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Lambs looking at the camera in a wooden barn
By Timothy Woods 1 year ago
What Is Lamb Tallow? (Uses, Benefits & More)
Tallow comes from rendered fat derived from the meat of many types of ruminants, including lamb. It contains a high amount of stearic acid, which makes it perfect for soap, candles, and skincare products. Humans have used tallow for hundreds of years – and lamb tallow has been a staple in cooking for centuries as well. People use tallow for cooking their favorite meals because of the high... Read more >
Burger fast food Big AZ burger
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
Big Az Burgers Review
Everything You Need To Know
I’m often in a rush, struggling to find time for a bite to eat. That’s why I love a quick trip to the convenience store, especially during my lunch break. One day, I wandered into the forbidden microwave food section, where a hearty sandwich caught my eye. I am, of course, talking about the Big Az Burger. The bold logo caught my eye first; then, it was the humongous size and range of tasty... Read more >
Sliced in half Pork Wellington dish
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
How To Make The Best Pork Wellington?
It's a cold winter day, but you're feeling warm and fuzzy inside. That's because there's a perfect Pork Wellington cooking in the preheated oven, just waiting to be served with some fresh asparagus. Although pork tenderloin already has a tender, juicy texture, wrapping it in mushrooms, prosciutto, and puff pastry makes it even more succulent and flavorful because of the increased fat... Read more >
Close up image of pork ribs on grill
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
What Temperature To Smoke Pork Ribs On?
Complete Guide
If I had to choose a barbeque cut to be my favorite, it would be pulled pork ribs, without a doubt. Tender, juicy, and smoky - everything you need from a good chunk of meat, with or without BBQ sauce. That being said, ribs are notoriously hard to master. Even experienced grillers and smokers may struggle to find the right smoker temperature point. There is a huge difference between ‘cooked’... Read more >
Freshly cooked top blade steak
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
What Is Top Blade Steak?
Everything You Need To Know
Steak is a slice of quintessential meat, and I have reveled in flavorsome and tasty steaks all my life. If you are a steak fan like me, you have probably heard about the top blade steak. It is tender and incredibly juicy; however, it has been undervalued for years due to the tough gristle. Today, due to its rich beefy flavor, it is used in most kitchens. In this article, we will focus on... Read more >
Butcher cutting a meat
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
Is It Cheaper to Buy Meat From a Butcher or Supermarket?
When I was younger, I avoided the butcher shop like the plague. I was a poor student, with the mindset that I couldn’t afford high-quality meat. At the time, I swore by supermarket meat in places such as Trader Joe’s or Costco, the low prices and “okay” tasting meat being fine at the time. That was until I tried a flank steak from my local butcher shop, blown away by the quality and... Read more >
Bowl of Chinese food
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
What Kind Of Meat Do Chinese Restaurants Use?
If you're thinking about going out for Chinese food, then it's likely that your first question is "What type of meat do they use?" After all, China's culture differs greatly from ours, and they find some animals to be delicacies that are never on our menu. So, let's look at the types of meat used in Chinese food and what you can expect. Read more >
Hanger steak on a wooden platform
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
What Is Hanger Steak?
Everything You Need To Know
If you look up ‘underrated’ in the dictionary, chances are you’ll find a picture of the hanger steak. While this chunk of beef is a favorite in Europe, it’s almost off the grid when it comes to other parts of the world. Safe to say, you’re missing out if you’ve never had a bite of this soft cut of beef. Packed with intense beef flavor, it’s my go-to cut when making delicious... Read more >
Close up image of Cottage Pie and Shepherds Pie
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
Cottage Pie vs Shepherd’s Pie
What’s The Difference?
Both Shepherd’s Pie and Cottage Pie are two iconic British dishes, packed with meat, veggies, and a whole lot of flavor. Either make a wonderful choice for lunch and dinner, being relatively easy and cheap to make. While they are very similar, there are a few important differences between Cottage Pie and Shepherd's Pie. It can be difficult to decide which one to cook or even which one to... Read more >
Rib eye steak slices on close up
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
Filet Mignon vs Ribeye Steak
The Major Differences
Every steak lover will tell you that it is a bit challenging to choose between filet mignon vs. ribeye steaks. Flavor, tenderness, or fat content, both cuts have something to offer. Can you tell the difference between these two cuts? Do not worry; we have done the work for you. You will find all the differences between these cuts below, including the correct cooking methods for a delicious... Read more >
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
7 Best Chef Knives Under $100 (2023 Updated) Buyer’s Guide
You don't want to spend a ton of money on an expensive knife. This is why you're looking for the best chef's knives under 100 dollars. The problem is that most people don't understand the difference between a cheap knife and an affordable chef knife. If you've ever purchased a cheap knife, then you know how disappointing it can be when they break or become dull after only a few uses. Cheap... Read more >
High angle fast food white table
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
What Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Quality Meat?
Fast food is exactly what it says on the tin - food that is made fast. When we order a burger from a fast-food restaurant, we don’t expect a 5-star meal and the best wagyu beef. However, we also don’t expect terrible tasting food injected with antibiotics and other nasty ingredients. In this article, we’ll be figuring out which fast-food chain has the best quality meat and which ones you... Read more >
Pork Ribs on wooden table
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
Types of Pork Ribs Explained (4 Most Popular Cuts & More)
Everyone has to start somewhere - pitmasters included. When I began my barbecue journey, I had no idea about the different types of pork ribs or what to do with them. I made the mistake of grilling them all the same until I realized that not all pork ribs are made equal. Learning about the different types of pork ribs and how they are butchered and cooked seriously upped my grilling game. If... Read more >
A line of seafood lobsters
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
8 Best Lobster Meat Deliveries (2023 Updated) Buyer’s Guide
Unless you have the pleasure of living right on the coast, you may struggle to get your hands on some fresh live lobster. Back in the day, it was rather common for supermarkets to house live lobsters in tanks. However, these days you’re not likely to find this. Thankfully, the internet has all the answers to our prayers. Many online stores offer fresh lobster right to our doors with the click... Read more >
Oklahoma Joe Highland smoker outdoor
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smokers Review
Are They Worth It?
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about barbecue? Perfectly smoked pulled pork? Mouthwatering ribs? Or delicious pork chops? The one thing you need for all of these is a good smoker. The Oklahoma Joe Highland reverse flow and offset smokers are among the most popular on the market nowadays. But, are they worth your money? Here’s an overview of the Oklahoma Joe... Read more >
Freshly cooked meat
By Timothy Woods 2 years ago
Is Aldi Meat Any Good?
Everything You Need To Know
Aldi, a German grocery store, has been sweeping the nation over the last decade, doubling its numbers all around the US. If you're a frequent shopper in Aldi stores, you’ll know they have lower prices than most grocery stores. That being said, does the meat at Aldi compare to the quality of other grocery stores? In this article, we’re going to find out where the meat sold at Aldi comes... Read more >