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The Carnivore Diet Podcast with Dr. Shawn Baker & Dr. Mike T. Nelson

The Better Human Project
Last Updated on 2023-07-05

The Better Human Project

This podcast features Dr. Shawn Baker, an orthopedic surgeon, US Air Force veteran, world-record holding masters athlete, and ultimately, a hardcore carnivore diet proponent. Also in this podcast, features Dr. Mike T. Nelson, a health and fitness research and consultant and online trainer who is an expert in metabolic flexibility as well as heart rate variability.

In this podcast, the host asked some questions about what the carnivore diet really is. Dr. Shawn explicitly describes the carnivore diet which is also known as the Zero Carb diet and gives some understanding about its premise to people who are not familiar with this diet program. He also counters the confirmation bias or echo chamber on forums where people who have attempted the diet and expressed that they are not doing it well.

Mike also makes a valid argument that the good markers of health do not depend on a single test result but rather on a lot of variables. Then, he also explains the concerns he has in this diet especially relating to the micronutrients it provides. Mike also mentions about how high stress can affect the body and the importance of having more micronutrients to reduce the amount of stress.

On the issues regarding RDI especially with the American standard diet, Shawn explains that it is conceptualized because of the Americans’ diet that’s composed of mostly carbohydrates, but says that the carnivore diet does not lean on that kind of standard. Here, he also explains how HDL over triglycerides is a more legit way of looking at health than cholesterol. When it comes to kidney damage or health damage caused by high protein diets, Mike mentioned that if his students are able to prove that study, he will give extra credits.

The podcast also explains the difference between conventional and sustainable farming and the environmental impact they create. Shawn also mentions that through following the all-meat diet, he mentioned that eating only meat does not have disastrous effects to the health, especially if it is followed through correctly. He also mentions about where to get the best quality meat based on labeling and impact on environment. Shawn and Mike also agrees while it is still a good thing to have a fair amount of fiber and carbs, eating only meat will not affect the body’s microbiome negatively.

Finally, both Mike and Shawn express their thoughts about why anyone should give the carnivore diet a try and keep an open mind while doing so.

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