
By Jayden Lawson 2 months ago
How Long Can Ham Sit Out? (4 Best Tips on Storing It Safely)
I’ve been on a carnivore diet for over a decade, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve left ham out during this time. I wanted to check if the ham left out was safe to eat, so I checked what the USDA says about the leftover cooked ham and consulted my local butcher. Here’s everything you should know about how long ham can sit at room temperature and how to tell if it’s gone bad. Read more >
A line up image of best pellet grill for searing
By Jayden Lawson 3 months ago
5 Best Pellet Grills for Searing (2023) My Top-Favorite Pick
As a fan of the carnivore diet and a dedicated BBQ enthusiast, I love to use pellet grills for searing to get a nice browned and crispy surface for extra flavor and texture. If you're looking for the best pellet grills to sear your meats, I've reviewed a ton of them available on the market and rallied up these five. Read on to learn my top-favorite pellet grill pick. Read more >
A top view image of plant-based burger patties
By Jayden Lawson 4 months ago
Plant-Based Meat (4 Best Vegan Routines & Nutritional Tips)
Whenever I want to take a small break from meat but still want to keep my protein to a good level, I turn to veggies, grains, and fruits. But because I'd never want to eat the wrong foods that’d steer me off track with my routine, I sought expert advice from my dietician, who advised me to try healthy plant-based meat alternatives. Before heeding her advice, I spent hours researching... Read more >
An image of stew meat on a wooden board
By Jayden Lawson 5 months ago
How to Tenderize Stew Meat? (4 Best Ways In No Time)
I’ve been a carnivore lifestyle devotee for a decade, and I’ve cooked countless stews over this time. It hasn’t always been easy because I had to pick up all the ins and outs of meat tenderization depending on the kind of meat I was handling. Today, I’ll share my tips and tricks on making the stew meat tender so that you can achieve juicy results in no time. Read more >
An image of processed salami
By Jayden Lawson 5 months ago
What Is Salami? (Different Types & How Healthy Is It)
As a true gourmet who enjoys Italian meats, I love salami the most because it's full-flavored, tender, and versatile for various diners. With salamis in my kitchen, I can prepare threadlike pasta, salami sauce, or the famous ragù (meat-based sauce). Today we talk about everything salami: what it is, how it's made, different types of salamis, and the nutritional profile. Let's get started. Read more >
A close up image of a person holding a meat with different vegetables at the back
By Jayden Lawson 6 months ago
Farm Foods Review (2023 Update) Here’s My Experience
I’ve been on a carnivore diet for more than a decade. One of the biggest challenges I encountered during this time was finding good quality meat. That’s why I turned to meat delivery services. I’ve been trying different meat delivery services for years and recently discovered Farm Foods Market. I tried several of their box packages over the past months. Today, I’ll share my experience... Read more >
A chef slicing a huge piece of meat
By Jayden Lawson 6 months ago
Meat N’Bone Review (2023 Update) Should You Give It a Try?
My carnivore diet journey began over a decade ago. One of the most challenging things I came across was finding quality meat, so I made it my mission to try out different delivery services. Meat N’ Bone meat delivery service is one of them. Here’s everything you should know about Meat N’ Bone, including their meat options, shipping practices, and if you should give it a try. Read more >
Vacuum sealed pieces of meat on a white table
By Jayden Lawson 7 months ago
Disadvantages of Vacuum Sealing Food (7 Bad Things I Found)
Since I started using vacuum-sealed bags a few years back, I have had my fair share of spoiled food, and I’m confident there are more disadvantages to vacuum-sealing food than meets the eye. To stay on the safe side, I experimented with vacuum-sealing different kinds of food and using different brands of vacuum-sealed storage bags. I also checked what the USDA and the WHO said about keeping... Read more >