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As a health-conscious carnivore, I’ve learned a thing or two about steaks, especially how much fat you can expect to have in these cuts.

To further support my knowledge, I talked to my local butcher and a friend dietician and gathered valuable information on the fattiest beef cuts you can buy.

Let’s get into it.

Quick Summary

  • Each cut of steak has a specific fat content that varies from 10g to 40g.
  • Fatty steaks are more marbled and flavorful than less fatty steaks.
  • Steaks are high in nutrients such as iron and selenium that our bodies require daily.

What Is The Fattiest Cut of Steak?

A top view of raw ribeye meat

Rib eye steak is the fattiest cut of steak available and is one of the most preferred.

There are several things to consider when choosing a beef cut for the ideal steak, but you cannot overlook the fat level among all the aspects to consider.

Whether you like it or detest it, the marbling and fattiness of a round steak cut are essential to the texture and taste of the ideal steak.

For a valid reason, steak is among the foods associated with upscale dinners and special events.

Steaks, irrespective of cut, have a distinctly delicious taste.

I find the fatty cuts of steak to be much more tender, but lean meat, such as flank steak, is always rich in flavor while being lower in calories.

Both the leanest and fattiest cuts are high in nutrients that our systems require, such as iron, B12, selenium, zinc, and B6 [1].

The quantity of fat for each cut differs from 10 to 40 grams.

"Ribeye steaks have plenty of fat and are also a very forgiving steak. The ribeye meat is so tender that you don't have to focus on slicing it the correct way."
- Mark Dommen, CEO, One Market Restaurant

A steak's fatness and softness are affected by various factors, such as the age of the cattle, the section of the cow taken for the steak, and the quantity of muscle and connective tissues within the cut.

A fatty steak, for instance, is more flavorful and marbled compared to a less fatty steak.

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6 Types of Fatty Steaks

Below is the list of the fattiest cuts of steak.

1. The Ribeye Steak

A grilled ribeye steak on a cutting board

A rib-eye steak, also called a rib roast or prime rib steak, is obtained from the cow's rib and is made up of the same muscle as the New York Strip.

Rib-eye steaks are popular due to their juicy mouthfeel and rich taste, resulting from their significant marbling.

The substantial fat layers all through the cut keep it tender and juicy, whether you slow-roast it in the oven or grill it on the cooktop.

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2. New York Strip Steak

The meat is found underneath the cow's prime rib and thus is composed of inactive muscles, making it incredibly fatty and soft.

The intramuscular fat level of New York Strip Loin steak is also rather high.

It isn’t a very marbled cut like ribeye and T-bone steak, but it’s still juicy and tasty.

The average New York Strip steak contains 360 kcal, 18 grams of fat, 6 grams of saturated fats, and 49.4 grams of protein [2].

3. T-bone Steak

A T-bone steak on a cutting board with different spices on the side

T-bone steak is the next delicious steak on the list.

It is also known as Porterhouse steak and is effectively two cuts in one since it is chopped from a cross-section of the cow's short loin.

This signifies that Porterhouse steaks have a New York strip on a single side and a tenderloin on the other.

This has always been an excellent mix to me, and both pieces have enough marbled fat to maintain their juicy flavor.

4. Filet Mignon

A filet mignon on a plate with fork and other vegetables

This boneless steak is obtained from the short loin and sirloin tip of a cow's ribcage.

When prepared, the cut is perfectly cooked slab and juicy because of its slight and fine-grained texture.

Filet mignon is normally sliced the thickest because it is smaller than other steaks.

I sear filet mignon steak entirely until browned due to its size before I finalize its cooking in the oven.

I do this to ensure that heat reaches the interior layers to avoid an undercooked steak.

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5. Flap Steak

Flap meat is obtained from the flank just below the cow's sirloin tip side steak.

Flap steak, unlike Flank Meat, has a flexible, gritty, marinade-absorbing texture with plenty of connective tissue and fat to maintain its moisture if not overcooked.

6. Skirt Steak

The skirt is yet another fatty cut with a lot of marbling.

This is similarly a thin cut of beef that thrives from a fast sear instead of a long, slow simmer.

I often trim the skirt's fat, thus making it a little healthier.

Best Cooking Methods for a Fatty Steak Cut

A close up image of a steak on a grill

The technique of cooking will be determined by the cut of the steak you are dealing with.

I usually grill any cut of steak that is one inch thick or greater or smoke it according to the thumb rule.

I usually sear the steak quickly on a cast-iron skillet or over a griddle for thinner pieces.

And for the fatty roasts, I slow roast or braise the steak.

Generally, the more you cook your fatty steaks, the more fat comes off, resulting in a thinner and more delicious cut.

The key is to prevent overcooking, which would result in dry, hard, and flavorless meat.

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What Has More Fat Sirloin or NY Strip?

NY strip has more fat than sirloin.

Does Ribeye Have A Lot Of Fat?

Yes, ribeye has a lot of fat, whereas a single serving of ribeye steak has 10.8 g of fat.

Which Meat Has Highest Fats?

The meat that has the highest fats is lamb meat. Ribeye, T-bones, and New York Strip are fattier cuts of beef than sirloin, ground beef, and flank meat.

Does Steak Have Unsaturated Fat?

Yes, steak has unsaturated fat. In fact, it has more unsaturated than saturated fat, meaning it’s ideal if you want to lose weight.

Is Steak High in Saturated Fat?

Yes, steak is high in saturated fat, just like other red meats, including pork and lamb.

What's the Best Steak to Eat on a Keto Diet?

The best steak to eat on a keto diet includes rib-eye, chuck, strip and skirt steak.

Don’t Miss Out on Fatty Steaks

All these cuts are fatty but have great marbling and a rich flavor.

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I love using these services since they provide affordable steaks without compromising quality.

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