I use my grill almost every day to prepare my meals in bulk. I wasn’t getting that smokey tenderness that I wanted, so I checked out some pellet grills. My team and I tested over 10 different models, and that’s when we discovered the Pit Boss.

So we fired it up one of their most popular models to bring you this Pit Boss 700FB pellet grill review.

Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill Overview

The Pit Boss 700FB comes with 700 square inches of cooking space, which means you can cook for about 4 to 6 guests. The cooking grids are made of porcelain-coated cast iron. It uses 100% hardwood pellets, which you use to fill up the 21 lb hopper.

It has a digitally controlled burn system with an LCD readout that helps keep the temperature range from 180 to 500 degrees. Pit Boss Grills has designed this model to be an 8 in 1 pellet grill that includes a standard flame broiler to sear steaks. This 700FB smoker features 2 tier cooking racks.

  • 700 sq in total cooking surface
  • Digitally controlled burn system
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Flame grilling plate
  • Wood pellets bought separately
  • Requires short break-in time

Features & Specifications

Pit Boss pellet smoker


We found the overall performance of the Pit Boss 700FB to be above average. It held its own, among other more expensive pellet grills. Most reviewers seemed to agree that this pellet grill performed well for smoking, grilling, searing, and baking. We suggest using Pit Boss brand wood pellets in the auger.

Cooking Surface

This grill’s cooking area is 700 sq in, which is enough to cook up to 2 briskets or 15 burger patties. The main cooking grate is cast iron and coated with porcelain so that it is long-lasting and easy to clean. It includes an upper rack that can hold hamburger buns or vegetables.

The Cooking Surface Can Fit Roughly:

  • 15 burger patties
  • 2 briskets
  • 6 Boston Butts
  • 6 baby back ribs


This wood pellet grill weighs about 117 lbs (53 kg) with an empty hopper when fully assembled. Pit Boss smokers are not generally meant to be travel-size. It has a set of cast iron wheels so you can roll it, but we don’t recommend transporting it much further than around the backyard or patio.

Temperature Control

The temperature control on the 700FB pellet grill is handled by an external knob that sits outside the hopper.

You can set the temperature using the LCD screen from 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (93 to 260 C).

Once you set the temperature you can forget about it, which makes it easy to operate.

The hopper will release the correct amount of wood pellets into the lower chamber.

The electric starter will keep burning the pellets when necessary. There is another dome temperature gauge on the lid.


The Pit Boss 700FB pellet grill is made of heavy gauge porcelain-coated steel. It feels heavy and durable. The digital control knob and LCD screen are made of high-grade polymer that feels easy to turn.

We liked the stylish design since it looks like a professional Pitboss smoker. We thought that the wheels could be a bit more durable and easy to roll.


This Pit Boss wood pellet grill is smaller than some of the other competitors on the market. It stands at about 43 inches (109 cm) tall, which should be a comfortable cooking height for most people.

It measures 41 inches (104 cm) long and 25 inches (63.5 cm) wide, so it will fit on most normal patios in the backyard. If you want to compare some alternative dimensions then check out some vertical pellet smokers.


We thought the 700FB smoker was above average during our pellet grill review when it comes to quality. The welding construction was better than other models. We liked that the cooking grids were easy to clean due to their design.

The auger quality was also above average with smooth operation at any temperature. During our testing, we didn’t have any issues with it getting stuck.

Warranty & Customer Service

Pit Boss 700FB

The Pit Boss 700FB comes with a 5-year warranty. The limited warranty will not cover normal rust or wear and tear.

Most customers thought that Pit Boss had above average customer service.

During our grill review, I had to place a call to customer service regarding the temperature swings.

They recommended removing the pellets and refiling the hopper. Their solution worked, and I have had stable temperatures ever since. The customer service was helpful and quick.

Fuel Source

The fuel source for this smoker is solely 100% hardwood pellets. We recommend using the Pit Boss brand pellets. They offer many different blends to choose from, which can change the flavor of your meat. The hopper capacity is 21 lbs (9.5 kg), and the grill burns about 2 lbs, or 0.9 kg, per hour on medium to high temperatures.

