What Is Ranch Steak? (Best Way to Prepare)

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Beef is a delicious source of protein and can be used in various ways to make many dishes. I have not met someone who isn't a fan of a well-cooked steak, though.

However, there are so many different cuts of steak. Have you ever heard of a ranch steak? It might just be your new favorite cut.

You might be wondering about the perfect way to cook a ranch steak. Because yes, there is an ideal way to cook a steak.

We will also share some delicious marinades and side dishes that you can try when testing out this cut of steak.

Quick Summary

  • Ranch steak is cut from the topside or shoulder part of a cow.
  • According to expert butchers, it is a flavorful but slim cut of meat with very little fat.
  • Ranch steak is known for its hearty, beefy flavor. The taste can be compared with sirloin steak.

How To Cook A Ranch Steak Perfectly

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As ranch steak has very little fat, it is best not to overcook a ranch steak. Therefore, ranch steak is best-enjoyed medium-rare.

To cook a ranch steak takes about 4 minutes on each side, depending on the thickness of the steak. Ideally, it is best to use a meat thermometer.

When the inside of the ranch steak reaches 110°F, you know the steak is cooked to perfection.

As mentioned, the best way to cook a ranch steak is by either grilling it or broiling it. Ranch steak can then be added to stir-fries or salads, or it can be enjoyed on its own with a side dish.

Since ranch steak is cut from the shoulder or topside of the beef, the meat can be somewhat tough.

Therefore, to prevent the steak from curling and shrinking when it is being cooked, it is good to score the meat before cooking it.

Scoring a ranch steak will not only prevent the meat from shrinking or curling, but it will also help the flavors from the seasoning or marinade to soak into the meat. This will make the ranch steak taste even more delicious.

Not everyone likes to marinate a steak. However, because ranch steak is so lean, it can definitely benefit from a little bit of marinade.

Here are some great marinades to try with your ranch steak.

The Best Marinades For A Ranch Steak

There are many marinade recipes available. Testing different marinades will be the best way to determine your favorite marinade for a ranch steak.

In addition, you can try some marinades with different flavor profiles, such as Asian, Mexican, or Texan style marinades.

It would be best to use a marinade with an oil base. Drizzling your steak with some oil before cooking will also help to prevent your ranch steak from drying out.

Traditional flavors such as rosemary and garlic will work really well with a ranch steak. However, you do want to avoid adding lemon juice to the marinade.

The acid in lemon juice might start to cook the steak and can result in an over-cooked steak.

If you do like the taste of lemon on your steak, simply add it once the steak has been cooked.

Scoring your ranch steak before adding a marinade will help the flavors from the marinade to penetrate deeper into the meat.

You can turn any left-over marinade into a wonderful sauce to accompany the steak once it is cooked.

Marinades are a fantastic and easy way to add moisture to a ranch steak. With the right ingredients, a marinade can also help to elevate the beefy taste of a ranch steak.

The longer you marinade your ranch steak, the more the flavors will develop. It would be best to marinate your steak for a minimum of four hours if possible.

You might also be wondering about what to serve with your steak? What wine pairs well with ranch steak?

Side Dishes And Wine That Pair Well With Ranch Steak

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Ranch steak will pair well with many side dishes. You could opt for something traditional, such as roasted potatoes and greens.

You could also try something healthier, such as a simple salad or oven roasted vegetables. Onion rings are always a welcomed accompaniment with steak.

What you choose to serve with your ranch steak will depend on what flavor profile you are going for.

For example, if you make an Asian-inspired ranch steak, vegetables like broccoli, carrots, or mushrooms.

Speaking of mushrooms. A great accompaniment to a ranch steak would be a creamy mushroom or pepper sauce. But, of course, you could really serve any side dish with a ranch steak, as the ranch steak will be the center of attention.

A Napa Valley Cabernet will pair well with ranch steak in terms of wine. Cabernet is an easy drinking wine that can be enjoyed by all. Another wine that will be great with ranch steak is a Zinfandel. It is a bold wine with fruity flavors. Red wine tends to elevate the flavors of red meat and steak.

Try a wine that has some woody flavors if you grilled to steak to elevate the smokiness of the grill. However, if you do not like to drink wine, you could also enjoy a stout or martini with your ranch steak. Both of these drinks also pair well with steak.

In the end, whatever you like drinking, and however you want to season your steak is great. You cannot go wrong with a good quality ranch steak.

Other Beef Steak Cuts:

Ranch steak is a cut of beef that comes from the topside or shoulder of beef. Although it does not have a lot of fat, ranch steak is packed with flavor.

It is best served medium rare, and a marinade will help to keep the steak from drying out.

You could pair any side dish with ranch steak that matches the flavor profile of your steak. Cabernet, stout beer, and martinis all pair well with ranch steaks.

Ranch steak is a versatile cut of meat and is certainly worth trying.

To ensure the quality and flavor of your ranch steak, it's essential to prioritize sourcing your meat from reliable providers. For instance, ButcherBox is an excellent choice for organic and grass-fed beef. They deliver right to your doorstep, making it easier for you to enjoy this versatile cut of meat in the comfort of your own home.

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