What Is a Bottom Sirloin Steak? (4 Ways to Serve & Store)

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Bottom sirloin is one of the best loin chops I've been cooking recently.

Its savory flavor and juiciness have earned this cut a spot on my carnivore diet list, so I had to learn more about this cut.

I visited my local butcher to find out where bottom sirloin comes from and talked to my dietitian to determine its nutritional content.

Here's what I found out.

 Quick Summary

  • The bottom sirloin is cut from the sirloin primal, where the top sirloin steak comes from.
  • It's a healthy option for people looking to maintain a healthy weight.
  • The best bottom sirloin steak is one that is well-marbled.

What Is A Bottom Sirloin Steak?

a bottom sirloin steak on a black slate

Bottom sirloin steak is a cut of the sirloin primal.

The sirloin primal cut is an area that extends from the spinal column down to roughly the abdominal area above the flank just in front of the hind leg.

It houses the top sirloin or top sirloin butt, bottom sirloin, and tenderloin.

Many sub-primal cuts, such as ball tip sirloin, sirloin tip, tri-tip, and sirloin bavette, are made from the bottom sirloin.

Other names for this sirloin kind include sirloin butt, thick flank, and sirloin roast.

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Taste & Texture

The bottom sirloin butt is rated by many as particularly tasty and has a soft and brisket-like texture.

This quality cut of steak has thick marbling throughout, giving it a nearly buttery flavor, although it can become tough if overcooked, just like a top sirloin steak.

Compared to other top sirloin steaks, the sirloin tip roast and ball tip absorb the flavors of a marinade well and will thus soak up those of the ingredients.

Is Bottom Sirloin Steak Healthy?

a bottom sirloin steak with its spices on the side

Yes, bottom sirloin steak is healthy.

Like the top sirloin steak, bottom sirloin steak is a fantastic source of protein and is stuffed with B vitamins and minerals for a robust immune system [1].

It's one of the healthiest sirloin steak selections because it is low in fat.

The leanness of this sirloin can also be advantageous for those trying to eat less cholesterol and saturated fat to maintain a healthy weight and lower their cardiovascular health risks [2].

The high iron content of bottom sirloin steak also aids in producing red blood cells and oxygen distribution throughout the body [3].

"Steaks can deliver essential nutrients and support your overall wellness when consumed as part of a balanced diet high in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains."
- Adiana Castro, Boston-based Registered Dietician

Nutritional Profile

The USDA specifies that a 3.5-ounce serving of bottom sirloin steak has the following nutrients:

  • Total Fat 9.4g
  • Cholesterol 71mg
  • Sodium 45mg
  • Protein 22g
  • Calcium 16
  • Iron 1.4mg
  • Potassium 274.6mg

It also contains 4.22 mg of niacin and 10 µg of folates [4].

What To Look For When Choosing A Bottom Sirloin?

cropped bottom sirloin steak with other types of cuts on the side

When choosing a bottom sirloin, you should look for a cut with a decent amount of marbling.

When cooking, the fat melts, giving the beef a rich and delicious flavor.

The melting marble fats softly baste the sirloin inwardly as they warm up during cooking, adding marbled beef tenderness.

Steak thickness is another factor that you should consider.

Look for 1.5 inches of bottom sirloin steaks to make it easier to achieve that desired contrast between the interior and exterior of a bottom sirloin steak.

What's The Best Way To Cook Bottom Sirloin?

Like most top sirloin steaks, the best way to cook bottom sirloin is on the stovetop, grill, or oven by roasting or barbecuing.

It will take roughly 40-45 minutes to cook thoroughly when roasted or broiled.

Depending on your desired doneness, each side should be seared after cooking on the grill or stovetop for 10-15 minutes.

I recommend that you only turn over the sirloin once, not repeatedly.

Always let your steak rest for 5-10 minutes, whether a top sirloin steak or a sirloin tip roast.

How To Serve & Store

bottom sirloin steak has been served in a thinly sliced

Bottom sirloin steak is best served thinly sliced or whole with a side dish of choice. Here are some ideas for dishes to serve with bottom sirloin steak, especially the tri-tip steak:

  • Traditional comfort food side dishes like tacos.
  • Salads, soups, and side dishes with vegetables.
  • Rice and potato side dishes.
  • Low-carb side dishes.

With appropriate storage, tri-tip leftovers can last three days.

The most crucial thing to remember is to put them in the fridge within two hours.

Bottom sirloin steak can be kept in the fridge for 3-5 days if you don't want to cook them immediately.

The sirloin will last 6-12 months in the freezer.

Rewrap the meat in plastic and ensure there is no air between the sirloin and the wrapping.


Can I Marinate Bottom Sirloin?

Yes, you can marinate the bottom sirloin. Bottom sirloin butt meat cuts like tri-tip are often tougher; thus, marinating it before cooking is best.

Is Bottom Sirloin Tough?

Yes, bottom sirloin is tough. It is right under the top sirloin section with less fat and more fibrous tissues.


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