Pit Boss Pellet Blends:

  • Hardwood
  • Competition
  • BBQ
  • Whiskey barrel
  • Apple

Safety Features

vertical smoker

The temperature of the 700FB model is controlled by a digital thermometer and LCD screen.

You can set the dial to your desired temperature and the smoker will take care of the rest.

This reduces the chance of overheating and burning your food. It so reduces the risk of flame flare-ups while cooking.

It also comes with an electric ignition button, which means you don’t have to light the flame yourself.

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The Pit Boss 700FB comes with a polyester and PVC grill cover that will protect it from the elements when not in use. To enhance your grilling experience you can get other accessories such as rib roasting racks, pellet variations, and marinating tools.

Optional Accessories:

  • Marinating injector
  • Rib roasting rack
  • Chicken leg and wing holder

Pit Boss 700FB Specification Chart

Cooking Space 700 sq. inches
Temperature 170°F- 500°F
Assembled Dimension 44"T x 44"W x 28"D
Hopper Capacity 18 lbs.
Controls Digital
Coat Porcelain coated cast iron grates

Where is The Pit Boss Smoker Manufactured?

The Pit Boss 700FB is manufactured in Alberta, Canada. The company is a subsidiary of Dansons, Inc., which also produces Traeger and Louisiana Pellet Grills. Their main office is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Most of their pellet grills are produced in Canada with some models coming from China.

Unboxing The 700FB Smoker

During our Pit Boss 700FB pellet grill review, we found that most of it was already assembled. The main component in the box is the grill chamber and hopper. We followed these steps and had had it assembled in about 30 minutes


Step 1:  Attach the legs to the bottom of the barrel by laying it on its side. Screw the legs into the corresponding sections.

Step 2: Next, attach the bottom wire grate to the legs. Also, attach the wheels at this step.

Step 3: Stand the smoker back to its upright position. Next, you should assemble the lid handle and dome thermometer. Use the screws provided to attach these modules to the lid. For meat thermometer, check ThermoPro TP20.

Step 4: Place the flame broiler and slider into the chamber first. Then, place the cooking grates and second-tier shelf inside the chamber.

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Is The Pit Boss 700FB Easy To Clean?

Yes, the 700FB is simple to clean. You can clean all 700 square inches of cooking space in just a few minutes by using a steel wool pad, aluminum foil, or grill brush.

The porcelain coating on the grill racks is resistant to rust and grease, which makes it easy to wipe off. You can also heat the inner chamber up to the maximum temperature to burn off excess fat and grease.

Potential Downsides

grilled patties

One potential downside is that this model does not come with any additional storage space like a cabinet or shelf to store grilling accessories. Another possible issue that we found is that this model doesn’t come with a large smokestack to moderate smoke levels.

Reviews & Ratings

After careful testing, my team and I thought that this grill was above average for this price range. We liked the sturdy construction of the upper chamber and auger. The dial system easy to use. We thought that the wheels could use improvement, however.

Most users seemed to give this pellet grill high ratings. For example, most customers we found gave this product 4.5 stars out of 5. The company itself also received a “good” rating on its Facebook page.

Is The Pit Boss 700FB Worth It?

Based on our Pit Boss 700FB review, we believe it is worth checking out because it has an 8 in 1 functionality. You can use it to smoke at low temperatures, or you can slide the flame broiler plate over to sear a steak on an open flame. The LCD screen is also easy to read at a glance.

The large cooking area would probably be good for big families or large BBQ parties. The set and forget it digital thermometer was easy to use. It meant that you could enjoy a beer while the meat is cooked. If you think that this option would be good for you, then check it out.

Pit Boss 700FB pellet grill

Our #1 Recommendation

Pit Boss 700FB

  • LCD temperature display
  • Porcelain coated cooking racks
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sliding flame broiler plate
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