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Smoking Turkey not only keeps it nice and juicy, but it also imparts some really delicious flavors into the meat.

There are different types of wood that you can use to smoke a turkey, and each offers a unique flavor.

If you are looking for the perfect wood to smoke your turkey, we have selected the best wood this article is for you.

This article will discuss the best wood to use for smoking turkey and what makes them so great.

Quick Summary

  • The best wood for smoking turkey includes Alderwood, Applewood, Cherrywood, Hickory, Maplewood, Mesquite, Oak, Peachwood, and Pecan Wood.
  • These wood types all have different smoking times, flavors, and intensities.
  • Each type of wood gives the turkey a distinct color.

Best Wood For Smoking Turkey

Comparison between two wood for smoking

Choosing the best wood for smoking your turkey depends on the kind of flavors you want to achieve. Some woods are sweeter than others, and some have more intense flavors.

Expert smokers like to combine different types of wood to invent new and exciting smoky flavors.

The wood used for smoking meat comes in various forms, such as:

  • Chips – Up to 1” in length & width. Great for long-term smoking. For the best results, soak the chips overnight before you use them.
  • Chunks – Up to 4” in the size of a fist. Great for long-term smoking. No soaking is necessary.
  • Planks/Logs – Up to 18” Great for short-term smoking. For the best results, soak the planks for about +/- 1 hour before using them.
  • Sawdust Coarse powder form. Produces instant smoke. No soaking is necessary.
  • Flat Disks – Compressed sawdust. Produces smoke quickly. Do not soak as the disks will disintegrate.
  • Pellets – Compressed sawdust resembling chicken feed. Produces smoke quickly. Do not soak as the pellets will disintegrate.

Let’s take a look at the 9 best wood to use for smoking turkey:

1. Alderwood

Compared to Oak, Hickory, and Mesquite, Alderwood is the lighter choice yet still imparts a lovely rich and earthy smokiness to the meat.

Smokers usually add Alder wood shavings to tone down strong wood such as hickory or enhance the flavor of milder woods such as Maplewood and Applewood.

2. Applewood

Close up image of Applewood chunks

If you are looking for a subtle smoky flavor with sweet fruitiness, Applewood is the best wood to use.

Out of all the types of wood mentioned in this article, Applewood is the most subtle, and it brings out the earthiness in the meat.

If you choose to smoke your turkey with Applewood, make sure to keep basting the meat as Applewood takes a bit longer to smoke meat than the other types of wood.

3. Cherrywood

Cherrywood is a favorite amongst smokers because its slightly sweet flavor pairs beautifully with other wood flavors, marinades, and rubs.

After the smoking process is complete, Cherrywood also gives the turkey a lovely reddish-brown hue.

Many meat smokers love to add a small amount of hickory wood to Cherrywood for an increased depth of sweet, smoky flavors.

4. Hickory wood

Close up image of Hickory wood chunks

If you like bold, smoky solid flavors like what smokers usually use for barbecues, then you will love the flavor of hickory shavings.

Hickory has such a robust flavor, and mixing it with Cherrywood or Applewood gives the turkey a strong flavor with a slightly-sweet, fruity flavor.

This combination of wood shavings provides the turkey with gorgeous brown color and a rich smoky flavor.

5. Maplewood

If you prefer your turkey to have an earthy flavor with a hint of spice, Maplewood is the one for you.

Maplewood underlines intense herbal flavors from meat rubs or marinades. The Maple imparts honey-like flavor and gives the turkey and beautiful golden color.

6. Pecan Wood

Pecan is one of the most popular woods used for smoking and adds a sweet, sharp smokiness to the meat, with a delectably rich yet subtle nuttiness.

Add Mesquite or Hickory wood shavings to the mix for an enhanced, more robust flavor.

7. Mesquite Wood

Close up image of Mesquite Wood chunks

Mesquite is often used in Southwestern state barbeques and imparts a robustly smoky flavor.

If you do not use this wood sparingly, you might end up with an unappealing, bitter-tasting turkey.

However, if you use only a small amount of mesquite shavings and pair it with Alderwood, you will achieve a subtler flavor with a beautiful richness.

8. Oak Wood/Red Oak Wood

Smokers who prefer to smoke there meet with Oakwood are after its distinct red color that tints the meat a subtle reddish-brown.

Oak provides a strong, sharp, rich smoky flavor that, if not used sparingly, can result in a very overpowering flavor. Oakwood is most prevalent in European smoking.

9. Peach (Fruitwood)

Peach (Fruitwood) has a mellow, smoky, delicately fruity flavor that goes nicely with turkey, chicken, duck, pork, and even deer. It also gives the skin of the turkey a beautiful color, ranging from golden to mahogany.

Exploration is also important in determining what you like and dislike, so don't be hesitant to mix a few fruitwood types and try new things.

Best Wood For Smoking Turkey – Info & Products

Type Of Wood Strength Characteristics Products
Alder (Hardwood) Mild Sweet & delicate
  • Smokehouse Alder Wood Chips
  • Cameron’s Alder Smoker Wood Chips
Apple (Fruitwood) Light Sweet & fruity
  • Oklahoma Joe's Apple Wood Smoker Chips
  • Outset Natural Apple BBQ Smoking Chips
Cherry (Fruitwood) Mild Subtly sweet
  • Cameron’s Cherry Smoker Wood Chips
  • Weber Cherry Wood Chunks
Hickory (Hardwood) Strong (milder than Mesquite) Traditional & earthy
  • Mr. Bar-B-Q Hickory Smoking Wood Chips
  • Weber Hickory Wood Chunks
Maple (Fruitwood) Mild Subtly sweet
  • Western Premium BBQ Products Maple Wood Smoking Chips
  • Cameron’s Maple Wood Smoking Chips
Peach (Fruitwood) Mild Sweet & woody
  • Western Premium Products BBQ Peach Wood Smoking Chips
Pecan (Fruitwood) Mild Sweet
  • Western Pecan BBQ Smoking Chips 
  • Cameron’s Stovetop Smoker Pecan Wood Chips
Mesquite (Hardwood) Strong Traditional smoky flavor & spicy
  • Cameron’s Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips
  • Mr. Bar-B-Q Mesquite Wood Smoker Chips
Oak (Hardwood) Strong Traditional smoky flavor
  • Cameron’s Premium, Kiln-Dried Oak BBQ Wood Chips

Wood To Avoid When Smoking Turkey

While we don't have a specific answer as to which types of wood should not be used to smoke a turkey, we can advise you that if you do not like intense, bold flavors, then it would be best to avoid Hickory wood, Mesquite wood, and Oak.

However, if you want to use them, you could always use fruitwoods, Pecan, and Maple to tone them down a bit.


Knowing what each wood offers is essential because some wood can produce flavors that don't work well with turkey.

Smoked turkey can be delicious and have gorgeous color and a succulent depth of flavor when done the right way.

Don’t forget to try a few mixes of different wood the next time you think of smoking that magnificent bird.

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