Dr. Berg and Frank Tufano on the Carnivore Diet

Last Updated on September 30, 2020

Practicing his paleo-keto diet for six years, Frank Tufano is known for producing content about carnivore diet on Youtube and actively campaigning for the consumption of high-vitamin animal foods. He believes that any person can do this by aiming a good nutrient density, maintaining a ketogenic metabolism, keeping the caloric density high while consuming low food volume as much as possible. He has also coached people on how to do the carnivore diet properly.

In the podcast, he discussed how he had a different perspective on the carnivore diet. He observed that people who do carnivore diet just ate meat all day and drank water, which should not be the case. He then revealed that he tried the diet of Youtuber Shawn Baker but later realized that it doesn’t work for him and for most people. It did not have the right macronutrient ratios.

On the other hand, he shared that his diet, which is based from the diet of indigenous groups, focuses on eating organ meat and nutrient dense foods and muscle meat should be the last thing people must consume. Unfortunately, some people who practice the carnivore diet are consuming too much protein, yet they are still hungry and getting fat.

He also discussed how he had nutrient goals that he tries to meet like consuming the right amount of DHA, Omega-3, retinoic acid, and vitamins A and K2. He can do this by eating foods like liver, brain tissue, bone marrow, fatty fish, salmon roll, eggs, caviar. He then inherently gets all of his other vitamins because the food he eats like liver has every vitamin and mineral a person need in large amounts.

For a person to get the best foods possible, a person may visit their local farms, go to websites like that sell organic foods, or look at local farmers on Craigslist. Food sourcing is the most challenging part of this diet, he said. Investing time looking for quality food is needed to get the best foods for the diet. The cheapest thing that a person can do is to get cheap ground beef, conventionally-raised diets. The problem with these is that these sources are not nutrient dense. For them to get the extra vitamins, they need to intake supplements like fish oil and liver oil to keep their nutrient density balanced.


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