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Yumble meal delivery service provides pre-cooked nutritious meals for children that are ready to heat up. Designed for busy parents, this service is convenient and easy to use.

I decided to try out Yumble because I thought it might be an excellent choice for my children. After ordering several meals from this service, I decided to share my experience with Yumble.

What is Yumble?

Founded in 2016, Yumble is a meal-prep company that provides nutritious, kid-friendly meals to its customers. Their meals are fresh, never frozen, and created by professional chefs.

Yumble delivers a greater variety of meals than many other services - with breakfasts and snacks available, too.

Benefits and Highlights

Kids in their lunch time

Yumble promises that it can deliver high-quality meals that are ready for your children right away.

Given that, I decided to let my kids try out Yumble, and here is what the experience was like.

1. Plans

Yumble has four meal plans, based on the number of meals per week you want to be delivered. You can choose from receiving four, six, eight, or sixteen meals per week, and each plan has different prices.

When ordering, you should go to Yumble’s weekly menu and choose which Yumble kids meals you want to go for.

One of my favorite features is that if your child is a picky eater, there is nothing that prevents you from ordering the same meal multiple times [1]. Though there is plenty of choice and variety, you don't have to avail yourself of it for upcoming meals.

2. Price and Shipping

Counting money close up image

Yumble offers free shipping on their orders - a rare offering for meal kit delivery services.

Unfortunately, Yumble does not deliver to every zip code in the continental United States. Yumble currently ships to most East Coast and Mid-West locations [2].

You will pay $9.99 per meal if you order four meals per week. If you purchase a plan with more meals per week, the price per meal will decrease. At sixteen meals, the cost is only $5.99 per meal.

Yumble got all its meals to my house the week after my order was placed. The insulated box and gel packs kept the food cold until it arrived. Feeding three children, I appreciate that Yumble's prices are on the lower end of kids' meal service options.

3. Preparation

Given that Yumble is designed for busy families to feed children fast, it should come as no surprise that their meals are quickly prepared. I was able to warm every meal in a microwave within two minutes.

You can put meals like the chicken marinara or broccoli parm with organic tomato sauce in the microwave for a quick heat up.

Or, the kids can serve their own meals directly to the table with meals like the Apricots & banana chips sandwich and the oatmeal balls.

Either way, I had no difficulty with the food preparation. Every healthy meal was simple to prepare and serve, and the instructions were very clear.

4. Freshness and Taste

Yumble Logo overlay on a delivery product

Yumble knows that the pickiest eaters in the world are kids, so they work hard to create recipes that children will love.

According to the company, all their food is fresh and never frozen. So, customers get meals that taste like home cooking without the time or expense of shopping and preparing everything from scratch.

Although my kids may not be connoisseurs of freshness, they certainly have strong opinions on what tastes good and what doesn't.

And I can say without hesitation that they thought Yumble meals tasted great.

They happily ate all the meals, but what they liked the most were the Cinna-Vanilla Apple Snack Poppers. I admit to sneaking one away from them, and it was very good.

5. Ingredients and Nutrition

Yumble recognizes that growing bodies need good nutrition, and this is why their meals are packed with fresh veggies and high-quality proteins and give the children a good balance of nutrients.

Other than coconut, Yumble's recipes do not contain tree nuts or peanuts. They carefully source their vegetables and fruits before they end up on your child's plate, and they embrace whole and natural ingredients.

I like that a nutritionist reviews every Yumble recipe before adding it to the menu.

There is no processed food high in sugar and salt on the menu - meaning my children enjoyed tasty, nutritious food as part of balanced meals and a healthy diet.

I would have never guessed that the kids would find cheesy fusilli pasta with butternut squash, chili mac with green beans, or classic cheese ravioli with organic corn to be worth more than a few bites.

But the kids made a hearty meal out of each of these wholesome options.

6. Variety

Kids choosing on what lunch box to eat

Yumble knows that different kids like different meals. And so, to appeal to as many children's palates as it can and make meal planning as simple as can be, Yumble has over 40 options available at a time.

Some meals are designed for picky eaters, some are popular Yumble favorites with 5-star reviews, and some are "no-heat" options for parents who don't have time to spare.

Additionally, there are plenty of options for those on special diets - gluten-free, meatless, no soy, no milk, no egg, and no added sugar.

