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USDA PRIME logo in front of steak
By Timothy Woods 10 months ago
Is USDA Prime Beef Grass-Fed? (The Definitive Answer)
We apply many labels to our food these days, and understanding what they all mean can be tricky. Nowhere is this more true than with beef. Organic, grain-fed, USDA Choice, hormone-free, antibiotic-free... the list goes on. One question I get from people who are searching for the healthiest beef is if the Prime label means that it is grass-fed. I have researched the topic and here is the... Read more >
Raw meat on a paper bag
By Timothy Woods 10 months ago
How to Ship Meat? (5 Key Steps Explained in Detail)
Shipping meat can be easy, but it can also be a long, tiring process if you don't know what you're doing. For the past few years, I have visited various shipping agencies and researched online to learn the safest ways to ship meat effectively, how to package meat, and find a better agency for your shipping process. I have summarized everything in this article. Continue reading to get to know... Read more >
Cooked chicken drumsticks on a plate
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Grilling Chicken Drumsticks (Detailed Guide)
Chicken drumsticks are simply delicious and one of the tastiest and juiciest parts of a chicken, apart from the thighs. You'll find various different recipes on the internet for making the best grilled chicken drumsticks, but we'll tell you what top chefs like John Mitzewich, Gordon Ramsey, and Thomas Keller recommend! Read more >
A plate of grilled vegetables
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
How to Grill Vegetables (Know the Basics)
Inviting your friends and loved ones over for a Saturday afternoon barbecue will invariably bring out the Masterchef in every alpha male present. Yet haul out your basket of vegetables, and chances are everyone will scurry off into the corners to hide from the prospect of having to deal with such an unknown entity. Grilling vegetables on a fire or gas grill is an excellent way to add some... Read more >
Raw steak being grilled
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Grilling Steak on Charcoal (Tips & Tricks)
While there are several ways to go about cooking a steak, charcoal grilling is by far one of your best options. The combination of high heat and smoke helps create a rich and bold flavor in the meat, as well as the signature charring associated with charcoal grilling. Read more >
A hand reaching out to an apple
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Is Apple Wood Good for Smoking? (7 Things to Consider)
Apple Tree Wood is becoming more popular among BBQ aficionados because of its unique flavor, so I decided I wanted to try it out for myself. Ever since I did, I have been smoking with Apple Tree Wood every now and then. I'm here to answer all of your burning questions regarding whether apple tree wood is better smoked than other woods and give you pointers on how to go about the process... Read more >
Meat grilling
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
How to Grill Chuck Steak? (Detailed Guide)
Chuck steak is one of the most underrated cuts of meat and has the potential to be just as delicious as a more expensive cut as long as you do the correct preparation. At almost half the price of other, pricier cuts of steak, it’s well worth your while to give chuck steak a try. You may be pleasantly surprised! Read more >
Heavy rain on the ground
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Grilling Under the Rain (5 Things You Can Do)
If you are a die-hard griller, you may not want to let a little rain prevent you from grilling outside. While it is not wise to continue grilling in dangerous conditions, it is possible to continue cooking in the rain in some circumstances. Some expert tips from our resident grill masters will give you some ideas on how to grill in the rain can be done safely. Read more >
Food smoker
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Buying the Right Smoker (7 Things to Remember)
A smoker can be a serious investment for your home and warrants the same due diligence in the purchase as you would for any other household appliance. But how do you know the essential features to look for on a smoker? Buying a smoker requires knowing what you want out of the smoker and the main features to look for that will affect the overall performance, durability, and convenience of the... Read more >
Different kinds of meat
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Best Beef to Smoke (5 Unique Cuts)
Most people start off their smoking experience by learning to smoke pork cuts, such as pork belly or baby back ribs. Beef also makes great smoking meat, but which cut is the best for smoking? Our expert smokers have listed their top beef cuts to smoke to give you a head start on including beef in your smoking repertoire! Read more >
Rec tec grill closed
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Where Are Rec Tec Grills Made? (It’s Origins)
Rec Tec is one of Traeger’s biggest competitors. Both offer high-end pellet smokers and similar price points, with bells and whistles you won’t find in entry-level brands. But most people know Traeger moved production to China after founder Joe Traeger sold it in 2006. Thus, we went to the experts to see if the company also moved their operations. Read more >
Grilling on a pellet smoker
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
How Effective Are Pellet Smokers in Maintaining Heat?
Pellet smoker enthusiasts love to spout, “Set-it-forget-it.” They maintain that pellet smokers and grills are so easy you can toss in the food, punch in your preferences, and then walk away. Unlike charcoal grills that require messing with vents to maintain heat, pellets supposedly do this all independently. But how true is the claim? We went to the experts to find the answer. Read more >
Cooking ribs on a grill
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
How Can You Tell if the Ribs Are Done? (Explained)
Smoked or grilled ribs are always a guest favorite when you are hosting family or friends for a BBQ. We will now look at a few expert-recommended steps you can follow to serve the best-grilled ribs to your guests. There are around six different ways to determine when your ribs are done, but chefs, cooks, and BBQ enthusiasts agree that you should never rely on any one method on its own. Read more >
Different brands of Wood Pellet Smoker Grill product with stroke and blurred background
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
11 Best Smoker Grill Combo (Our 2023 Top Recommendations)
Smoking and grilling are two of my favorite ways to cook food; they both produce flavorful cooks, yet each has its highlights. If you want the best of both worlds, it’s time to start looking into smoker and grill combo units. They’re easy to use, relatively affordable, and produce great food. On the flip side, buying the wrong smoker grill combo model can provide a big headache with leaking... Read more >
Bayou Classic smoker grill
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Where Are Bayou Classic Grills Made? (Its Origins)
Bayou Classic is an extremely popular brand of cookware that sells a vast range of outdoor cooking equipment to serve the needs of any outdoor cooking enthusiast across the United States. Bayou Classic is known, among other items, for its Cypress Ceramic Grill and its smoker grill. Whether you and your family enjoy catching crabs along the shore, beach camping, hunting ducks, or the fishing of... Read more >
Wood trunk and charcoal side by side
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
Wood vs Charcoal Grilling (Which Is Better?)
Charcoal vs wood are suitable materials to use when you decide to break out your grill in the hot summer months. But what makes these two materials so different from each other? Our experts have put together everything you need to know about lump charcoal vs. wood for grilling. So, let's go through what the differences are. Read more >