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carnivore diet side effects
By Timothy Woods 4 years ago
Carnivore Diet Side Effects
What Are the Symptoms, Risks & Dangers?
Someone a lot wiser than me once said that “if it were easy, they wouldn’t call it an elimination diet.” But the reality is that whenever you make drastic changes to your lifestyle, there will be some negative side effects. When you're on a high-fat carnivore diet, what you need to understand and work out for yourself, is whether those downsides are worth all the benefits you can get from... Read more >
everything about carnivore diet
By Timothy Woods 4 years ago
What is the Carnivore Diet?
How to Get Started on the Lifestyle?
Imagine sitting down at a dinner party with friends, and food is being served. There’s usually always one vegan at the table who receives a specially prepared extra helping of leaves. At this stage, someone next to the vegan jumps in and says he’ll trade all his veg for the vegan’s share of meat. This will raise many eyebrows and even the odd ridicule when that person also claims to be on... Read more >