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While true carnivores don’t need a dedicated world carnivore month to stay motivated, I find it helpful to promote the diet.

And let’s be honest, if vegans can have “Veganuary,” why can’t we run alongside them with our meat-only diet, right?

Anyway, I was first made aware of this in January but didn’t make much of it. But I quickly noticed an increase of visitors to my site and social media. And friends and family heard of it and started asking me more questions as well.

So, I decided to provide a quick background and why you should embrace it.

What Is World Carnivore Month All About?

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Basically, it’s just a dedicated carnivore month during which anyone with experience of choosing a meat-only diet aims to bring more attention to their lifestyle and diet.

Like other types of dedicated months and days during the year, it’s a way to promote a cause or idea and bring more attention to this elimination diet's health benefits.

But it’s also about trying to improve the perception that people have. I bet you’ve had your fair share of critics that just deny that there could be any scientific research and reasons for eating only animal products or following a keto diet.

I mentioned that ​every January, I see quite an increase in visitors to my website for the first 4 to 6 weeks of the year. While I doubt that this results in a significant increase in overall meat consumption, I think it’s helping people become more educated.

And based on social media comments, I have found that more people jump on board during this time.


Is January a Good Month?

January for world carnivore month

Yes, I do think that January is a good month to promote the carnivore diet, mainly because people are looking to make significant changes to their lifestyles and eating habits.

In most cases, people are also more open to an elimination diet, whether that’s calorie restriction, plant-based, or anything else that may improve health and weight loss.

In most cases, though, I’ve seen family and friends aim to reduce their meat intake because there is this “common” perception that meat is bad with negative side-effects and makes you fat.

While this may make it the most challenging time of the year to convince people, it’s also a time where they may be most open to thinking differently about the foods they eat.

Taking The Right Approach

My previous experiences with the paleo and keto diet made me somewhat prepared to make a significant shift towards animal fats in general and then switch to nothing but red meat.

By giving you a single month to focus on a new relationship with food, you have a very clear target in mind.

Many carnivores, including me, don’t practice this diet on a permanent basis, so having these dedicated months is a good way to start.

Also, the best advice you can follow is to combine a carnivore life with a new fitness regime. This may help your metabolism to reprogram to getting energy from animal protein and fat like tallow with practically zero carbohydrates.

Again, this is something you’re probably more open to with New Year’s resolutions.

Well Known People That Have Taken The Challenge

I can’t say for sure if these people started their journey to only eating products derived from animals in a January, but they certainly have fully adapted to the lifestyle. They are also outspoken proponents.

Shawn Baker: Author of ​The Carnivore Diet Book [1]

Joe Rogan: Comedian and outspoken podcast host [2]

Mikhaila Peterson: CEO of The Lion Diet and daughter of Jordan Peterson [3]

Paul Saladino: Author of The Carnivore Code

Depending upon your previous background, some people can just jump right into the carnivore diet while others will benefit from a transition strategy.

- Shawn Baker, Author

How Do You Celebrate Your Carnivore Month?

​If you’ve had some experience with world carnivore month, or you actually took advantage of a New Year’s resolution to make the switch, then jump onto one of our social media pages.

We’d love to share your experience with others, and if you have some information that might help others to switch, then we’ll pass that on to our subscribers.


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