Yumble’s meals will help your kids eat healthier regardless of their dietary restrictions.

With this sort of variety, it is no wonder that my little taste-testers always found something they liked from the Yumble kitchen - from gluten-free chicken nuggets to the baked taco pocket and organic brown rice, the gluten-free pasta to the pizza pocket with green beans.


Since Yumble is designed for children, the portions were child-sized. However, some larger or older children might find the portions too small.

As mentioned earlier, Yumble does not ship everywhere, which means not everyone can use the service.

Yumble Pros and Cons

  • Fresh, carefully-selected ingredients
  • Preparation takes less than 3 minutes
  • Affordable
  • Labels for gluten, soy, dairy, and other common allergens
  • Limited shipping locations
  • Portion sizes may not suit all ages

Our Rating

  1. Price: 5/5
  2. Food quality: 4/5
  3. Menu options: 5/5
  4. Shipping: 4/5

Comparison to Other Products

A comparison between three different food delivery product for kids

Among the many delivery services available, Yumble is one of few aimed at children. Let's see how Yumble looks when compared to others in the kid niche.

1. Little Spoon

Little Spoon is a kids' meal plan and delivery service that covers the baby years, through toddlers, and on to big kids. It prioritizes health and nutrition as you would expect from a company that specializes in meals for children.

Little Spoon is a great service if you are dealing with those younger than three years old - they have proprietary smoothies and purees for children transitioning to real food.

Yumble is focused on a slightly older initial age range, and they have a wider variety of plated food available because of that focus.

2. Nurture Life

Nurture Life meal service also offers kids meals for those at the lower end of the age range.

They have finger food and bite-sized morsels available for those 10 months and older who are graduating to solids.

Otherwise, Nurture Life has similar food options to Yumble. However, Yumble allows you to order fewer meals per week than Nurture Life and has free shipping on all orders, whereas Nurture Life does not.

3. Yumi

Yumi is a company focused on the weekly delivery of baby food and transition meals.

The plans provide custom menus based on the child’s age and development. They use quality, organic ingredients to support the baby's growth.

Yumble offers meals for an older age group than Yumi is targeting.

Both companies use seasonal, fresh, natural, and nutritious ingredients. However, one significant difference is that Yumi uses only organic foods.

Other Meal Deliveries We've Reviewed:

Where to Buy & Cost

Yumble’s meals are available for ordering on the official website. You can choose from four unique plans for your kids.

Plans start out at $9.99 per serving with free shipping when you order four meals, which you can mix and match. The price goes down to $5.99 with the sixteen-meal option.

Other Users' Experience

Receiving a delivery package

I wanted to see what other users think about Yumble’s meals so I checked out reviews on Reddit. I found many positive reviews that show people are generally satisfied with the quality and taste of these meals.

Charlie from Florida said he has a busy schedule and not enough time to cook the meals for his kids, so he started using Yumble and was pleasantly surprised. He thought this service was definitely worth it and said that his kids liked the new foods.

Joann from Texas wrote that she loved the ingredients used in Yumble's meals and could tell they were very fresh.


How Flexible Is Yumble’s Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Yumble will always work with you to ensure that there is no lapse in service while you transition back to cooking for your children.

Does Yumble Cater To Allergies?

Yes. Every recipe is reviewed by a nutritionist. Also, Yumble provides information about common allergens for each item on the menu and lets you know which ones contain soy, eggs, and dairy or are gluten-free or vegetarian.

Does Yumble Offer a Trial?

They do not offer a trial because it is so simple to cancel Yumble whenever you want.

Where Does Yumble Deliver?

Yumble delivers to most zip codes on the East Coast and Mid-West. You can see if they deliver to your location on their website. If so, they will send a shipping box delivered to your door.

How Frequently Does Yumble’s Menu Change?

Yumble has a few items that are favorites and always on the menu. The rest of the menu changes every 6-8 weeks.

Yumble Review: Final Thoughts

Yumble is a healthy food delivery service that delivers nutritious, kid-friendly meals.

However, I think Trifecta is a better option for most people as they transition their children toward real food. Trifecta delivery offers an excellent variety of delicious and nutritious meals that appeal to all palettes, not just those of children.

And because they only offer clean, organic food, you know that your family is eating as healthily as possible.

If you want to try Trifecta for yourself, click here.

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