Who Makes Kenmore Grills? (2024 Update)

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What do you think of when you hear the name, Kenmore? For most of us, Kenmore is associated with the home appliance market due to its high-quality washing machines and refrigerators.

But, you might be surprised that this popular brand has its own grill line. Let’s take a closer look at the Kenmore grill and see how it stacks up against its competitors.

Quick Summary

  • Kenmore grills are manufactured by Permasteel, a Hong Kong-based company. Initially known for home appliances, Kenmore introduced grills in collaboration with Permasteel in 2017.
  • Kenmore offers two categories of grills: Kenmore and Kenmore Elite. Features include sleek design, natural gas conversion, built-in electric igniter, and porcelain-coated grates.
  • Most Kenmore gas grills come with a one-year warranty and five years on the burners.

What are Kenmore Grills?

Kenmore outdoor grill

Kenmore grills are perfect for the family who doesn’t do much outdoor cooking and just need a grill for the occasional grilled hotdog or small-time family barbecue.

They come in two categories: Kenmore and Kenmore Elite.

These grills range from around $200 all the way to about $1,000 and come in a variety of sizes.

You’ll find that Kenmore grills are full of features at a price that won’t break your bank. These gas grills are perfect for city living or homes with small outdoor spaces.

If you wish to learn more feel free to read our review of the best Kenmore grills.

Behind the Maker of Kenmore Grills

The history of Kenmore is long and renowned, first coming onto the scene in the early 1900s with a sewing and washing machine. By 1936, Kenmore had sold over one million laundry products making it a staple in the American household.

A couple of years later, Kenmore introduced a line of grills for the average family. Kenmore products have been sold exclusively at Sears and Kmart for decades.

In 2017, Sears made a deal with Permasteel to take over the full design and build of the Kenmore gas grills.

Under Permasteel’s guidance, the Kenmore gas grill has received top ratings from multiple leading consumer magazines. You can now find these grills at various retailers and also on Amazon. [1]

Permasteel specializes in grills, patio heaters, BBQ accessories, and coolers. They make some of the most well-known names in the space, and their products are found in all major stores.

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Do Kenmore Grills Stack Up?

Cooking using a grill

With over two dozen popular grill brands on the market, where does the Kenmore gas grill land among its competitors? To find out, we will focus on three areas: it’s quality, it’s standout features, and it’s above-average warranty.


If you are looking for a high-quality gas grill, the Kenmore Elite won’t disappoint. You’ll find that while more expensive, it's able to withstand harsh conditions.

With a huge grilling surface and multiple burners, cooking on this grill won’t be a hassle.

The overall design allows this piece of equipment to fit seamlessly into your backyard. Even if a part breaks, you won’t have to look far to find a piece that fits.

Plus, Kenmore, with its vast industry knowledge, has won multiple awards given customers' peace of mind about the product's quality.

The gas grill does need assembly which you can do yourself or have an expert service do it for you. Ask your local home and garden store what services they might offer in setting up new grills.

If you choose to put it together yourself, it may take a little while, so set aside around two hours for the full assembly process.


The majority of Kenmore gas grills are sleek and compact, perfect for families with a smaller outdoor space. The small footprint doesn’t take away from its quality and powerful heating.

These grills can be converted to natural gas which is becoming more popular in homes today. Even better, the gas grill comes with a built-in electric igniter system that fires up that gas all at once.

Another important feature is the porcelain-coated grates that reduce the chance of food sticking. A quick scrape with a grill brush will clean away any leftover crumbs. Plus, the coating helps prevent the iron from rusting.


Kenmore has been a top brand for over a century because of its high-quality customer service and warranty packages. Most of the gas grills come with a one year warranty with five years on the burners.

This warranty is either on par or better than most competitors which is helpful since it does require assembly.

If a part does break, Sears offers great service for replacing the pieces because they truly care about their customers.

In certain areas like Canada where Sears no longer has stores, they are still honoring their commitments to their customers.

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[1] https://www.permasteel.net/about-us/


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