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Bayou Classic is an extremely popular brand of cookware that sells a vast range of outdoor cooking equipment to serve the needs of any outdoor cooking enthusiast across the United States.

Bayou Classic is known, among other items, for its Cypress Ceramic Grill and its smoker grill.

Whether you and your family enjoy catching crabs along the shore, beach camping, hunting ducks, or the fishing of bass, the idea behind Bayou Classic was to provide a means to enhance the outdoor cooking experience for all and has continued to grow for the past thirty years.

Quick Summary

  • Bayou Classic Grills fall under the larger brand Barbour International with its headquarters in Brandon, Mississippi.
  • While the brand is American in every aspect, it has outsourced most of its manufacturing to Chinese fabricators.
  • Bayou Classic was founded by the Barbour family on the principles of outdoor cooking that occur around the bayous and marshlands of southern Louisiana.

Where Are Bayou Classic Grills Made?

Factory worker in a warehouse

Bayou Classic Grills are manufactured by their mother company Barbour International.

The Bayou Classic brand is highly popular amongst outdoor cooking enthusiasts, is known for its ceramic Cypress Grill, and sells numerous outdoor cooking products, including grills, fryers, cookware, and other cooking accessories.

With its headquarters situated in Brandon, Mississippi, and its branding focused on the American outdoor lifestyle, one would have thought the company would be manufacturing its products within the United States to maintain a degree of American authenticity.

While the information was somewhat difficult to come by, it seems that Barbour International has outsourced its entire manufacturing process to external Chinese Fabricators.

This is most likely to keep its pricing competitive within the American market.

About Bayou Classic & Barbour International

Blacksmith's place

Barbour International is a sizeable international corporation that conducts business in several fields, including logistics, management, product development, order fulfillment, and protection.

Founded in 1986, Bayou Classic is one of the brands owned by Barbour International.

It has been selling outdoor cooking equipment for over thirty years with the aim of enhancing the outdoor cooking experience for any cooking enthusiast.

The focus of the Bayou Classic brand is on the "Bayou theme," which encapsulates the outdoor lifestyle associated with the marshlands and bayous of southern Louisiana.

This theme is carried across every product that the company sells, and the focus remains on producing the best possible outdoor cooking equipment.

The brand's cooking products extend from grills to boilers, Jambalaya Pots, as well as Homebrew Equipment, so whatever the occasion may call for, there is a Bayou Classic product to cater to the needs of any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

The Bayou Classic Cypress Ceramic Grill

The bayou classic cypress ceramic grill

The Bayou Classic Cypress Ceramic Grill is one of the brand’s most popular products.

This grill is designed for a special type of cooking known as Kamado Grilling.

There are a few products on the market designed for this type of cooking, the most well-known being the Big Green Egg.

What makes Kamado grilling successful boils down to the weight and shape of the ceramic.

These grills are made using thick ceramic with excellent insulating capabilities. Because of the rounded shape, the grill helps to create extreme pressure.

The pressure created within the thick ceramic dome allows for moisture to be sealed into the food while radiating heat is circulated around the food, penetrating into the food to ensure an evenly cooked meal with no compromise on moisture and succulence.

This method differs somewhat from conventional grills, and this is what makes the difference in the resultant food.

Aesthetically speaking, the Bayou Classic Cypress Ceramic Grill features a handcrafted cypress leaf finish that has the ability to blend in with the décor of any patio or other outdoor space.

Because the grill’s external finish is individually handcrafted, each grill features a unique aesthetic that sets it apart from any other.

Other features of the grill include a 22-inch ceramic grill as well as a 19-inch reversible grill grate. The handles, as well as the side shelves, are made using bamboo.

Another excellent feature is the integrated stainless steel thermometer that allows for brilliant control over the cooking temperature throughout the cooking process. 


With a pre-assembled lid, this grill will save significant time when it comes to assembly.

The product comes standard with a high-quality cover that ensures it remains protected from the elements as well as dust.

With its pleasing glazed finish as well as an integrated thermometer, the Bayou Classic features separate grilling areas as well as an optional heavy-duty stand with well-made casters that allow for easy maneuverability.

The majority of the extra accessories needed by any average cook are included in the sale price, and the grill features a five-year warranty.

There are, however, some issues with the lower vent of the grill that does not seal properly, and there have been reports of the ceramic on the bottom of the grill starting to crack after significant periods of use.

Overall, the Bayou Classic Cypress Ceramic grill is a good product with excellent value for money when compared to its competitors.

While there are some who complain of slightly lower quality levels than the competitors and a tendency for the grill not to last as long as hoped, most reviewers seem happy with the product overall.

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Bayou Classic Grills are part of the popular Bayou Classic brand that sells a vast range of cooking appliances and cookware.

Bayou Classic is headquartered in Brandon, Mississippi, and was founded by the Barbour family around the theme of the bayous and marshlands of southern Louisiana.

While they are known as being an inherently American product and market themselves as such, their grills (and the majority of their products, in fact) are manufactured in China.

This is a common theme with the majority of outdoor cookware brands across the entire US.

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