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As a six-year carnivore devotee, I strive to have a mix of carnivore-based snacks that I can grab and go or whip up in a few minutes and enjoy.

And while the all-meat diet has zero vegetables, sugar, additives, or flavorings, today I'll share my top favorite super-delicious carnivore snacks that tick all the right boxes for a balanced diet.

But what makes these snacks particularly effective for maintaining energy levels and muscle mass?

Keep reading to find out.

Quick Summary

  • Pork rinds, bone broth, and liver crisps are some of the carnivore snacks to try.
  • You should eat a carnivore diet snack free from sugar and artificial additives.
  • When buying a carnivore diet snack, get ones that are low in carbs and have no plant food ingredients.


I rounded up a list of the perfect meaty snacks you can add to your carnivore routine.

1. Carnivore Bar

A top view image of carnivore bars and salt

I love carnivore bars made with meat, tallow, and salt.

Depending on the brand, one bar has approximately 35 grams of fat. The high-fat content keeps you fuller for longer, while the near 2:1 fat-to-protein ratio keeps you in ketosis [1].

When buying carnivore bars, I avoid anything containing preservatives, artificial flavors, or vegetable oils. Seasonings should also be kept to a minimum to avoid the risk of heart disease.

To make it more healthy, I eat my bars with fried minced liver on the side.

2. Beef Jerky and Biltong

Dried meat, like jerky, is a fantastic choice when searching for something to eat on the fly.

Beef jerky is a simple, protein-packed carnivore diet snack you can take with you everywhere, whether packing for a weekend vacation or heading for a lengthy gym session.

Beef jerky is high in protein. Consuming protein is important for weight loss because it digests slower than carbohydrates, so you will feel full for a longer amount of time.”
- Jordan Mazur, Registered Dietician

While making beef jerky at home is easy, I prefer to bulk-buy carnivore-friendly ones with no preservatives or artificial flavors, then store them in the fridge for easy snacking.

But if you fancy homemade jerky, here's a quick beef jerky recipe:

  • Get some lean, fresh meat, thinly slice it, and marinate in only sea salt or any non-plant flavors you like. Refrigerate it for at least two hours, ideally overnight.
  • Dry the beef slices with a paper towel and place them on a wire rack set over a baking sheet.
  • Bake at 175F for 3 to 4 hours or until dry to the touch.

While jerky is made from lean meats, biltong is made from fatty and lean cuts. Traditional biltong is also flavored with vinegar and coriander.

Biltong is also mainly beef and is 100% meat; therefore, it is high in iron, zinc, vitamin B, and selenium [2].

3. Beef Liver Crisps

A close up image of beef liver crisps in a glass container

As a follower of the carnivore diet plan, beef liver crisps are a staple in my carnivore diet food list.

These crisps have many essential nutrients such as:

  • Folate
  • Potassium
  • Heme iron

When buying, I go for crispy dried livers with only beef liver, filtered water, and sea salt listed on the label.

These crisps are an excellent, satisfying snack for carnivores who want to increase their nutritional intake while satisfying a demand for a crispy, carnivore-friendly snack.

4. Tuna

Tuna is a satisfying and delightful carnivore diet snack I keep on hand. It has a lot of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B12.

Tuna is also delicious fresh out of the can with a little salt and pepper.

When I'm a bit liberal on my carnivore diet, I like to spice things up with mustard and balsamic vinegar.

5. Steak Bites

An image of steak bites with wooden stick on top

I think steak bites are tender and juicy bites of paradise packed with sweet and spicy flavors. Steak bites are a delicious way to eat meat, and they're bite-sized, so you won't need a knife to cut through.

The complete serving size has less than 1g of carbohydrates, and you can make it in the air fryer in 5 minutes as an appetizer or entrée.

This snack is perfect for you if you're on carnivore, keto, and paleo diets. These bites are also sugar-free and diabetic-friendly.

6. Heavy Cream/Butter Coffee

If you're constantly switching between the carnivore and keto diet to lose weight, this butter coffee is high in fat, keeping you full between meals.

This is a quick and easy breakfast to cook on its own or complement your red meat carnivore breakfast.

Alternatively, it makes a nice treat drink with a slice of low-carb carnivore cake.

You can use strong black coffee and unsalted butter to make this coffee. After you've made and blended your butter coffee, top it with whipped heavy cream and a sprinkling of fragrant cinnamon.

I recommend buying low-lactose dairy products if you’re allergic to heavy cream and hard cheeses.

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7. Beef Sticks

A top view image of beef sticks on a plate

Grass-fed beef sticks, in my opinion, are the most incredible carnivore snack available. They are simple to prepare, tasty and have zero carbs, which is great if you’re watching your calorie intake.

However, not all beef sticks are made equal. Avoid flavored sticks that have preservatives, umami, or other soy additives in their meat.

I exclusively use carnivore-friendly ingredients while making my handmade ground beef sticks.

That is, I avoid any:

  • Added sugars
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Nitrates
  • Nitrites

8. Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs aren't only for breakfast; they're a great snack you can eat anytime. You can pre-boil a dozen eggs and put them in the fridge for easy grab-and-go during rush hours.

Eggs are abundant in protein and include some fat, especially in the yolks. When following a carnivore diet for weight reduction, you should prioritize experimenting with eggs, among other high-protein options.

I aim to consume organic eggs since they have more nutrients than mass-produced eggs laced with toxins.

One of my favorite carnivore OMAD (one meal a day) diets is brunch with six hard-boiled eggs, a good-sized ribeye steak, and water.

9. Pork Rinds and Cracklings

Pork rinds on a wooden basket and leaves

Pork rinds are my favorite snack when exclusively eating meat to satisfy crunch cravings. They are more crunchy and crispy than cracklings because they are only made from pig skin.

If I'm looking for a fatty-like taste, I always go for cracklings because they have a fatty layer beneath the skin.

When shopping for best pork cracklings, ensure that the ones you purchase are 100% natural and free of artificial flavors and additives.

But if you like homemade diet snacks, here’s a quick recipe for you:

  • Brush the crackling with vegetable oil, rind side up, on a rack over a shallow baking dish.
  • Roast for 45 minutes until golden-brown and crisp.
  • Allow it cool for a couple of minutes before slicing it into pieces with kitchen scissors.

10. Bone Broth

Bone broth is well-known for its nutritional profile. It is an excellent choice if you’re on a meat diet since it has all the essential nutrients and vitamins in the marrow.

I make my own carnivore bone broth from cattle, chicken, or fish bones, which are high in beneficial vitamins and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

While it's time-consuming to make bone broth (it takes between 10-12 hours), I still prefer homemade to store-bought ones that aren't necessarily as fresh.

11. Cured Meats

A photo of different cured meats on a cutting board

Some of my best carnivore diet snacks are cured sausage, salami, and chorizo meat because they are abundant in protein and fat and include various minerals.

However, pre-packaged deli meat is heavy in added sodium, so you should eat them in moderation.

Also, if you can, look for preservative-free salami and other cured sausages, or better yet, try making your own for a better, healthy eating lifestyle.


What Desserts Can I Eat on a Carnivore Snack Diet?

You can eat desserts like cheesecake on a carnivore diet. Ensure the desserts are made with carnivore-friendly ingredients and avoid deli meat.

Is Cheese Okay on a Carnivore Snack Diet?

Cheese like parmesan and feta are okay on a carnivore snack diet.

Can I Eat Popcorn on The Carnivore Diet?

You cannot eat popcorn on the carnivore diet because the diet restricts grain foods high in carbs and starch, like corn.


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